Friday, March 30, 2012

Too Much To Do With Too Little Time!

Some days you have all the time in the world and nothing much to say. Other days, you have a zillion things on your mind and want to brain dump so badly and nary a moment to do it. Today is the latter.

I have so much rattling around upstairs that I’m almost beside myself. I should probably take notes.

Anyway…I’m off to visit my wee ones at school for Mom's Weekend.

I saw the itinerary. Wish me luck. I hope everyone remembers; I don’t stay up really late.

A friend of mine sent me this quote today and I love it! I try but acknowledge that I’m a work in progress.

“Live in such a way that if anyone should speak badly of you, no one would believe it...”

OH and Go Team Gel-LOTTO!
Maybe this time tomorrow, I'll be writing as a multi-millionaire!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

If You Don't Play; You Can't Win!

I’m an early riser and coffee is important to me; Actually to the people I encounter in the morning too, because I’m a slightly different person when I’ve had some than when I haven’t. Only my close friends would know the difference…I think.

If I am not pressed for time, I go to the coffee shop around the corner by the train station. It’s where the older people and commuters grab their "Joe". Often, I get caught up chatting if I stop there. When running late, I'm still stopping for that coffee but at the 7 Eleven (the coffee is actually good and only $2) located in the opposite direction by the gym.

Today was a running late morning and, therefore, meant the convenience store.

I could hardly find a spot to park. Walking directly to the coffee station, I turned around to see an extremely long line at both cash register. What the heck is going on?

Now I AM going to be late and I can’t pour and dash, can I? Actually, I probably could because they know me but I don’t. One of the cashiers sees me and says, “Just the coffee?” Well, yea. I hand him my two dollars from a position of about three deep and leave.

As I’m getting into my car, a guy is coming out. I just have to ask, “What is going on in there?” He looks at me as if I’m completely nuts and says, “Well don’t cha know, the lotto is a half a billion dollars today.” No, that’s not something I’d know unless I opened up the paper this morning which I didn't because I was late.

It Lotto MANIA!!!!!
Just looked up the Jackpot and it really is $540,000,000

I repeat my coffee story to my friends at the gym and they actually did know. My friends are smart and well informed!

We hatched a plan while we boxed and this is what we came up with.

“TEAM GEL-LOTTO” themed for our trip last Fall

We each put in some cash and kissed our bills for luck. Kind of gross but why not put a little something extra on them?
 That's Susie kissing hers. She'd actually kill me if she knew I used this picture!

Jen, who’s totally on top of this, looked up how to increase our odds (quick picks and purchasing at several locations) and she’s driving all over to make the purchase.

Now if we win, I only have two big things that I would buy immediately and probably save the rest. Who knows? 

I guess we WILL know about 6:30 tomorrow night. Wish us luck!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sitting In The Cheap Seats

Begging my uptight parents for the umpteenth time to pretty please let me go to this concert, I finally got a YES! My first concert ever and it was The Rolling Stones at Solider Field.

Earth to parents! What in the world were you thinking? I learned more that day than four years of high school!

That Saturday, the trains were packed with thousands migrating to the city; heading to the concert of the decade! I was lucky to be going and luckier for a ticket, as were the 60,000+. Seats were general admission, so if you weren’t early, you sat at the back like us! Mind you, we got there at 9:00 a.m. for a concert that started at 6:00 though backup bands played all day.

This crazy ass day began my lifelong love of going to concerts. I’ve seen many a concert from the cheap seats. 

When my daughter asked for four Bon Jovi/Daughtry tickets for Christmas a few years back, I was thrilled, mostly because getting a teenager to provide a Christmas list is difficult in itself. She was over the moon even though they were just short of the “nose bleed” section. I was a bit concerned with the concert venue; the United Center is in a seedy part of town.

As the date approached, I became extremely hesitant to let young girls drive down to the stadium at night and park in a dark lot even with a pass. My excuse to go? I got online and bought two tickets thinking I’d drag a friend.

Entering the stadium, I pointed out the girls’ gate and headed a different direction entirely. Just as the concert was about to start, I got a text from my daughter. “Mom, where are you?” I replied, “Look towards the stage and I’ll stand on my chair.” The answer I got back was, “Mooooooom!!!!!!”

I don’t do the cheap seats anymore, darling! 


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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Timing is Everything

You know that great looking guy in college who ran around with your circle of friends and you hung out together yet never hooked up? Despite playful flirting and a wicked connection, the line was never crossed. I had a boyfriend and he, a girlfriend. We were friends, happy and graduating!

Pursuing dreams, everyone moved to the city. It was like old times again. He lived alone so if we happened by for an after party or a late movie, the girls would crash in his big king size bed. He would sleep on the couch.

This arrangement worked quite well until the first night we found ourselves alone, tipsy. We kissed and so began our smoochy sleepovers. Why so named? Nothing more ever happened. TRUTH!  We danced this two-step, taking the same number of steps forward as back, for five months.

Closing my eyes, I can recall the last one with vivid detail...

I reached up for his face looking into blue eyes. He gently grabbed my wrists saying, “This is it unless...” My first ultimatum and I balked. 

He took my hand and walked me home. From my window, I saw him standing there, hands in his pockets gazing down at the sidewalk. Could six years of friendship suddenly be over? Should we be together? It hurt badly.

Months later, arriving late to his Halloween party ridiculously dressed as a map of the city (he was a shower), my eyes almost pop out of my head when I see him. Who’s the cute girl he’s with? More importantly, why is he smiling that smile I knew so well? The picture became crystal clear. Devastated, I disappeared. I didn’t understand at the time, SHE was his future.

Suddenly its summertime in Chicago and, as a single chick, there was nothing more fun on a Saturday than riding bikes up to Wrigley Field and sitting in the bleachers. Bleacher seats were general admission so we selected our seats wisely, right next to a fine looking group of guys.  Without realizing, two fates would be sealed on that June day. 

We laughed until we cried all day long.

My eyes kept catching those of the really funny, athletic, dark haired guy. He was pretty drunk. Saying our goodbyes, “my type” asked for my number. Having an outstanding memory myself, I presented a challenged. If he remembered my number the next day, I would accept a date. We went over it several times to make sure.

The phone rang two days later. My smirking roommate turned, “It’s for you”. And so my love affair began.

It took just six months for my “friend” to come looking for me.

Throwing a NYE party at our place, we decided to mix our newest friends with some of our old buddies. Shake things up a bit. And HE came, too. Rumor said he was confused about his feelings. I imagine his stomach bottomed out, the way mine did, when he saw my arms wound tightly around my future. I saw it in his eyes.

We had a past full of memories but could never, at the same time, find a present or future including the other. I think we were both very surprised.

Author’s note: We each married our “future” the very next year. Both politely declined invitations to each other's wedding but sent gifts.

I didn’t sleep well last night thinking this through and had to shake my head a few times, while writing, to clear my brain because it has been a long, long time since this was at the forefront of my mind.

RemembeRED: The Past, Present and Future
This week we asked you to write about a moment when your past, your present, and/or your future clashed and the results. You were asked to bring us into the moment and let us experience it with you.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Where Do Hardback ‘Ho’s Go?

I’m not afraid to admit it.  Thank God they don’t throw us into the tank or burn us at the stake.

I’m a total ‘ho when it comes to buying books and only hardback will do. I have this uncontrollable urge to hold a weighty, leathery (yes, I take off the cover so I can feel it up), and fresh smelling book. If this sounds like a fetish, it is and it isn’t new; it started way back at a time when I had no money at all.  Food or a book? That’s when you started dialing for someone to take you to dinner!

I’ll also concede it’s an expensive habit but so are nice shoes. I’m kind of one of those ‘ho's too. Is this where I acknowledge the fact that I, quite possibly, cost a lot? Let’s chalk it up to there are pros and cons to everyone. I hope I have that scale balanced properly.

It’s been brought to my attention recently, YESTERDAY, that I have too many books. Who made you the “Clutter Cop” anyway? I’ve known I needed to sort through them but why not put off today what you can do…never.

Now, I’m left with the task of finding a proper home for upwards of 700 hardback books scattered all over my house. Apparently my bedroom, which houses 300 in random stacks all over, is no longer suitable. I told someone recently that I had a stack of 40 next to my bed. I do; that’s the gotta read pile with the exception of one. However, at issue may be the other 260ish in piles everywhere else up there. I suppose if you trip over them at night, it becomes dangerous.
Much to my hesitation, it’s time to sort the keepers and donate/give away the rest. Friends call me the “Book Fairy” as I’m never short of titles to recommend and most often, I have the book already. They know they can grab any one they’d like and, with some exceptions, they’re welcome to pass my books along without the worry of returning. I don’t often re-read a book.

I’m already prepared to donate one to a good cause and happy to send it off (“Confederacy of Dunces”…it's all yours).

You may get me to push my stacks around to a new spot but I will NEVER break up with! They love me and give me free shipping. I’m always “One-Click” away from having a new title arrive at my house in 2 days…makes my lust for leather very easy to satisfy.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

When The Cat's Away...Stream Of Consciousness Sunday

Sheesh!!!! Thank God the Cat went to play golf. This Mouse wants some time on her own.

As I’ve mentioned a zillion times, I’m a recent empty nester. Well, since this Fall, that is. It’s a marvelous, scary feeling at first.  You worry especially for the baby.

On the other hand, imagine all this free time to do what’s on the top of your list. For me it’s traveling, reading, writing, cooking, and spending time with friends. There’s virtually no laundry. Yippee! Most of all, I want to challenge my fitness level. Those are at the tippy top of a very long list.

During the week, it’s glorious. I do all those things (to the city counts as travel) and accept invitations for lunch, etc. I’ve got my world spinning just the way I like it.

Dun, dun, dun….Then comes the weekend and my role changes a bit. I feel like the ball of yarn the Cat plays with for 48 hours straight, or so it seems; imagine a one-person, personal entertainment committee. I used to have some help with the diversion, the kids for instance, and the Cat was thrilled to play with them as well. More importantly, I got a break.

For Pete’s sake, we don’t need to be joined at the hip every moment of the day!

So when the Cat asked me if I minded that he play golf on this gorgeous day, I think to myself…Can’t you feel my foot on your rear end giving you a little nudge?

I've got a busy day planned already!
 Stream of Consciousness SUNDAY
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Which Spring Break Would You Pick? My Last Few Hotel Stays

The weather is crummy, drizzly and gray. I could be napping or reading but decided nothing would put a spring in my step faster than writing about my last month on Spring Break. I won’t bore you with the whole month, just the last two weeks. It will be quick, simple and I’ll do it in pictures.

As an aside…
A guy friend came up to me at the gym this morning and informed me that we belong to the “Lucky Bastard’s Club” (LBC). “What the heck is that?” He went on to explain that we are fortunate to be living the dream and can do whatever we want since we don’t have kids at home. I’m sure he was talking about all his golf games so I agreed. It quickly came to mind that maybe I should start a “Lucky Bitches Club” and anyone could join…How about that?

As a member of the LBC, I recently had the amazing fortune to take two Spring Breaks (SB) to two wonderful islands and stay at one fab resort and one nice one.

The first SB was of the adult variety. We were two couples hanging out on the beach, relaxing, sipping Killer Bee’s at Sunshine’s and taking some adventures. Nothing could be better, IMO! We were carefree and mellow, a little too much so once, twice…okay maybe a few more times than that but we blame the Killer Bees. Our nine-day vacation looked like this.

Peaceful looking, right?

Sunshine’s on Pinney Beach, Home of the World Famous Killer Bees. Our favorite Rasta spot and the best sunset viewing…or maybe it was just a crazy fun place.

One night we helped with the beach bonfire at Sunshine’s. Probably wasn’t a great idea to let us near it but whatever, Mon!

Lazy afternoons were spent sipping rum punches or Caribes,

And every night included a gorgeous sunset.

Fast forward nine days and more than a few islands away, we met up with our freshman in college for his SB. Actually, he/we nixed his original SB plans, which included 10 pledge brothers in one room in Panama City, FL. It was never going to happen and he wised up fast when I dangled diving everyday in front of his nose.

After a diverted flight where he was fortunate to spend the day on a Dominican Republic tarmac and night in a roach infested hotel, by himself let mama add, he arrived to our spot in one solid piece and just one day late.

My vacation with him, aside from diving together everyday and sharing lovely dinners (he even asked me to dance once while a band was playing), looked more like this…

Due to his delay, he and his daddy only had one night together. Mom bowed out of boys’ night after the Cuban cigars were purchased. 

This is a picture from his dad’s camera! Why is a 30 year old woman dancing with MY 18 year old son on a bar? (Picture blurred for privacy but really because it’s a bad picture) Why is my son ON a bar? Dad??? They rolled in at 1:45am and were not quiet. I reminded my son that I would be tapping his shoulder in 5 hours for our two-tank dive.

He and I had spent only two days alone at this point (sorry you had to work, Dad) and he exclaimed, “There is no one at this place my age.” Hmmmm…Really? Maybe he was missing his other playmate or this one's not as fun because I don't smoke cigars. However, our room overlooked the pool and beach and I could see several kids just from the lanai. Being an extremely outgoing guy, he tells me he’s going to go down there and check things out. A few minutes later I walk down as well and he introduces me to three freshman girls from the University of Texas. Well, now. No one your age? Be quiet, mom!
That’s him on the dive boat the next morning. In the wee hours of the night, he ran up to our room, excited, and explained that he’d been trying to smooch (my word) one of these girls on the beach and that’s why he was late. TMI!!!

College SB finally caught up with my guy. I’m still recovering.

Even though I love spending time with my son, I’ll choose to stay at the other place, on the other island…the quiet one!
1.) Describe an outfit you LOVED wearing.
2.) Share your idea of the perfect Spring Break family vacation.
3.) A lie you told.
4.) Pinterest Challenge, find something you’ve pinned, TRY it and share it. Was it worth pinning?
5.) What was the occasion? Write about the last time you stayed in a hotel.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Me! How?

For your prompt this week, we are giving you the first 33 words of a story. You need to complete it with 33 of your own words.

“There’s nothing cute about it,” he said. The register of his voice indicated decision more so than discussion.

She disagreed heartily and privately, staring past his head and out the window behind him.

“You’ve never minded being teased. What’s changed?”
 “Me! How?”
 “Oh, now you’re going to ignore me?”

I nip your ear with my teeth.
Your smile always melts my heart.

"See, I haven't changed."

For The First Time

By Carly Simon
Thought I would add a link to this song because it was in my mind when I wrote the post below.
I can tell by the way you’re looking at me and I’m scared…so scared. It's so obvious what’s on your mind right this very minute. It’s been on your mind for over a month.

Your words tell me that we’ll do this together; that it’ll be the perfect night and you’ll take care of everything. We should be the ones. You’ve even picked out a spot?


This is way too much pressure.

I love you; you know that. I want you to be happy with me and you tell me it won’t matter what I decide to do.  If we go through with this, what comes next?  

We are sooooo young! Don’t you think so too?

I mouth “thank you” when you tell me, in front of my friends, that I look pretty. You’ve never been one to hand out the compliments so readily. Thinking about my dress makes me all the more nervous.  Why did I choose white? I feel stupid and obvious.

How will I make it past this night because my mind is so occupied right now? My only choice is to go through the motions. You ask me to just smile and dance with you.

No, I’m not hungry or mad. I’m just thinking.

You do look so incredibly handsome and you’re being so nice. We usually fight at dances, at least the last three. I can smell your cologne; you always wear Polo because you say it makes me kiss you. 

Please don’t run down the list again. I know who have…Tim and Leslie, Maggie and Bill, Bee and Tembo. It’s driving me crazy. I feel like there’s a giant weight pressing down extremely hard on my heart and my head. I’m getting a headache when we’re supposed to be dancing and laughing and having the time of our lives. We graduate next week!

How about we wait until graduation night? Of course, I know what you’ll say. “We’re not going to feel like it then. We’ll be with all of our friends.” I’m desperately trying to postpone this, something. Aren’t we too young?

Thank you for taking my hand as we walk away from the group towards the parking lot. Where ARE we going? The park? I know what spot you’re talking about now. I can’t believe you put a blanket in your trunk.

My eyes are closely watching your every move as you snap out the blanket and lay it out.  I’m shaking as you approach me. My eyes automatically fill with tears as you hug me tighter than you ever have and whisper what I need to hear.

I feel like I’m slipping. 
Slipping down a steep slope that will change me forever.  
Genesis, 1978

Hope comes in a jar. It floats. We wrote about hope in our memoirs this week, now let’s take it in a different direction. According to Dante, the gates of hell are inscribed “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.”
Let that inscription lead, but not necessarily define, your piece for Friday’s link-up.
500 words or less.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

When Bad is Good: Fifty Shades of Grey Review

“Fifty Shades of Grey” is the first book in the "Fifty Shades" trilogy. Please Google the title before you run out and purchase this book so you definitely know for what you’re paying (as a suggestion, you may want to buy it on your Kindle). That way, no one says, “You didn’t warn me!”

This Is Pure Erotica and Very Explicit!!! Consider yourself warned.

If you have an issue with very descriptive sexual situations, you may find yourself squirming in your seat. Then again, you will be squirming if you like this kind of stuff as well.

Before anything gets out of hand, please don’t come to any conclusions about me. Consider it taking one for the team so I could come back and tell you all about it. Besides, you aren’t going to get away with discussing sex without me!

So how did I come across this book? The New York Times did a huge article about it at the beginning of March while on vacation. What book could be receiving so much hype via the press and by jaw dropping word of mouth? 

My inquiring mind absolutely needed to know. I fumbled my iPad trying to download it so fast that I spilled my morning coffee and hardly paid attention to a server asking for my order while out for breakfast.  I was actually a little nervous for some strange reason. After I turned the first few pages, I was yanked from my beach chair and sucked into this deliciously demented other-world. "Beam me up, Scotty", please!

Instead of telling you the entire storyline, I’ll pass along how it made me feel because you won’t want me to give it up.  The element of surprise helps this story along. 

So here is a, oh so, very brief synopsis of the first book:

Anastasia Steele is an awkward recent college grad studying literature who falls for a young, wealthy business tycoon named Christian Grey. She very quickly discovers that he has certain extreme interests with regard to his sexual preferences.  I’ll give you a hint…think neckties (at a minimum). Yes, the buzzword here is bondage.

“Kinky fuckery”, the book’s words not mine, is not for everyone. However, I can’t imagine who wouldn’t want to read about hot sex even if it’s a bit twisted and unconventional. 

I cannot/will not say this is the best writing I have ever read because it isn’t, far from it. I don’t think that was the author’s intention either but to stimulate an entirely different creative area and it’s not the intellectual side. However, I grew very fond of Anastasia and Christian rather quickly and came to an understanding of their behavior; the motivation for their actions. I would be fibbing if I said I wasn’t utterly and completely drawn into their world (not sure what this says about me). I was cheering for their relationship to somehow succeed.

This book made me smirk, then laugh; drop my jaw to the floor and blush. I even blanched a time or two. It caused my heart to clench at the display of raw emotions by the main characters. My eyes welled with tears so many times and my heart broke a time or two. I had to tell myself to pull it together more than once.

What can be better than a book that takes you someplace where you’ve never been, haven’t been in a while or may want to go? I truly felt this story; that it could actually happen.

The book was picked up by a major movie studio a week or so ago so hurray for that!!! Another kinky movie had a similar buzz…“Nine ½ Weeks”. This book, if ever it were made into movie, would be WAY, WAY, WAAAY hotter and kinkier than that movie by a million miles. Without a doubt, it could easily get an NC-17 rating. I'll pre-order my ticket and attend the midnight screening.

If you are inclined to read “Fifty Shades of Grey” and don’t care for it, please don’t pass judgment. I do get the kinky stuff as it pertains to the storyline.

I am halfway through book #3 and I hear Christian calling my name but does he have a necktie in his hand? Hmmmmmm………..

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Good Clean Fight

This post was originally written for Trifecta Writing Challenge but because this topic has personal importance to me, I'm submitting it to Write On Edge Weekend Linkup as well. Music plays a huge part in my life and inspires me to do all sorts of things. However, it mostly inspires me to write. I was listening to these two songs (links below) while I wrote this post. 
The Beatles
Cat Stevens
One of the most important virtues I learned from my father was fairness, in actions, words and judgments. He never spelled it out, but his actions before us spoke volumes. Believe me, my brother and I had some good knock down, drag outs but somehow we were respectful (unless you count a little hair pulling or other things).

Dad taught us how to fight a clean fight.

I have a temper although it doesn’t rear its ugly head often, as my friends will attest and who've rarely seen me in a tizzy. On the other hand, my family would most definitely disagree. They think I fly off the handle, am unreasonable and make a big deal out of nothing. Says who?

You know the saying, “If mom’s not happy, nobody’s happy!” Quite true and more significantly, don’t mess with the enforcer here in Mayberry. In essence, don’t try me or you’ll be guaranteed a “fight”. Otherwise, I'm perfectly pleasant.

When I “fight”, I don’t ever name call or swear… directly at someone, that is (just kidding). It’s an unspoken rule in this house and always has been. There’s no “stupid”, “shut up”, “B*@#h”, “F*#k you”, etc. A word or two may slip out of my naughty mouth relating to the situation, an f-bomb for instance. It does, and most definitely under my breath, but I never wind up and throw a punch of that sort at them personally. That is definitely not a clean fight!

Clean fights don’t include cheap shots, either verbally or physically. That’s cowardly and something my kids learned outside this home through some hard knocks; sports and relationships included.

I’ve tried hard to impress upon them this life lesson through my actions and because I’m not perfect, some of my behavior gets thrown right back at me. How nice! I quickly apologize which is another good lesson.

So I pass this on to them. If you always fight a clean fight, you can hold your head high.

Clean; adjective

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

RememberRED: Hope

Were it not for hope the heart would break.
Scottish Proverb
Four friends would do anything to care for me if ever needed. With many others, that level of faith isn’t as strong. This is about one of my “four”.
With one ounce of my grumpiness, I immediately reflect on C. for whom I’d drop everything, especially when she doesn’t ask because I know what she’s not saying. Only a few do.
Her youngest son is getting married in June. Thank God. It’s become a source of stress because time is of the essence. M, her husband, our dear friend, is very sick; diagnosed on the eve of our two-week trip to Italy 2 1/2 years ago. Signs showed it hadn’t just arrived. Being brave yet confused, they told no one so as not to “ruin” our adventure.
Arranging courageous faces everyday for work and times we’re together, which is often, we’re all aware. We’ve googled it. Statistics are rough. Stem cell transplants and chemo haven’t caused remission. He feels crappier than crap constantly, which breaks our hearts. C feels powerless even as a highly experienced nurse. Her "three" feel it too.
Throwing some more crap on the “nothing’s about her” pile, her mother was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. Her eldest son has recurring brain tumors since 19, both currently receiving chemotherapy.
We can’t care for M but we do mind her. As her “people”, we attend to C’s wellbeing and happiness.
Girls CAN shop so off we went to the city for her MOG dress. C‘s usual cheeriness was absent and her heart wasn’t on Michigan Avenue but she needed this task done and dusted. Tossing her virtually naked body into a fitting room, we handed her every single dress in Neiman Marcus insisting, “Put this on!” Much to her protestations, luck struck with the very last and she looked stunning. Found... the perfect gown for a Malibu ranch wedding. (M even commended our stellar job!)
We "three" will forever be present to ease the mind of our incredibly giving, strong and caring friend. Seemingly insignificant, this weighed on her. We have learned to lean on each other.
Some things are miniscule in the grand scheme. The biggie is coming far too soon we fear, and she’s aware. Our hope is she'll have faith in us to care for her, ease her mind and provide her peace when that time arrives.

Corinthians 4:16-18
 Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.
This week, we want the (x) to be hope.
This is a piece about hope, illustrated through (y).
In 400 words or less, tell a true story about hope, illustrated through your experiences.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Just For Arnebya!!!

Frisky, the diapered monkey!

I told you!!!

I Hate Grumpy Days!

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a grumpy day. I actually can’t remember the last one. Not sure why it turned out to be today. Well, maybe I do.

I don’t do well with lack of sleep and I’ve been sleeping like crap since I got home late last week. I love my home; I love my bed but I hadn’t been in either for a very long time. The problem I’m having with both is that neither are on a beach or by the ocean. Post Vacation Stress Disorder?

Two weeks ago, I was here.
One week ago, I was here.

There’s got to be more to this funk.

I got stuck at home this morning, all morning, waiting for a service person to show up. You know those timeframes they give you? We'll be there between 8:00am and 12:00pm, Ma'am? I hate that! I usually make up something like “I’ll be at work. Will you call me? I can be home in 10 minutes.” (I actually do work less than 10 minutes away but I don’t usually use this approach on days I’m ACTUALLY working). Of course, the guy shows up on the back end of the timeframe. Rude! This forced bondage to my house causes me to stare at the things I have, should or don’t want to do (laundry, cleaning, and stuff everyone hates).

It was also raining this morning. Haven’t seen a drop in over a month and I had planned on my first outdoor ride, with a dear friend, since the fall. Had to cancel; really got me p-o'd. That’s another thing that gets me grumpy…missing a workout. I’m a morning or bust workout person. If it doesn’t happen before 11:00am, it’s not happening at all and then I just feel lazy and chubby. I know it...crazy me.

So how does Gina cure this crapola mood? Watching the sun peak out, I throw Addison into the car.
We roll down the windows, turn up the radio (Rascal Flatts playing on 99.5 US Country) and take to the road. Nothing like singing to my dog, rather loudly, to straighten out this attitude.

So she and I did the banking and we both got treats (biscuit and lollipop). We hit the market for something to make for dinner, and ran to the fruit store where we saw an old couple arguing in their native tongue, and two moms exasperated by their bickering kids…put a smile on my face and I don’t know why! 

I ran into The English Garden and bought myself some flowers, 
then Jennycakes for a carrot cupcake.

As soon as I got home, I downloaded some happy pictures from my trip and POOF!!!

Grumpy mood cured!