Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WWW.Wednesday: Books, Some Old and Some New

To play along, answer the following three questions:

What are you currently reading?

Steve Martin has always fascinated me. I loved Shopgirl, and his movies are a riot. I’m about halfway through this very enjoyable read.

What did you recently finish?

I liked most of this book very much. Some parts were a little too out there for me (maybe not realistic enough in a “this does/could happen” way). I love “out there” subject matter, but this “out there” wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. You have to read it because I don’t want to spoil it.

I listened to this, and I enjoyed doing so very much. This would have been a wonderful book to read as the prose was gorgeous, and sometimes philosophical in a way that made me wish I was reading so I could re-read phrases and sentences.

What will you read next?

I have wanted to read this book for a long time. And when I read a classic, I really like to hold an old, used paperback copy. That is precisely what I ordered (and it was less expensive, even with the shipping, than the Kindle version, and now I have it to hold. YUMMY!)


Thanks, as always, to Should Be Reading for providing a place to link up my favorite types of posts…BOOKS!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Generation Y

“How’s Caroline?”

“Haven’t seen her lately.”

Pulls out iPhone.

[tap, tap, tap}

“Chomps. 10th and Walnut.”

“How do you KNOW?”

“'Find My Friends' app. Lets me know where they are at all times.”

“Unless they leave their phone at home…”

“They wouldn’t.”


A Garblebuster answer to the question:

"Have you seen her much?"

Come check it out over at Yeah Write!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WWW.Wednesday: Book (In A Hurry!)

What have you recently finished?

One thing I love in books is when I discover the reason for it's title. I was completely satisfied by the premise behind this title!!! This is the quick review I wrote on Goodreads.

“The short story is a genre, which I have grown to like, almost love. This collection is most often hilarious, extremely refreshing and clever in an everyday basic kind of way. It's a little hard to explain, but to make it easier I will say I was thoroughly entertained from beginning to end. Each story was thought provoking in some way, even those that were three lines long, which there were a number of those. My only criticism is that some of the stories felt, to me, a little too tight. I wanted several to NOT be tied up so quickly and neatly. I think you'll know what I mean if you read it, and you should if you like standup comedy. It feels like that. Well, it should feel that way because it is written by one. Novak is also a writer, director, executive producer and actor on The Office (and I didn't even realize who he was when I watched the movie Saving Mr. Banks last week. Surprise!).

Some favorite stories are...I just went back to the Table of Contents. There are far too many to name individually (although I loved Missed Connection and Missed
Connections), but I will say that even the Acknowledgements at the very end of the book were clever and worth reading. I guess I'm not giving this book five stars because of the small criticism I mentioned above. Maybe I should go back and change that because I'm definitely experience the post book "glow"!!!”

What are you currently reading?

So far so great but I’m only 75 pages in. We shall see.

What will you read next?



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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Oh My, Starry Eyed Surprise"

(Blogger's Note: I wrote this for Yeah Write's new challenge, couldn't get the linkback to work, and by the time I came back to work on it, the grid was full! Oh, well! Next week!)

Foreheads touch then rock to nose tips.

Our breaths fog like mists of memory; 
wafting of dark chocolate.

Almost imperceptible shivers shoot 
from fingers to toes then back

As I will it.

Their softness sends me,

And all I see are stars.


This was written for Yeah Write’s inaugural Garblebuster!!!

42 words in response to the prompt:

What’s so amazing that keeps us stargazing?

Well, of course, it's a great kiss!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Trifecta: Paper Hearts

We’re taught to properly crease, deliberately trace, and carefully cut. Unfolded, mirror images wondrously appear reflecting its perfect completeness. When it tears, because it will, it doesn’t rip symmetrically. Someone always hurts more.


This was written for Trifecta’s final challenge (tears) using the following prompt:

“There's no topic, no word, just a free write. Go anywhere your mind wants to travel.  Take us there too.  Just make it count, leave your blood all over this page.  Thirty-three words exactly.  Of course.  We couldn't end it any other way.”

Thank you, Trifecta, for bringing all of us together. And thanks to everyone who’s spent even one minute reading the words I’ve written over the last two and a half years in connection with Trifecta, or otherwise. It means the world to me.

Friday, March 21, 2014

WWW.Wednesday: Books (Better Late Than Never) Read On Vacation

Thanks to Should Be Reading, as always, for hosting us readers!!!

What are you currently reading?

“From an actor, writer, and director of the hit TV comedy The Office (US version): a story collection that was "workshopped" at comedy clubs and bookstores on both coasts.”

I am thoroughly enjoying this book of short stories. Some of the stories are a page; some are ten or more. It is fun, funny, and very clever, but what would you expect from a comedian who writes for The Office?

What did you recently finish?

Wow! That’s what I have to say about this classic. It is beautifully written.

This is what I wrote about Quesadillas in my Goodreads review.

“When in Mexico...

This is a hard one (really/probably 3.5 stars as I further explain). It is hilarious almost all of the time, the laugh out loud kind, for me at least. It was fast and engaging and well written, BUT I just didn't "get" the last 5-10 pages (the ultimate ending). I mean I "got" it, just didn't care for the direction it took. It was weird for me; that's all I will say. If you read it or if you've read it, let me know what you think.”

What will you read next?

I have no idea but something from this stack(s).

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Courtesy of William Shakespeare

As Eve surely uttered,

I did at our beginning,

and mean now still.

For more than half a life,

As William wrote,

“I do love nothing in the world as I do you.”

(This week’s Trifecta challenge: Exactly 33 words and one of the must be a palindrome (a word or phrase that reads the same forwards and backwards).)

It’s my 25th anniversary and time has passed too frighteningly quickly. And through the highs and lows (because there were many), good times and those more challenging (and broke), there are a few choices I wish I’d made differently. This is not one of them.

I wasn’t going to participate this week because I have many other celebratory type things on my mind, but I couldn’t help myself. I will miss Trifecta more than my meager and ineloquent words here can express. I can’t recall how I stumbled upon them in January 2012, but I’ve never missed a Monday or Friday where I didn’t look for the prompt or read about the winners. Hats off to Lisa and Joules for creating the awesome place it is by bringing together some of the most talented, kind and respectful writers. They had a tough job and did it with great spirit. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!