Monday, January 2, 2012

I Am So Over It

I'm talking about the holidays and I'll tell myself, or you, why?

I am tired of eating all the time. I am tired of drinking all the time. I am tired of a wacky sleep schedule. I'm tired of how all of the above is making me very lethargic. I'm (a little) tired of a full house. I'm tired of everyone elses' schedule interfering with mine. I could easily go on but I've gotten the picture across to myself!

I have one more event tonight...Dinner down in the city then The Chicago Blackhawks game. My plan is moderation for the evening. I hope I can accomplish this.

Tomorrow, I:
* commit to paper (this blog) the same   resolution I have made the last four years,
* wire my jaw shut,
* give away all the wine in the house,
* move my ass,
* take my daughter back to school,
* take a Tylenol PM,
* sleep in the guest room to insure a quiet, snore-free night's rest.

On Wednesday, I should be a brand new human being or at least back to "pre-holiday square one"!

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