Thursday, May 24, 2012

When Things That Are Supposed To Happen Do

What I was going to write about today changed at least five times and completely influenced by the ever-changing occurrences of my morning.

Have you ever had a day that you felt was stacked against you from the get go? Everything you tried to do, tried to accomplish was met with an obstacle; Obstacles that caused you to revert to Plan “B”, then Plan “C” and begin rethinking Plan “D”. This was precisely the morning I had.

I was very frustrated.

And yet…

I began to wonder why. Am I being tested? Am I supposed to be learning something? Should I be doing something different(ly) or am I waiting for something to happen, something that is supposed to?

I found Helen this morning (Helen Keller In Love, the book). That’s a good thing! I’d been looking pretty hard for her since Sunday. And I’m embarrassed to say where because she’d been right under my nose the whole time. In reality, I just needed to view my world, from my bed, from a different angle. Lesson here… Organize my messes better. Or don’t be so messy?

I’m not going to bore anyone with the mundane errands or workouts I intended to do this morning. They didn’t happen and it wasn’t within my control…literal and figurative roadblocks were thrown up at every turn.

I’m not dumb, so I took the hint and headed back home.

It was then I found out why my morning went as “someone” planned but not as I had planned.

A good friend knocked lightly on my side door. I almost didn’t hear it; it was that faint and when I looked through the window of the door I could see the glassiness of her eyes. They were almost full to the brim with tears.

This was my purpose today. This is why nothing worked out. Had I been running around accomplishing everything that I set out to do (and on the dreaded list left for me this morning (I dislike other people’s lists)), I would have missed that sound, that soft tap on my door.

We only talked for an hour and a half but the things we talked about were stellar and meaningful.

She asked me a question that had been on her mind, which she said was posed to Miss USA during the recent Miss Universe pageant after she slipped and fell on stage. It went something like this:

“If you could go back to any moment in time and do it differently, what would it be?” (BTW, Miss USA didn’t answer she’d prefer she hadn’t fallen)

We both had very clear feelings to express and specific moments to share with each other. She knows I like questions and it was a wonderfully private and trusting conversation. You can't go back and do it differently or change it. I cry easily as does she.

We also talked about “You’ll know when you know.” And you can’t change the 20% of a person that makes them different than you because everyone is different and why would you want them to be exactly the same as you anyway. Different is exciting and good. Different is necessary. So is change. Embrace them.

I’m not an Oprah fan but I had an “Ah Ha Moment” today and I would like more, please!

Anyone else experiencing any moments? Have any moments they would change if given the chance?


TMWHickman said...

I probably would have had a salad instead of the fries...

Just kidding. What a thought provoking post!

Gina said...

See, I would have had the fries instead because I DON'T have enough fries in my life!

It was a special morning that I'm very happy I showed up for...for both of us.

Jack said...

I have very few regrets but those I do are large. Would I change things? Yes.

But I can't so I can only move forward.

Gina said...

I get that! I can't think of any, large, maybe smaller ones that I pushed way back in my mind. Maybe didn't matter much in the grand scheme? I try to look back fondly then move ahead positively. I admire your ability to keep pushing forward. We all get there, I believe!

Jack said...

There is nothing gained by chasing ghosts that you can't ever capture, hold onto or change.

The benefit is the experience and what you make of it.

Gina said...

I absolutely agree with you.

Jack said...

I need to put that on a t-shirt. ;)