Thursday, January 5, 2012

How Can They Do It and I Can't?

I'm talking about sleep! I've been reminded every day since the kids arrived home for the holidays. 

Shortly after they get up, I begin my struggle to stay awake. I certainly understand that college kids stay up WELL past midnight on a regular basis so their sleep clocks are different than mine. I want/need a nap at almost the precise time they wake!

I guess I'm really bitching about sleep quality. How can they stay fast asleep for 12+ straight hours then be difficult to wake up, while I can't fall asleep, stay asleep (potty breaks) and wake up every day at the crack of dawn? While I'm at does my husband's snoring not wake him up? It's truly driving me insane. At times it feels like some kind of torture. Weren't prisoners sleep deprived to divulge information?

Halfway through break I thought I'd try a little something to promote family unity, at least from a timing standpoint. I began waking them at 10:00am. I didn't want them to feel like they were sleeping the day away, at least their mornings. Also, I wanted to see them and maybe plan some fun things to do because they would be leaving me again so soon. 

Well, now I'm lying. I was behaving out of jealousy! What a spiteful mom I am!

I can report that "wake ups" worked for a few days. We actually did some things during the daylight hours. However, it eventually became obvious that this wouldn't work long term or even the two more weeks they'd be home. They became crabby because they were still staying up late while waking up early. I was crabby because I still wasn't sleeping. 

In the end, somethings can't be changed or, at least, I failed to change them. I'm still jealous they can sleep and pissed because I can't.

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