Saturday, January 14, 2012

Packing It In

I'm not packing it all in. It won't fit. I mean in my day and in my suitcase as I prepare to leave this icy cold tundra for a glorious beach and adventure!

I packed in a sweaty session first thing this morning. Before someone thinks I mean one thing, I meant an hour spin class, my favorite type of exercise hands down. "Paying the piper", which is what my friend Susie and I call it when we travel partnerless, will come later today. Another friend calls it leaving a memory. In any case, one must always properly thank your vacation sponsor!

Bathing suits, check. Personal grooming for said bathing suit, check (OUCH!). Yoga pants and workout clothes, check. Flashlight, Kindle, Two bottles of fine red wine, check, check, and triple check! Toiletries, got'em.

Hair dryer and make up...nope. Not that kind of place. Amansala is an au naturale, eco-friendly place. I don't mean it's a nudist retreat but being smack on the beach means that the power and plumbing systems are pretty fragile (don't flush the paper). Also, who would we be wearing makeup for anyway.

Shoot...flight check in, passport, chargers, cash!

That's about all I need.

The only things left to that piper and head to the city for a Chicago Bulls game and close the suitcase!

I better get going.

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