Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Living on the Sandy Side of the Road

So I do owe an explanation to my blog as to why I didn't put fingers to keys for more than a week. The best way to describe it is I was living on the sandy side of the road! 

I know this sounds simplistic but it's true and valid. The sand was to blame for the many reasons I will lay out right here through pictures and words (I would really like to be laying out on that beach).

Amansala is smack dab on a gorgeous beach in Tulum, Mexico. It looks like this...
Each morning, I would walk through the sand, IPad in hand, to the main restaurant/meeting place, pour a steaming cup of Mexican coffee, pull up a chair at my quiet spot and begin to think.
Well, wouldn't you know? I began to daydream...just let my mind peacefully wander......until I had to do this!
Hard to see but it goes something like this beginning at 7am...Beach Walk, Lean Legs Blast, Breakfast, Kickboxing, Lunch, Spa and Beach Time, Sweatfest, Yoga, Dinner

So, after daydreaming the early mornings away and sweating my ass off before lunch, beach time became the most realistic period to write...NOT! The WiFi constantly got blown out by the wind at precisely the moment I struck my first key, 3G was a joke in such a remote area and all I felt like doing was exactly what my compadre is doing right here...
After a yummy dinner, I was toast...not a brain cell functioning, couldn't even muster the energy to read.

There you have it...my excuses. The cards were stacked against me, my IPad and my blog. It wasn't meant to be because the cycle continued for 7 days.

(Sunrise the last morning with some of my new friends)

This magical place called Amansala feeds the mind, body and soul to the point of exhaustion but in a good way. The bonds I've created over the years with the staff and year-to-year with fellow bootcampers will remain near and dear to my heart. Someone from above was letting me know what was more important this particular week of my life. I thank Him for that!

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