Thursday, May 31, 2012

Earth to Clothing Designers

I spent part of my afternoon today searching for the perfect dress to wear to a wedding in California in a few weekends. Very exciting in theory….

I tried on at least twenty dresses. No really, 20!!! If you’re going to strip down in a dressing room under God awful fluorescent lights, you might as well keep them coming. Something’s going to stick, right?

I have a few observations about the “trying on” experience:

-       Rachel Zoe- Make your stuff bigger.
-       Designers in general- When your tag says size 6 (or 8, or 10, or 12, or 14, or 2), why doesn’t it fit someone of that size?
-       Regular women, normally shaped women, any woman needs to fit TWO of everything in your apparel item. That means two arms, two legs, two shoulders, and two boobs (1.5 doesn't really work...well...). We won’t/can’t buy it if you accommodate only ONE of any of these things. Period!
-       More than 50% of the dresses are as short as Britney Spears might have worn five years ago and I’m sure you can figure out what I’m talking about.
-       Stuff always looks better on the hanger especially when the first one you see is a Size 2.

Even with the odds stacked against me, and after trying on just about everything in my size and taste, I did find a really fun, elegant and “on sale” dress.

The very best part…

I found gorgeous shoes that go perfectly (why can’t clothes be more like shoes?). I’m not one to be matchy, matchy (and they don’t) but these stilettos are tied in just enough to call attention all on their own.

How can someone ADORE shoes so much? I don’t have an answer and answers aren’t always important, are they?

Just wish the whole clothes trying on experience was a tiny bit easier!

AND, I don’t care for getting locked out of my fitting room every time I go to show someone what I have on? Pain in the rear, really!

Most Insane Place In The World: COSTCO

I actually wrote this post last Wednesday right before the holiday weekend so imagine Costco then. In my rush to get the heck out of town and beat Chi-town traffic, I completely forgot to push "publish". So me.

Today, I'm thankful I didn't so I can do it now and head to the city for a "Day Date" (better not have anything to do with a pizza trailer ;-) ). I love getting asked out but who doesn't? Plus, there's a possibility some shopping on Michigan Avenue will be included (need a dress and heels for a L.A. wedding). Double bonus points, in my book!

Am I the only one who thinks going to Costco is completely insane? 

My “He” loves it. Loves going. Loves buying tons of stuff we don’t have room to store. Loves it, period.

Me…. No, I don’t, at all. I avoid going there at just about any cost.

So when I saw a note on the counter this morning saying he didn’t have time to go to his “beloved” Costco (okay, I added the sassy beloved part) last night since he was golfing, "Could you please go?" I had virtually no choice because he knows I'll do anything if asked nicely. CRINGE.

I have a multitude of reasons why I don’t care for the place but let’s begin at the beginning. The parking lot.  Pure and utter CRAZINESS! If that place isn’t an accident waiting to happen, I really don’t know what to say.

Is it only my Costco, or is everyone’s like that? Not one single person/car is considerate of their fellow drivers. Parking is cut throat and nasty. Talk about getting cut off just for a spot 10 feet closer to the door. Come on!

Pedestrians…Just run them over.

My strategy, pull in, beach the car in the back and walk. I have no intention of playing the parking game. I do just fine finding my own accidents in other places.

Once inside, everyone forgets spatial awareness, personally and with regard to his or her cart. Do I need to explain this? You must know what I mean. Be considerate. Don’t block the aisles. Don’t clip at my heels (I'm a speedy shopper, btw) and don’t run down people so you can get to check out first.

I truly believe Costco brings out the nasty in some (most?) people. Ugggghhhh!

However, there is always a bright and sunny side. 

I found these today and they were NOT on my list or “His” list. So what! 

They were heavy suckers and awkward. And when I got all the way to my car in the very back of the lot, two guys, about my age and dressed nicely for work, asked me if I’d like help putting them in my car. How gentlemanly. I was duly impressed and said, "That's so nice but I've got it. Thanks for the offer."

Why? Because I was embarrassed that my car was such a pit and would require a whole lot of rearranging just to fit any of my Costco purchases into it. Took me ten minutes.

The true and typical state of my car is a topic for another day but doesn’t every one kinda, sorta live out of their car? I could play “Let’s Make A Deal” with all the stuff in it. However, please don’t touch anything or remove a single thing. Things are in there for a reason (potentially) and I never know when I’ll need them.

I will agree to and negotiate for almost any other household errands but pretty please don’t give me a Costco list in the near future. See, I asked nicely!

P.S. It always bums me out because I spend about $150 more than I ever intend for things NOT on anyone's list. Costco gives me a case of the guilts.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Only Read If You're Bored!

I don’t know if anyone else out there is feeling like me today.

* Easily distracted with random thoughts streaming through the brain.
* Don’t feel like working.
* Not feeling like writing (but actually do feel like it just don’t know what)
* Annoyed to be stranded at home with a surly electronics technician with a huge  attitude who expects to be here all (insert preferred swear word) day.
* Developing a huge attitude in response to his (arrow pointing up) stomping around
*Disappointed to be stuck inside on a gorgeous day (If you know me, you know how I get!)
* Eating everything that's not nailed down due to stuck state.

Possibly? Maybe?

I see this post going one of two ways; maybe three ways. Yes, I’m in a sassy/saucy mood too, which isn’t helping matters much over on this side of the screen.

I can tell you about fun stuff from my morning like an awesome rope workout (I’m partial to these even though my arms would like to fall off at the shoulders) with my favorite partner in the whole wide world, Big Dave. Foo Fighters and Kid Rock blaring on the stereo;


I can explain why I shouldn’t be left home with the “Geek Squad” while they hook up an elaborate TV/entertainment thingy someone took the time to explain to me last night so I could relate to said “Geeks” exactly how things should be set up. I apologize. I really wasn’t listening. My bad.


I can purge all the sassiness going through my brain at the moment. Just maybe, that should be an entirely different, stand-alone post for some other day. But I could write it, since I have time, then file under the folder “Totally Inappro-pro”!

I don’t believe I’ll write a post about any of those things, or anything at all!


I’m checking to see what concerts are coming to Chicago this summer. Kenny Chesney, No. Keith Urban, Definitely Not. Drake, Nope. Who is One Direction? Enrique and JLO, Jimmy Buffett, No, No and No!

If only my guy, Bob Richie, was swinging through. Sadly, it’s not the case. He’s not coming :-( If he were, I’d be all over him…errrr, that (Not entirely kidding, however, I do try to maintain a soft “R” rating over here!)

AND if my girl Pink were coming, I’d be all over her too. I'm not one to discriminate. I'm an equal opportunity "all over you" concert enthusiast! Next year, I hear!

Hey! We all need/have guilty pleasures, right?

I essentially wrote about nothing. Sorry, my friends.

I PROMISE to be more engaging tomorrow!

Since this is so random, I’ll add two of my favorite pictures from the weekend.

I've Never Seen A Swan "Piggy Back" Ride Before, Have You?
Start of Sunday's E-Scow Race (boat smack in center is first all girls racing crew in 25 proud)

What do you write about on a day you don’t feel like putting fingertips to keys?

Oh, and I just got Sir Crabby Pants “Geek Squad” guy to crack a smile. I’m making progress!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

She Senses Something...

She doesn’t feel like anything about her life is headed towards decay, not even faintly close. She senses something, though, because the first telltale sign begins, the pinch between her eyebrows. This, historically, is a clue. 

She can also tell by her dreams; sometimes waking with a faint smile crossing her lips accompanied by a floating, blissful feeling. Other times, drenched with sweat and feeling so freaky she sits straight up chilled to the bone. Thoughts were filtering into dreams and contemplation replacing imagination. Of what is never clear. 

What the hell is going on? 

Nothing dramatic's happening in her life; nothing has changed at all. Nothing she knows about, at least. Nothing that's outwardly apparent.

Yet…she DOES sense something.

So what then? 

Is there an impending fork in the road approaching unexpectedly, or merely a slight swerve? Can’t really see from her angle. Shoulders hunch up to her ears in wonderment, thinking hard of all possible crossroads. 

She's often had this feeling in the past, when seasons were changing. Is it as simple as that?

Does it mean anything or absolutely nothing? Probably both, but requires consideration nonetheless. She often describes it as a sixth sense and sometimes becomes restless anticipating things on the brink. She is used to the feeling though. 

Her gut is impatient and jumpy sending signals, “I know. I know what it is”, yet her mind is saying, “Girl, just be patient.” Or is it “Someone” else putting those thoughts in her mind affecting her rock steady path?

It feels both exciting and scary; this feeling she knows but doesn’t know.

Where is that Quija board when she needs it? 


Is it time to pull out the big guns?

Her Magic 8 Ball or her Tarot Cards. 

If only she could read a crystal ball...

Trifecta Writing Challenge

I haven’t used a Quija Board or Magic 8 Ball since 7th grade when I wanted to know if Henry French liked me back.

It's Officially Summer When You Break Out The Disco Ball

I didn’t have my blog last year so this is my first real attempt to portray anything that resembles my actual summer life (with the exception of Dumpster Diving) and what we fondly refer to as our “dance parties”.

And this is exactly how the first one of the summer came to be on the first potential night that everyone could be together (we really only see each other in the summertime). It took one phone call and two boat bys. “Come over for burgers. No don’t bring anything. Just come. It’ll be low key”. Ya, right!

You could cut the excitement in the air with a knife because it was the official beginning of the summer, Friday of Memorial Day weekend. We all know what that means!

Our four families have been busting out the moves, some better than others, since the moment the children were big enough to swing around in our arms without the risk of injury (sleeping babies dance too, you know). It never took much, just one kid or one “grown up” with a bit too much mojo goin’ and it started.

The ingredients for our style of fun are simpler than baking a cake from a box mix. All it takes is exactly 18 people (kids’ ages range from 16-22 and the "grown ups" (ages not disclosed)), our garage with two kick ass 30-year-old rebuilt college speakers, an iPod or two and this...

DJs get changed out every 2-3 songs to accommodate everyone’s tastes and alternate between adults and kids but it’s amazing how much overlap we actually have from listening to each other’s music for countless years. Some country is even tolerated because the college girls insist.

Our two mandatory songs are oldies but they’re the ones the kids request fondly and enthusiastically because of memories and traditions from so long ago.

“Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison 
(funny 90% of us are blue eyed)
And “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond

EVERYONE drops what he or she is doing to dance and sing (scream?) together... All 18!

It hasn’t gone unnoticed (and makes the “grown ups” smile) that our kids WANT to spend evenings hanging with us. They constantly ask, “What're we all doing tonight?” and they’re disappointed if it doesn’t include everyone because sometimes it can’t. They are together constantly, anyway.

We are a sentimental group and always take a moment, on such nights, to look around, take it all in and realize…

This is where we’re meant to be.

We DO have rules, however! Well, only one rule. Cell phones on the table, kids. Your video content will be perused and deleted because, if you remember, we said no evidence and no YouTube. Two were confiscated Saturday morning!

“These Are Days” By 10,000 Maniacs

These are the days you might fill
With laughter until you break
These days you might feel
A shaft of light
Make its way across your face
And when you do
Then you’ll know how it was meant to be
See the signs and know their meaning
It's true
Then you’ll know how it was meant to be
Hear the signs and know they’re speaking
To you, to you

Monday, May 28, 2012

It's WAY Too Crowded Up Here!

Today’s Writing Prompt: What feels overwhelming to you right now and how are you coping?
Here we go…
Right this minute. This very minute. What feels overwhelming to me?
I feel overwhelmed that I haven’t had a minute since Thursday to sit down and write. I understand this is not a big thing or an important thing and it’s truly been a fun thing but when you have a mind like mine, or like yours, who’s habit is to write something every single day, or more than one thing in a day, things get messy and confusing up there. Writing helps me sort things out and housekeep (sweep the stuff out) A day without writing feels just plain weird. To me!
Inside my brain, there is wrestling going on. All the moments of the weekend, all the things I’m thinking about, all the places my imagination has been or is headed…they all want out and they are becoming increasingly impatient. Think bouncing off the walls. They want out NOW. No, not now, they wanted out yesterday or Friday. And things have been getting shoved up there since Thursday!
So, how am I writing at this very minute without a minute to spare? I made up an excuse and I ran up to my bedroom and hid. But since I’m doing this five minute thing, no one SHOULD miss me or even notice but they will. Someone will need something. Someone will want to do something or go somewhere and t hen my time is someone else’s. Its tough stuff being wanted all the time (tongue in cheek, for sure ;-) )  when all you want is just five minutes to spare.

See what happens to my mind when it doesn’t write. It becomes crowded. Then disorganized, then frustrated and this is the result.
Stream of Consciousness Sunday 
As a note after my five minutes were up, I’ve got plenty of material from the weekend to fill a whole week’s worth of writing. At least that feels really good to my mind!
God Bless those who are currently serving our country, keeping us safe and providing us with the freedom to live as we do! And God Bless those who have secured that freedom in the past!

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Collision of People And Places

Our Transportation 

Sometimes you are fortunate to find somewhere in this world that holds a special place in your heart; a place you’ll remember for the rest of your life. If you are even luckier still, you’ll be blessed to have people in your life that mean the whole world to you. When these two phenomena collide at precisely the same time, you begin to understand the meaning of “heaven on earth”.
I had such an experience, an intersection.
On my birthday. On Laurito Beach. On the Amalfi Coast. In Italy.
Da Adolfo, Positano
Friends, fun, laughter, and a perfect day on the water.
Spaghetti with clams, thin crisp pizza, fresh whole fish, and white wine with peaches.
Pottery shards washed up onto the beach faster than we could sift through them. They took the shape of sea glass with edges tumbled terracotta.
All nine of us began a collection, looking all afternoon, each proud of our finds and keeping only our favorites. Strangers on the beach joined in because it seemed like fun and came up to me asking, “Do you like this one?”
Telling me to lie down, my friends covered me from head to toe with their brightly colored pieces. They were almost hot to the touch from being in the sun but felt splendid on my body.
As always happens, such good things must end. Yet…
I brought it all and the memory home with me. And put it somewhere else special. Somewhere I could appreciate it all summer long.
We’ll never be able to duplicate this day; this collision of such uniqueness but we made a pact to die trying. I bet we’ll come close, and it may mean more to someone else, but it will never be the same as MY day at Da Adolfo.
Red Writing Hood: Location, Location, Location
If you choose memoir this week, take us to a location that holds particular meaning for either a particular event or for your life as a whole.
You have 250 words, so make them count!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Get Out There Tonight! I Mean It!

Since February, we've been able to see Venus and Jupiter directly in line with the moon. Well, at least I saw it and loved it. TONIGHT, I read, is the last night Venus will be visible in relation to the moon. I am living in what seems to be "the land of the midnight sun" as west as you can get in the Eastern Time Zone. It gets dark very late (9:30pm) But tonight, look from the beautiful crescent moon to about 1:00. You WILL see Venus. She is orange. Please enjoy tonight. The stars are spectacular. I'm hoping I can make lots of falling star wishes.

When Things That Are Supposed To Happen Do

What I was going to write about today changed at least five times and completely influenced by the ever-changing occurrences of my morning.

Have you ever had a day that you felt was stacked against you from the get go? Everything you tried to do, tried to accomplish was met with an obstacle; Obstacles that caused you to revert to Plan “B”, then Plan “C” and begin rethinking Plan “D”. This was precisely the morning I had.

I was very frustrated.

And yet…

I began to wonder why. Am I being tested? Am I supposed to be learning something? Should I be doing something different(ly) or am I waiting for something to happen, something that is supposed to?

I found Helen this morning (Helen Keller In Love, the book). That’s a good thing! I’d been looking pretty hard for her since Sunday. And I’m embarrassed to say where because she’d been right under my nose the whole time. In reality, I just needed to view my world, from my bed, from a different angle. Lesson here… Organize my messes better. Or don’t be so messy?

I’m not going to bore anyone with the mundane errands or workouts I intended to do this morning. They didn’t happen and it wasn’t within my control…literal and figurative roadblocks were thrown up at every turn.

I’m not dumb, so I took the hint and headed back home.

It was then I found out why my morning went as “someone” planned but not as I had planned.

A good friend knocked lightly on my side door. I almost didn’t hear it; it was that faint and when I looked through the window of the door I could see the glassiness of her eyes. They were almost full to the brim with tears.

This was my purpose today. This is why nothing worked out. Had I been running around accomplishing everything that I set out to do (and on the dreaded list left for me this morning (I dislike other people’s lists)), I would have missed that sound, that soft tap on my door.

We only talked for an hour and a half but the things we talked about were stellar and meaningful.

She asked me a question that had been on her mind, which she said was posed to Miss USA during the recent Miss Universe pageant after she slipped and fell on stage. It went something like this:

“If you could go back to any moment in time and do it differently, what would it be?” (BTW, Miss USA didn’t answer she’d prefer she hadn’t fallen)

We both had very clear feelings to express and specific moments to share with each other. She knows I like questions and it was a wonderfully private and trusting conversation. You can't go back and do it differently or change it. I cry easily as does she.

We also talked about “You’ll know when you know.” And you can’t change the 20% of a person that makes them different than you because everyone is different and why would you want them to be exactly the same as you anyway. Different is exciting and good. Different is necessary. So is change. Embrace them.

I’m not an Oprah fan but I had an “Ah Ha Moment” today and I would like more, please!

Anyone else experiencing any moments? Have any moments they would change if given the chance?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pizzas? A Trailer? Who, Me?


Date Night.

Big, Juicy Rib-Eyes.  Lovely Wine. Banana Cream Pie!!!


Lively Conversation.

I Still Like You!


Interesting exchange during a recent date night:

Him: “How do you feel about trailers?”

Her: “You mean living in one? Not wild about it.”

Him: “No, I mean buying one. A flatbed trailer.”

Her: “What exactly do you mean? Why are you asking?” 

Him: “I saw this thing on the news. In Seattle. These guys had a wood burning pizza oven on a flatbed trailer and went around the city making the most awesome really thin crust pizzas. They sold 250 a day. You know Chicago totally supports street vendors.” 

Her: “Soooo. What does this have to do with us?”

Him: “Well, you know my business has completely changed so I’m thinking about our future. We would just need to make enough from the pizzas to cover our living expenses. We could use your last name.” 

Her: “So you'd use me for my name? That's it?”

Him: “Yeah. It’s Italian; it works. Oh, don’t worry. I didn’t mean we’d be working on the trailer really. We’d hire people eventually.” 

Her: “Let me run this back so I really understand what you’re saying. You want to leave the Stock Exchange and become a street vendor. Sell pizza from a trailer. With me."

Him: “You don’t think it’s a good idea?”

Her: "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" Actually, she doesn't think he was.

Often times, truth is stranger than fiction.


[Hour Shower Update:  Gift for 1:00a.m., fine bottle of tequila and shot glasses. (Decided choice belonged in the hands of the one who knew the couple better) Found out 2:00a.m. gift is Advil, a case of water and a 4 pack of DVD Movies. Perfect combination. Best news (to me), we AREN'T attending. Woo Hoo!!!]

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Can Always Count On Friends For Compliments

(Did I mention I'd be writing a lot this week?)

I received some fabulous flattery today…

It was perfect, to me, not only because of what was said but who delivered it. She knows me like the back of her hand and her opinion of me is one of only a handful that truly matters. Everyone else…you know how it is. I am who I am and I don’t plan to changed much at this point in my life. Probably couldn’t even if I tried but there’s really no desire. I’m not terribly offensive anyway, at least a majority of the time.

So when Susie, “my sister from another mister”, paid me this compliment today, on the golf course, no less, I burst into a smile so wide my cheeks hurt. Or maybe it was because of the side splitting laughing fit we just had over something ridiculous, VERY stupid and not at all repeatable. Not everyone appreciates my humor the way she does and likewise.

Susie said, “You’ve raised your level of sassiness lately. I absolutely love it!”

“Thank you! I'm so proud.”

“I mean, you really were before but I don’t know what’s your deal. And I’m not being sassy either. You're kinda crazier."

Ok, I’ll keep it up anything as long as someone is amused.

Attitude, in large doses, has never been an issue for either one of us so I was very appreciative of this acknowledgement and my recent efforts of late. She claims it’s been  since my birthday. Go figure.

I wonder. Who would win a “Sass-Off” between the two of us?

I know she can beat me in arm wrestling but I think I’ve got her here.

Am I the only one who would take this as a compliment?

Right back atcha, Sister!!!

It’s Just “Caddy Shack” To Me

 Decisions. Decisions!

This was my fourth, and possibly last, week smacking that little white sucker all over freaking place, then back again. Plain and simple, I stink at golf. Maybe I’d be a little better if I tried harder, but I don’t believe I have the desire (or the skill?).

Let’s weigh it out, shall we?

-       Breathtaking mornings spent outside walking hills
-       3 hours knocking around with two very close friends talking all kinds of crazy s#$t
-       Swearing slides right by
-       Bar Cheese on Ritz Crackers at the Halfway House plus hot coffee ALWAYS equals a breakfast of champions
-       Using my clubs to practice the baton twirling learned at summer camp when young
-       Working on the tan albeit causing strange lines
-       Easy to say, “Hole over! Give me a 10.”
-       Cute caddies

-       Don’t really care for the sport
-       Friends give me sad puppy dog eyes when I say “but I just don’t wanna.”
-       Sucks to suck
-       Clothes are not attractive, AND no one looks really good in them except “Cookie” who’s a size 2 and wears short skirts (she looks good)
-       And don’t get me started on the U-G-L-Y SHOES
-       Takes up way too much time
-       Diminishes my math skills. I can subtract 5 from 9 yet “How many more holes?”
-       Makes people crabby and whine or maybe just me
-       Elicits an unfocused feeling when in reality focus is just fine
-       Not a beach but too much water and sand
-       Balls act as water seeking missiles, see above

Did I already mention I totally suck?

And if you love this sport, more power to you. I do not share your view.

Monday, May 21, 2012

My Technique for Improving A Melancholy Monday

I’m not a fan of "Mundane" Mondays.

I love my weekends. Doesn’t everyone?

Monday mornings, we all go back to our daily routines and grind out another week until…YIPPEE…it’s Friday again.

There are three things capable of providing me with an attitude adjustment for days like "Monday". One actually has science behind it and the others…I’m calling some sort of science behind them, too.

Exercise, Treats, and A Lovely Chat.

Exercise and Chat. Check and Check!

Now for the treat. My usual “go to” for these days is a cupcake. But today, I felt like a major shift was needed so I headed to The Standard Market, my local place. I knew exactly the case I would beeline for, the frozen one.

Here it is! It makes me happy just looking at it!


These are some of the flavors I’ve tried:

Askinoisie Dark Milk Chocolate
Roxbury Road
Queen City Cayenne
Pistachio and Honey
Backyard Mint
Hummingbird Cake
Brown Butter Almond Brittle
Blueberry Crisp
Salty Caramel
Dark Chocolate
The Milkiest Chocolate In The World
Ugandan Vanilla Bean

I chose two and served up a BIG bowl for lunch.

Guilty pleasure.

Hit the spot.

Changed the direction of my day!

Simple things.

Which flavor(s) would you pick?

*This ice cream is made by Jeni Britton Bauer of Jeni’s Ice Cream. If you ever come across it at your market, get after it!!!

YIPPEE and 10 Things About Me!

A friend of mine, a.eye, from the blog Shouldn't Life Be More Than This?, gave me a really, really cool award. I am honored that she feels this way and always enjoy her visits to my crazy world.

We share a love for writing and both are trying to write daily (she’s doing much better than me). Writing, for me, takes practice to be better, more creative and, hopefully, make the process more free flowing (that means easier to me).
I am challenged to come up with 10 things you may not know about me (somebody, somewhere out there will surely find some of these repetitive but, oh well, 10’s a lot). Also list blogs to pay this award forward so that they can do the same (if they so choose and I may not have six, sorry!)
ALSO, no judging me, okay???
1.    If I was on a deserted island and could only have one thing to eat for the rest of my life (while sunbathing and swimming for the rest of my life, too)…hands down, in the whole wideness of this great big world it would be PIZZA. I would prefer to enjoy it in Italia (more later) but I will have it anywhere, anytime. Even for breakfast if I am fortunate enough to have some in the frig. Cold is fine too.
2.    My second great food love is PEANUT BUTTER. It actually sits next to me at the computer. I probably go through a 28 oz. jar a week. I will and have put it on just about everything because everything tastes better with peanut butter. The tippy top best way is to dip Hersey Kisses. Love it!!!
3.    If I could sell my house and live anywhere in the entire world, I would live in ROME, ITALY. I’d love a little apartment there that would be all mine and really cozy. Friends and family could come and visit whenever they wanted. I would summer in Positano on the Amalfi Coast and take the ferry to Capri once a week.
4.    I got out of a SPEEDING TICKET today. My odds are about 2 in 10 when stopped by the “Heat” (love fast cars or maybe just driving that way). Apparently, I was moving a bit fast in the parking lot of “The Stairs”. I actually forgot I had ear buds in and thought that was the reason the police car just about “T” boned me to stop. He was scary so I smiled. He said slow down and I said absolutely, so sorry.
5. I am OFTEN mistaken for SOMEONE ELSE. Who do I look like? I have no idea but apparently like many other people. Women only, however, and thank God for that. I really do get stopped, a lot, and asked, "Are you...?" Nope, I'm not! This phenomenon started when I was in my early 20's on the streets of Chicago. It has moved forward with me to this day. I wish I knew who everyone thinks I am and I hope who they think is someone at least nice.
6.    I don’t make MY BED. Bad habit, I know. I get out of it and never look back until its time to get back in. Actually, I get it all nice and tidy right before I hop in. I wish someone would make it for me because it would look nice and pretty and inviting. I don't live at a hotel. Rats.
7.    I took a “Could You Be A Serial Killer?” quiz today. My results: Not to worry -- you're not a threat to society. Although a few quirks in your personality may present some challenges in life, those same idiosyncrasies may very well explain the reason your name continues to appear on "A" party lists. Somebody, invite me to a party. I’m really fun, I promise!!!
8.    Shoot, three more!!! Ummmm…I can't SING, really. But I think I can and I will! I will belt it out in the car like nobody's business and even with the windows down. Don't care. Stare if you want. It's not going to change what I do. Love my music too much. Sorry if it bothers your ears because I know it.
9.    My obsession with TRAVEL leads to what my dream job would be. I want to be Samantha Brown from the Travel Channel (but she’s too goodie two shoes) with the almost as sassy and slightly off color nature of Anthony Bourdain. I think I’d be good at it. Would you watch me?
10.  I don’t consider myself terribly vain but I hate having to wear glasses to see anything within 18” of my face so I got contacts recently. Lasik corrected my distance vision many moons ago but I can’t see “shinola” up close. My kids both have had contacts since 6th grade (bad vision is hereditary). How do they get these things in their eyes? Takes me forever and I never know if they are inside out or not!
There you have it.
Blogs I really love and will award The Kreative Blogger to are:
They are all fun and funny, one is a great design blog and Jen's pictures are fantastic. Check them out!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Misplaced Book Means Trouble For This Girl!

Woo Hoo!!! Third post in one day and I have reasons!!!

Blog, get used to being run over like a MAC Truck this week because I am stuck. Stuck here. Stuck at home. Stuck. Anyone who knows me, knows I despise being stuck…. but I have a good reason and will gladly be so stuck but I’ll be looking for things to do!

Thou shall not be bored!

Sunday evening dilemma and to me it’s a biggie! Lots of exclamation points tonight apparently!

I misplaced my book today. I misplace many things. They eventually turn up usually sooner rather than later.

But not my book and I am BUMMED!  Helen Keller. Where are you? I have retraced my steps five times. There are only so many places it could be in this house and I have searched. I even screamed once. That’s how badly I wanted to find it. Sorry ‘bout the screaming roomie!!! You didn’t move it did you? ‘Cause you move stuff.

I don’t have much left to read, possibly 100 pages and I need to know how this is going to wrap up but I think I can figure it out myself. Don’t want to, however.

What’s a girl to do? Download one that caught my eye today. Forget about the stacks.

Tonight I start a book titled Ménage. It’s not what you think based on the title; at least I don’t think so. I guess I’ll see, won’t I.

Never leave a girl in a bind without a good book. It just means trouble! Trouble for you and trouble for her!

Third Times The Charm?

I wasn’t going to participate in this weekend's Trifecta challenge. But then, I had some thoughts about this picture prompt. *


She’s crying.

I can hear her, behind me, struggling to pull the one suitcase I couldn’t manage.  Crying.

To hear her just rips my insides apart. This is equally excruciating for me. I want to cry all the time too but not in front of her. It would send her to the dark spot and far, far away. We need to go back, back to “our” world and not empty handed.

This third try. This third city. This third trip. This has to be the one because it’s simply brutal.

I can’t do this again and I won’t. The toll on us has been unbearable. Emotionally and physically. I can’t see her, heart shattered and crumbled in a ball. Not one more time.

This is the last airport I carry this.

We’re losing “us”. Hanging together by a thread.


I’m trying to get a grip. I’ve pushed hard for this, I know. And I keep pushing still. But I’m feeling out of control. 

You are so gentle, so sweet.

I love you more than the world. Don’t you know that? Can’t you feel that? Yet I feel this space between us.

It’s just… I want more. Something more for us. Something to add to “us”.

Hoping is hard and we’ve given up on it before, too many times.

The heart wrenching change of minds, the devastating disappointment and the loss.

Maybe this third time will be the charm. Maybe this will be our last airport . Maybe this random Russian city holds the answer. Maybe this third baby is the one meant to be ours. Maybe this will be the last time we return home with our car seat empty with longing.

Let’s hope one last time. Please?

I promise not to cry anymore unless it’s tears of joy but I shouldn’t promise anything. I’m not good with them.

You’ve carried the weight and the entire burden these last ten years. I can promise this; I’ll be your rock this time.

We are stronger together, aren’t we?


*Today is my parents’ gazillionth wedding anniversary. 54 years! My dad says, “It takes a whole lot of work but I love her. Always have and always will.”

Adoption was the only option they had early on in their marriage. While they were fully engaged in the process with Catholic Adoption Agencies in the city, I became, somehow, more than just a “twinkle” in their eyes and was a complete surprise.