Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Changes in Latitudes...Bye Bye Blog

(Just a favorite beach song of mine so listen if you're feelin' it)

I thought I would say a short goodbye to this space where I have been writing these last few months. I had a forced hiatus in January due to a lack of internet connection in Mexico and it was a bit of a torture for me. I wanted to write and everything there was stacked against me...wind, sand, sun...Karma? The way it was supposed to go down? Probably. I made fantastic use of the extra time I had to bond on the beach with some cool people.

This time, I'm saying goodbye to this space for far longer. Lucky me but sad me too! I've grown used to being here and having my new friends write to me about my posts or just me writing to myself about anything, which I love. 

I'm taking my iPad with me to some islands. They're great pieces of technology but sorely lacking in the word processing area. Everything I've tried to post on it ends up mucked up (gave up swearing for Lent, like that cover up?).

A new friend from Sunday Stream of Consciousness suggested I just do that while I'm gone. No formatting, no structure, just my thoughts for what those are worth and that's not much to most of you. It will be silly, beachy, rum-soaked me! Just kidding about the rum-soaked part but not the silly!

So I WILL give it a whirl. Please know that I will be reading all of you while I'm away from this chair and this desktop!

I thought I would include some songs that make me think of vacation when I'm sitting at home on a cold Chicago day...which is often! I would include a favorite island guy of mine if I could find a YouTube link for him. It's Bankie Banx from Anguilla and I've visited his place on the beach, The Dune Preserve, more than a few times. He sings a song called "Find It" and that always takes me back to the sand on Rendezvous Bay.

There Are Places I Remember...

“All these places had their moments
With lovers and friends I still can recall” 

This creamy, silky, steaming cup of cappuccino is a ritual of mine whenever I have visited my favorite city in the world. It’s enjoyed every morning, in exactly this spot, every single time and always outside. Often times I’m there as the restaurant is turning over it’s chairs and the market people setting up their offerings.

Some may think that I lack imagination for being so routine in a historic place. For me, it is anything but that. This particular cup has been enjoyed alongside some of the most special people I could ever know and reminds me of how very lucky I am in my life. 

I am talking about Rome and this is Campo dei Fiore.

This city, this cup, this spot, this feeling… the warmth and calm never elude me.

It’s not about the coffee exactly. It’s about the moments in time you allow yourself to just be and take in all the present has to offer. You feel it in your soul and know you’re creating something special with the people around you, friends or strangers. I’ve learned this here, in this spot with this cup. Take time to slow down. Be the observer and just watch it all come alive!

I’ve been to Rome on four occasions. However, it was the first one, with my mother, where my communion with this culture, it's people, began. Carving out and sharing a small piece of our day, every day, as the piazza began to bustle took us back to a simpler time.

Watching the “slow” life happen around us became a morning ceremony of sorts, each and every time we returned to Rome. These were quiet moments when none of us needed to speak, each leaving the table by ourselves, when the spirit moved, to explore and be totally drawn in by the people selling their food or the locals who were doing their daily shopping.

I visited this woman each morning. She was bundled up in a wool sweater against the morning chill and she trimmed artichokes. Each morning I would stop, watch and smile at her. She always smiled back. It became our thing and each morning our smiles became wider!

Cappuccinos in Roma make the world’s best milk mustaches!
This week’s prompt was  to write a 400 word memoir piece in which one of the following features prominently–wine, coffee, or chocolate.
I can’t wait to read these savory, stimulating, and sweet stories from your life.
Remember—memoir must be true—

Sunday, February 26, 2012

5 Minutes...Ready, Set, Go

This 5 minute Stream of Consciousness was inspired by my insignificant thoughts first thing Sunday morning, between cups one and two, and after reading the Big Paper. Also, I read Kenya's entry every week so I thought I would give it a try. "What is the season of my life at this moment?" 
Timer set and GO...

What do I love about Sunday mornings as an empty nester? The Quiet! Today is bright and sunny and cold. The paper is read…on cup numero dos of my java. There are a million things on my list of things to do today. Usually, I can get away with most Sunday's, or any day really, without much that HAS to be done and I can do the minimum. That's right...I have no kids left at home which sometimes gets me choked up a bit. Not today though.

Two bickering dogs break my quiet moment. Take it somewhere else so I can think. My loving partner enters, fresh from sleeping in way too long, IMO. What are we going to do today? My answer is “What are YOU going to do today?” I have my own list to accomplish.  I’m going to be with you for an extended amount of time. Maybe we should head in different directions today. Hate when I’m snippy because I really don’t mean to be. Sometimes happens when I have a lot on my mind.

I’m lucky to be writing this to-do list. I’m lucky to have woken up…period, but too early! I’m lucky to be able to stay in my jammies all morning. I’m lucky that in two days I will be away from the cold and wind of Chicago for 2.5 weeks. I’m an official snowbird flying away to the warmth. Afraid not! Just a long awaited vacation.

How will I do with my darling hubby for 2.5 weeks? Will we annoy each other….

End of time.

So what I just discovered is I need quite a bit of work with this “Stream of Consciousness” thing.

You’d think I’d have more important things swirling around up there. Nope!
It’s five minutes of your time and a brain dump. Want to try it? Here are the rules…
               Set a timer and write for 5 minutes.
               Write an intro to the post if you want but don’t edit the post. No proofreading or spellchecking. This is writing in the raw.
               Publish it somewhere. Anywhere. The back door to your blog if you want. But make it accessible.
               Add the Stream of Consciousness Sunday badge to your post.
     Link Up Your Post.
Visit your fellow bloggers and show some love.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wine or Coffee, Coffee or Wine?

Wine or Coffee, Coffee or Wine…That is the Question.

I have a significant number of vices and probably several I don’t even know about or refuse to acknowledge. I have my friends to remind me of those things so there’s no need for me to keep track of everything about myself! They do a fine job!

Some people may look at vices, in general, as a negative trait when considering a person. I would never do that to any of you! I will not even utter the “J” word here, or EVER, because I distain it more than just about anything. Judgmental people are at the tippy top of my list of pet peeves.  You are you and I’m not you so have at yours while I continue with mine!

My two absolutely favorite vices are wine and coffee (most people know this about me already). I love, love, love them both so it has taken a lot of thought over the last 24 hours to decide/determine which one I would rather divorce if the screws where turned. They both make my toes curl, in wonderful but very different ways.

I actually did a little self reflection and research on a website to help me make this important personal decision and not that I have any plans to do so.

Wine is Proof God Loves Us and Wants Us to be Happy by Benjamin Franklin
(I’ve used this quote before and it’s no lie! If he said...)

But then, I found an equally compelling quote about coffee that summarizes my feelings very well.

Things I love about coffee:

Coffee is hot
Coffee makes me excited
Coffee is good enough to have every day.
Coffee smells good
Coffee makes me nervous sometimes
Coffee gives me warm and fuzzies
Even when coffee is too strong or too weak, it’s still good.

When I think back historically about my relationship with both of these liquid gold drops of goodness, I realize that one WAS rather easy to give up and the other impossible so I didn’t.

One gives me a headache if I drink three glasses and the other gives me a headache when I don’t.

Therefore, if push came to shove and God forbid it ever does…

I can’t stop drinking the coffee. If I stop drinking the coffee, I stop doing the standing and the walking and the words putting-into-sentence doing.

Drink Coffee…Do Stupid Things Faster with More Energy!

That is my final answer…Coffee; I’ve never been able to give it up and I never will. Wine is a very close second for me because…

For instant happy woman (me), just add wine!

BUT, Step away from my coffee and no one gets hurt!
(Credit Pinterest for the quotes in BOLD type)

The concluding thought that puts the cherry on top is I'd always share my wine with anyone. Go ahead, have a sip. However, back off my perfectly golden goodness or I might snip. That’s how I knew by which would make me angry living without or having someone touch.

5.) What is the one ‘vice’ you can’t give up? (inspired by Mommalogues)

Mama’s Losin’ It

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Couple That Works Out Together Stays Together?

I'm not sure this is a true statement...

Some people really enjoy sweating with their significant other…I mean working out together. They say it’s a bonding experience, fun and motivating. Couples who work out together, stay together is a saying we joke about when we see fit couples together at the gym. Of course, we also feel the need to razz them and comment. They’re friends so they usually just roll their eyes.
(This is a picture of my husband, isn't he hot?
That's me below)

Slightly distracted...I personally find it to be none of the things mentioned above and it doesn’t work out for us at all.

We’ve really only formally worked out twice together over the course of a gazillion years. While vacationing, we’ll workout in the same hotel gym doing our own thing, arrive and leave together but that’s about all the interaction that takes place.

The very first time, I surprised him on a Saturday several years ago and had a workout scheduled in advance with our friend, Jen. I said, “Come work out with me. It’ll be really fun!” Jen is a kick your ass kind of trainer and creative when it comes to exercise.

The first problem… it was an hour, he bitched the whole time and said he would never work out with me again. In all fairness, he wasn’t in the shape he’s in now. It definitely became a joke at the gym, as we were never seen there at the same time ever again. “They don’t work out together, ever!” We agreed that he would, again, do his thing and I would do mine, and never our paths should cross.

By the way, he does work out with Jen on his own in the evening and I affectionately call it “his time”. He’s an ex-athlete with all sorts of aches and pains (errrr, excuses), so she tailors the time to his likes and needs. Works out pretty smoothly.

So, this leads into the second time we’ve worked out with Jen together more than 7 years later. It was yesterday afternoon…

Actually, I was the one who encroached on his personal time with Jen. I asked if he would mind if I joined them. What else was he going to say but “sure”? I suppose I didn’t leave him much choice in the matter other than looking like a meanie if he said no.

Unbeknownst to him, I texted Jen to check it out; was it okay with her plans? Her response, “Are you sure it’s okay with Rusty?” She fully remembers last time. I told her he said it was fine but I had a big question and I asked him the same one…”Is it going to be a weenie workout?” What I mean by that is he does a lot of exercises to supplement his golf game and it’s too passive for me. Both he and Jen said it wouldn’t be weenie.

Text from Jen right before we arrive…”This is going to be a really fun one!” I anticipate a problem from the minute I see these words. We have different definitions of what’s fun as it pertains to fitness. I choose not to tell him.
(Cameron Diaz and A-Rod pretending they're us!) 

Yesterday officially became the last day we will work out together. One of us liked it because it was challenging and exhausting. The other one didn’t for the same reasons. I’m sure you can guess who is who.

However, I'm afraid this is the reality of us...

And just because I love this....

Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Very Big Promise

God I hate your parents! 

Your Dad's an asshole. He'll never say yes. 


You faked it; I did it. Thanks, loverboy. Your turn so we can finally hook up. 

Will this work? 

This is my take on a more modern day pre-inlaw thing and an argument between a young couple about their families. 

Yes, I have a healthy obsession with this fated couple. Poor kids. Why so dramatic? Well it was 1340 Italy. 

Romantic? Love the "love at any cost" thing but really? 

Thanks to Trifecta Writing Challenge for the challenge to tell a fable, book, poem or famous story in 33 words...My Way! Actually, I haven't figured out much.

Friday, February 17, 2012

There's Nothing Sweeter!

There is truly nothing sweeter than spending time with your kids especially when those times are so few and far between. You see…I am an empty nester.

I haven’t seen my son since he checked out of his personal Bed, Breakfast and More on January 8th. Actually, his father informed him that check out time on that day was 12:00pm. You should have seen his face. It was really quite funny (Check Out Time).

My darling sugar plum fairy of a daughter has been home more recently but anytime away from her makes me sad. Her brother on the other hand, ehhhh! Just kidding but not really…him being the high maintenance one. Everyone always thinks it’s the girls but it’s all in the personality and not in the gender…in my experience.

We are very lucky they attend the same university, where their daddy went, so we can hit them up in one big swoop. I’m hoping everyone looks happy and healthy. Hard to tell when you aren’t pushing the food and vitamins. Trying to release that white knuckled death grip on them.

I suppose it’s all about letting go and that’s been hard for me. Not to say that I haven’t gotten used to a quiet household. I have, but it was a work in progress from August until December. You hope those wings you spent 18 years helping them develop actually work and they take off to fly. Then, of course, there is the fingers crossed “please make smart decisions” thing too!

Letting go is hard to do but it makes seeing them all the sweeter!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Would I Do It or NOT? Reverse Bucket List

I suppose some things are always up for negotiation.

There aren’t many things I wouldn’t give a whirl but there are certainly a few things I would never do, want to do or be willing to do. If you have done the things on my Reverse Bucket List, more power to you and please don’t be offended if I don’t partake. For me, some things are just not gonna happen. Like…

1. I’m never going to Japan, not one ounce of interest even though I’ve been known to stalk the head chef at The Sushi House. You tried to lose me by moving to Nabuki but I found you!

2. I would never, never appear on “Fear Factor” and only for one reason. I’m not going to eat or drink any of that disgusting crap! Push me out of a helicopter but I refuse to drink donkey piss (they got in trouble for that!)

3. A tarantula will never come anywhere near me again. We came upon one on a path in Big Sur and told our friend to put her foot next to it for size reference. We later found out they jump. Yuck!
That's my bad video job as we were caught by surprise. 

4. I will never watch Jersey Shore or read anything related to the subject and I don’t think that requires an explanation! 

5. I'll never run a marathon. I’m not going to poop my pants on the streets of Chicago just to finish or maybe it’s because my body wouldn’t cooperate. Not sure.

6. I refuse, therefore won't, give up wine or coffee but if I had to break up with one, it would be coffee.
You know who said this? Benjamin Franklin and he knows his shit! True fact!

7. I will never be a White Socks fan. When you live in Chicago, there are some decision you have to make early on and then there’s no such thing as switching even though they suck EVERY SINGLE year.

 Sorry, slightly inappropriate.

8. I think some tattoos are really pretty but…

9. I don’t want to jinx myself because I have never even been arrested which kind of leads into… I never want to spend the night in jail. I’ve had a run in or two before or should I say a “run from” so I’ll knock on wood here.
Good book, BTW

10. I won't be taking it all off at a nudist beach. My only opportunity was when I went to Hedonism in Jamaica at the age of 25. If I didn’t do it then it is very unlikely to happen...EVER. That's not to say I wouldn’t go to a very private beach and skinny dip but not more than one person at a time is going to see me doing this!

There you have it...a few things I never want to do courtesy of Mama Kat's prompt:

3.) Create a reverse bucket list that names the top ten things you never want to do.
(Inspired by The Hairpin)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Friend Jen Gave Me An Award And I'm Giving One to You!

I have a brand new friend from the blogging world. Her name is Jen and she writes one of my favorite blogs called We're Living a Full Life. What I like about Jen’s blog is that it is always fresh and creative. She has a very talented eye for photography. To me, her pictures are simple yet stunning! I love her blog so please go see her, as I’m always excited when her new posts appear in my Reader List.

I am so honored that she has included me, a brand spankin’ new blogger, in her Versatile Blogger Award. 

So, thank you Jen from the bottom of my heart!!! Of course, I accept, I accept, I accept!

There are some things I’m supposed to do to accept this awesome award:

The Rules for The Versatile Blogger Award

1. Thank the award-giver and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs you enjoy reading.
4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know about the award.

Okay…Here we go! Seven things about me:

1.   I’m the worst sailor in my family and I’m not bad. My daughter and her father bicker between them about who is better. She, “Woman Captain of the Year” for a 21 boat E-Scow Racing Fleet at the lake or him, the old “salty dog”.
2.    I have a memory like an elephant. Never tell me anything you have a problem with me remembering for life. Also, numbers are my thing. This is a blessing and a curse at times.
3.   I am an awesome trip planner and I have never had anyone, who I’ve asked, decline joining me on a trip I’ve put together. Not bragging, just good at it!
4.   My kids both go to the same University and it’s where their father went as well. IMO, it’s the prettiest Big Ten campus out there.
5.   I don’t panic…ever. Maybe I should at times but mostly it comes in handy.
6.   I exercise a lot but have to in order to fight the downward trend happening over here.
7.   Due to a sales job oh so long ago, I have visited all but 7 of our grand states.

Since I am such a newbie, only two months into this, I would like to pass this award on to two blogs I have really enjoyed over the past two months.

Thanks ladies for being two of my very favorite reads. I would send it right back to Jen too but I'm not sure if that's what we do!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Know What Day It Is...

But I don’t celebrate the “big” day and it’s not because I’m not romantic or in love or anything like that. Is it a Hallmark holiday? I usually say let’s not do something just because someone decided we should; nothing like putting pressure on people to act! You know I love you because I tell you.

I've never been a present person so if you ask me what I want you know you’ll get a list of stuff like a robe, gloves, water glasses and a teapot (my Christmas list for the family). I don’t wear a lot of jewelry… one ring on each hand, one special necklace, sometimes a bracelet and earrings occasionally on the weekend, if I remember. I look at a box filled with lovely things that are never worn. I’m not ungrateful. You know it's not important to me.

Pick a random day, put on your awesome iPod and grab me to dance.

Ask me to go on an afternoon walk with the puppies.

Call me up in the afternoon and suggest dinner around the corner at the diner.

Talk to me about anything other than the kids, our families, work and all the sensitive subjects that confuse our everyday life.

Take me to the movie I’ve wanted to see and hold my hand through most of it except if I’m going for the popcorn then let go.

Let me plan a trip just for us and because I’m really good at it know I’ll pick a place we both have been longing to go. You know the combination of a bathing suit, sun and a beautiful beach melts me into putty.

I am grateful because you do most of these things for me (except the grab and dance thing) but let’s do them more often!

What I’m saying is let’s keep creating memories but not on a day when we're supposed to. Those are the gifts that are most special to me…places and moments that I can lock away in my heart, which can’t be lost or forgotten. It’s what’s important to both of us. We had nothing when we started and some of those times were our happiest (although it's nice to be able to afford dinner out without the worry of credit card bills). I remember telling a friend that you marry for love and cross your fingers. My fingers haven't needed crossing in years.

I have this vivid memory of my parents dancing to I Hear A Symphony on random weekend nights.

I want to do that but let’s do it to 

And just when I thought this day would be like yesterday, the doorbell rings. I peek out and there’s someone standing on my porch with a simply gorgeous vase of red roses. The last time I answered my door for flowers, they were for my neighbor. I only get flowers on my birthday from my dad.

I’m stunned! This is definitely a huge surprise (I should go re-check the card). I think I'll welcome him home a little differently tonight. Not because it’s Valentines Day but because he made me feel special when I didn’t expect it!
(Just a favorite song of mine)
I like to play the music that is special to me so thank you for reading and listening to my blog.

Tomorrow, I’m going to write about a very special present I received yesterday from a brand new friend of mine, Jen from 

Monday, February 13, 2012

I Am So Normal

What made me think of this? I have no idea but I was standing in my kitchen just now thinking about how normal I am. That’s weird. I’m not sure I like it. Realizing it might suggest that I need to change it up a bit…but I don’t really know what that means.

While drinking my coffee and making my water, I thought about:

What do I need to accomplish today?

What do I want to write about and what if I don’t want to write?

I lack structure and I’m procrastinating a lot lately.

I’m not super predictable (however, I am reliable) and do I change that?

I’m comfortable spending a day or days entirely by myself but why don’t I get the opportunity and what can I do about it?

This cup of coffee tastes so incredible right now.

My head aches from the wine I drank last night when my friends were over for dinner and why do I get talked into that extra glass?

It’s sad that someone younger than me has passed away from self-destruction or anything for that matter.

How can so much go through my head in only moments?

I just called myself weird for the second time before 9am because I realize I do the same thing every morning after I hit the coffee shop (therefore, I am predictable). I make my water.

What’s my water? It’s called “Sassy Water” but my daughter, who thinks I’m nuts BTW, calls it “Flirty Girl Water”. I have know idea how she came up with that name.

It’s one sliced cucumber, one sliced lemon, 12 torn mint leaves, a tablespoon of grated fresh ginger and a big pitcher of water (2 quarts). Now for the good part…drink the whole thing in one day. I’m addicted to it but I also need to know where every bathroom is when I’m out just like a toddler being potty trained!

This is probably TMI but…one of my goals is to pee clear every day. You can say it now too. She’s weird. I apologize if this calls attention to the color of yours; it’s a personal thing.

But I’m telling you, if you’re looking to drop a few pounds, this works. Or maybe it just keeps me away from the Girl Scout cookies that were delivered yesterday! I think it’s all in the water.

I should probably spend some time rethinking the “I’m so normal” thing.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

In My Life

I find Jester Queen's writing to be fascinating and engaging so I visit her blog often. When I recently read that she and her friend Bella were doing this thingy related to music, I knew I'd be all in. This prompt was actually a no brainer for me (choose a love song and explain it's significance in your life). Maybe that’s why I chose to do it on a Saturday.

Music is a huge part of my everyday life…my very being. There is, most definitely, a song that has always been significant to me. I can’t really remember exactly when it became so meaningful but no later than high school, for sure.

 (Click on the title above if you'd like to hear it)
Written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney

There are places I remember
All my life, though some have changed
Some forever, not for better
Some have gone and some remain
All these places had their moments
With lovers and friends, I still can recall
Some are dead and some are living
In my life, I've loved them all

But of all these friends and lovers
There is no one compares with you
And these memories lose their meaning
When I think of love as something new
Though I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life, I love you more

Though I know I'll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I'll often stop and think about them
In my life, I love you more

When I listen to this song on my iPod, it never fails to cause reflection or a momentary pause, at the very least, in whatever I’m doing or thinking. To me, this song signifies tremendous personal growth and a greater appreciation for the important people in my life… a timeline of sorts, from where I came to where I am now.

There are five people who have shaped my life as I stand here today, parents aside. They come to mind each and every time I hear “In My Life”. It’s why I always play it twice in a row to give proper contemplation to each...

A person who is not “in my life” but knows there’s a special, locked place in my heart for him.

My best friend who I could never imagine my life without and will, hopefully, never experience that feeling.

My lover of 23 years.

My two children who mean absolutely the world to me.

“If you live to be 100, I hope I live to be 100 minus 1 day, so I never have to live without you.” Winnie the Pooh to Piglet

**Now if I got to choose three more I would pick "You're In My Heart" by Rod Stewart, "The Way We Were" by Barbra Streisand and "Follow You, Follow Me" by Genesis!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Remembering Numbers

Red Writing Hood: Pick A Number

This prompt was one of the first Red Dress Club prompts. We were to choose numbers from a list as follows: The first number will be for your character, the second your setting, the third the time and the fourth will be the situation.
Then take the four elements and combine them into a short story.
All four you picked MUST be your main elements, but you can add in other characters, settings, times and situations.
I chose a waitress, at a party, at or around midnight and someone has lost/found something.

Thank God Margaret’s equally desperate to come up with rent money. Our apartment isn’t expensive but it’s happens every month. We both have fulltime jobs but somehow it’s always a problem. We need to find better drink specials or boys to buy rounds without strings attached.

Opportunity appears at our apartment door in the form of Sandy, Mar’s sister, who offers us a Friday gig that pays $75 cash for five hours of waitressing. “I suck at waitressing?” “You’ll be fine. You’ll need a black skirt, white blouse and you’re good to go.”  She didn’t mention the gig was at Owensia Golf Club, the most exclusive country club in the Chicagoland area. Can you say swank?

The first night goes so well the GM asks us back for a REALLY BIG party where our best behavior is required. Huh? The waitresses are buzzing because there’re some huge names attending tonight (Marshall Fields, Wrigleys, Pritzkers, Mortons). This is the kind of party I’d rather attend then serve but being broke is a fantastic motivator.

It takes only moments to realize there’s benefits to wandering through this crowd. The fancies brought along the younger generation.  I know I’m just a waitress and have a boyfriend, but I’ve always believed you can be on a diet and still look at the menu, and there’s good stuff on this one.

I keep catching the eye of this great looking guy and, shit, he’s moving into my area so I’ll have to take his drink order. I always go red in the face at times like this and I feel it as he orders a beer. Now, I’m going to have to bring it back to him. Just relax, I tell myself. I didn’t become more bold and flirtatious until a year or two later.

For dinner, I’m assigned the Marshall Fields table and guess who’s at it? Couldn’t I just get the rich nobodys? I see Margaret laughing and I know it was a mistake to mention I thought this guy was hot. Every time I set a plate in front of him, he speaks to me. If I wasn’t so uncomfortable I might pick up the flirting.

It’s midnight; party over, thank God. Margaret asks, “Where’s your bracelet?” Oh shit! I am not going back into THAT room.

You know the feeling when you sense someone close to you; you feel their energy field or heat? The hair on my neck rises as I hear someone say,

“I think this is yours.”

My face does it again as I turn around.

“Hi, I’m Jeremy. You’re Gina, right.”

“How’d you know my name?”

He points to Margaret. That rat!

"Would you consider giving me your number?”

“I don’t give out my number,” I say yet smiling.

“Ok, I’ll give you mine and you can decide if you wanna call” as he reaches for a cocktail napkin.

“I have a fantastic memory. Tell me and I’ll remember.”

Now I have to decide if I’m going to call Jeremy Fields or not because I do remember the number….