Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Delayed Drum Roll, Please

So, it's probably not a good start to the New Year when I can't even get my resolutions committed to paper (or screen). I know I'm only writing them to myself but still! This is why I suck at resolutions every single year. 

I wish that New Year's resolutions would officially start on January 7th and I have several reasons why. First of all, I am not recovered enough from New Years Eve/Day, or the holidays in general, to begin working on myself on 1/1 so I shouldn't actually put the pressure on at all. Second, it's hard to start working on your own things when you still have a house full of people and you're constantly working on their stuff. My things become low priority as the kids pack up their belongings and CLEAN clothes to head back to Indiana. Lastly, I'm fearful that I will, yet again, fail at doing the most important things and need more time to give myself a pep talk and encouragement. Therefore, I procrastinate. It's all lame...I know it!

So a drum roll, pleeeeease.......
1. Pull out that Rosetta Stone program, Central American Spanish, and BEGIN. 
It was the big gift on my Christmas list four years ago and promised several important people I would return to them knowing conversational Spanish!

The back story is I have two Goddaughters and many, many young friends who live in an orphanage called the Hogar de Ninos, Nazareth in Comayagua, Honduras. I visit them for a week every year in June and have for the last eight years through an organization called All God's Children. I wanted to better communicate with them as they entered into their very critical teen years. I promised! They are all so incredibly bright. The children are enrolled in the best schools available in Comayagua and are learning English at a rapid rate, (speaking, reading and writing). Even the kindergardeners! So I'm, yet again, the lame one as the orphans outlearn their Godmother four years in a row! Not the way I planned it!

2. Eat and drink less!
What is less? I don't have an exact amount in mind. I just know that if I do both, I will drop the five to eight lbs. that have crept on over the last year.

3. Move my body, in some form or fashion, 6 days a week.
This, I started December 1st so it's the easiest so far.

4. Have more patience.

5. Talk to the Big Guy more often!
If I accomplish 4. and 5., I will certainly have more peace in my life and that is a huge desire.

Okay...Let's see how January rolls out. 

2., 3., 4., and 5., started yesterday, January 3rd. Now I just have to tackle 1. and it's been the toughest for me every year but it's a promise I intend to keep!


  1. Ambitious woman.

    Good for you, the world needs more people like you, those that stick to set the bar high. I prefer a bar set so I can just step over it.

    *inherently LAZY*

    Thank you for your kind, gracious comment today: made me smile.


  2. Yea!!! :-)

    The bar lowers inch by inch each day that passes. I hope to surprise myself this year but history has a habit of repeating for me.