Friday, January 13, 2012

This Can Get REALLY Intimidating!

The more I follow favorite blogs, read all their wonderful posts, and follow link to link to other people's writings like a labrador on a scent, I get exponentially more intimidated. It amazes me how the blog community is so interconnected and know each other. How can so many people be incredibly engaging, creative, and fresh all the time? You are all so fabulous and here I am just starting out feeling amateurish. It's me, I know. It takes time to develop.

This began as a challenge to myself... maybe out of boredom or a desire to release the jumbles in my brain (sanity prescription) or just simply to engage with how I feel. Even a more basic thing...I do love to write.

It has rapidly and unexpectedly become something so much bigger. Every blogger must have felt this at one point or another. It is almost discouraging and a little depressing especially for someone who is just starting to write out thoughts and feelings, looking for inspiration around every corner. What happens if there's nothing to write about?

I will keep reading blogs because I enjoy them. I will keep writing here because I love it. Daily, I have an urge to redesign and rearrange to the point of becoming obsessive. As each day passes, I hope my self-confidence builds.

Next week will be a challenge for me as I hit the beach in Tulum and try to write on an IPad (not the easiest). Keep it short and simple, Stupid! Maybe it will be a pictorial of my week at Bikini Bootcamp, who knows. That would be very interesting.

(Miel, Spanish for honey, on the Amansala beach in Tulum)


  1. I can't get enough time on the beach. Love it, just love it. The sounds of the surf are soothing.

  2. It's an amazing place on one of the most beautiful beaches in the me! Eco-friendly, fantastic people and just the right mix of hard work and relaxation all rolled into a great vacation. I just want to scream with excitement and get out of the cold! Tomorrow.

  3. I'm glad that you made a comment on my blog so that I could come over and say hi. I've had my blog for about a year now. I started with one blog- closed it and have a new three month old blog . Its can be a bit intimidating....your right, but more rewarding then anything else.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Jen. I'm kinda getting into a groove now. I need to write for me in order to dump all the stuff out. Thanks for the encouragement!