Friday, January 6, 2012

Check Out Time

When my husband walked in from work yesterday, he informed our college freshman that "check out" time at this hotel was 12:00pm, Saturday. The look on my son's face was shock, disbelief and PRICELESS. All he said was, "NO, really?".  Hubby said, "Really. We're leaving and locking up." "Come on, Dad!" He was planning on leaving Saturday but at his leisure, of course.

I'm laughing as I write this. The only hint that my hubby was kidding (sort of but not really) was the slight flaring of his nostrils when he tried not to smirk. Trademark giveaway if you know about it.

We are outta here at 12:01, the minute he walks out the door! The hotel is closing for the season.


  1. Does this hotel closing apply to school aged children?
    Or do I have to hire someone to lock them out for me?

  2. I think locking them out might be against the law or a problem for Department of Children's Services. You could try! House soooo quiet!

    Thanks for the visit.