Monday, January 23, 2012

I Can Hang With The Youngin's

As my post from yesterday mentioned, I have been away. I have been away working on mind, my body, my spirit. It's the fourth year in a row I've returned to this magical place to work on moi...a never ending process, you know!

My special place is somewhat remote allowing for peace and natural beauty to invade your insides. It connects it's guests with themselves as well as like minded people but only if one chooses. Women from all over the world travel here (two men this time) to eat healthy, exercise, try new things and, as a result, develop bonds with people they never imagined would come into their lives. Often, they arrive solo searching for something...whether it's inner peace, a connection with their mind and body or to purely get away from it all. This is a truly unique environment where any and all are welcome and encouragement is available by the buckets full. It's a "do as much as you want" supportive place.

The week begins with an opening circle. I've been down this road four times before so I know when looking at the 23 strangers before me there is no way in hell I will have ANYTHING in common with them. This never fails to be a false statement!

My general observation this time was, "Man, am I old!". I can be the old lady; I guess I'm okay with that. The mix of people was youthful, accomplished and astounding. We had three 50 year olds (me and my two campadres) and the rest were crazily successful 30-42 year olds (PR Execs, Ad Execs, two veterinarians, a doctor, a nurse practitioner, a 27 year accountant to the third wealthiest family in Canada, two famous actors*, best friends, etc.). Can you see where I'm going with this?

How does a fifty year old fit into this hot mess? Hence, the question I feared most was, "So what do you do?". I know it's my own insecurity because I'm between things right now. I've worked since I was fifteen doing a million things, mostly sales and marketing though. Right now, I'm trying to figure out my next step with my kids in college and taking time for myself. This became my answer...I'm retired FOR NOW! The youngin's accepted that.

What they really wanted to know from us older women, with a combined 77 years of marriage, was pure and simple. Is there someone out there for me? Will I find someone to share my life and dreams with? Am I getting too old for kids? I'm no expert but I know a little about this subject. We quickly became the counselors and suddenly had value of a different kind... a kind I never imagined for this week.

At closing circle, each of us spoke about what we got out of all the blood, sweat and tears during our 7 days in paradise. At the same time, acknowledging the week wouldn't have been the same if just one of the 24 was missing from the mix. We each offered something of value to the group. We created strong and some unlikely bonds. Then we went out to party!

What I reaffirmed last week is I have value and I'm enough for me even if I don't have a firm path or direction at the moment!

 (Our group at closing circle with two important friends missing*)

(Alexandra, a crazy and gorgeous greek woman who lives in Sweden holding a very important thought)

*All I will say about the actor and actress is that you have seen their work. What I took away from my week with them is THEY WERE NORMAL, ENGAGING, HARD WORKING PEOPLE with a smile always at the ready! Normal people looking for relationships and happiness just like us. They just happen to have a few job perks.  


  1. You hit the nail on the head.

    My therapist told me that years ago: and every year, it becomes more true, and more powerful.

    YOU are the one the validation needs to come from.

    IT"S YOU that must say I am enough.

    I am wonderfully made, uniquely made, and no one will ever be made like me.


    Awesome post.

    1. Thanks for the support Empress! I know it comes from within but, every now and then, I run into a situation of self doubt or discomfort. This started out one way and became another entirely. Should trust in myself.

      I love this quote...."Be yourself. Everyone else is taken." Oscar Wilde.

      I appreciate your encouragement.

  2. There is a lot to be said for life experience. It is invaluable and irreplaceable.

    1. I think some of the successful young people I met last week feel they're missing out on a big piece of life. I tried to explain I've lived 15-20 years longer so I've experienced more by way of relationships. I asked them to have patience. It hard for them I'm afraid.

  3. Sounds like a blissful experience! I hope you get to go for many years to come. (And I'm dying to know who the actor and actress are, even though I know perfectly well you can't tell us and that isn't the point.)

    1. When it's blissful, it is and usually between 1-4pm but when it's hard work it's muy hard! I do hope I get to go back several more times. The bonds I've made there are special. They are so young and sweet that I feel protective of them. If they were jerks I would have told you all about them right here! They both have stuff coming out soon (Look for her as the star of a new spring sitcom and him as a reoccurring role on a show that young adults are addicted to). They've got movies coming too but not as soon.

  4. I loved this post. My takeaway is that everyone has value and something to contribute, even if we can't see it right off the bat. What a wonderful thought to carry through the day! It's lovely and *validating*.

    1. Thanks for reading, Brandi. I was valued among all these accomplished younger people for my experience. Wouldn't trade that for the world.