Monday, May 7, 2012

Couples Golf: Just Because I Know How, Doesn’t Mean…

Did I learn to golf when I was young? Yes.

Did I say I liked to golf when I met my husband-to-be? Yes.

Was I fibbing? Not entirely.

Did I pull a “bait and switch”? Maybe. 

It’s the only thing that stopped happening shortly after we were married and to this day…until now.

You know what it’s like when you’re really into someone. You’ll pretty much agree to do “whatever” on a date just to spend time with them (I’m speaking of totally appropriate things here).

I said I liked to play golf because I did but not really for the game. I liked being outside in the late afternoon on a beautiful day. I loved cruising around in a golf cart on rolling hills amidst the flora and fauna. I loved the little cooler he packed with a few beers each which made us a little more chatty. And the bag of popcorn. I very much loved the "Francheesies" at the Halfway House. I loved the time alone when no one else was in sight and it was quiet; just us and the birds. I loved the quick, spontaneous kisses.

Of course, I did have to get out of the cart and hit a ball…A LOT…but it was still a blast because we were falling in love. I didn’t give it a minute’s thought.

Now everyone thinks I play golf again because my arm was twisted by said best friend (See post from a few days ago). AND I’m double and quadruple dating on a golf course. What’s with that????

All seven of them are lucky it was Cinco de Mayo on Saturday and they were serving margaritas from the drink cart. Note to self:  There is still an inverse relationship between the number of margaritas (two) and beers (one) you have and your ability to golf.

I will concede it was fun. It was a beautiful night. The pot roast nachos and fish tacos afterwards were killer and made up for everything. Just don’t expect me to do this every weekend, people.

I’m speaking to all of you….Pleaaaaaaasssssseeee!!!

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