Monday, January 30, 2012

Yesterday I Was Desperate...Today I'm Obsessed!

I am overly obsessed with Romeo of the famed and fated couple in Shakespeare's classic story but not because of the Bard. Maybe that's why I chose yesterday to write about a longingly desperate relationship I carried on for so many years (lots of other things I could have come up with for the love story prompt). Romance, insane love on the brain, it makes sense to me today because I CAN NOT tear myself away from this book. I didn't even want to write today because it would intrude on my afternoon delight with "my guy". Okay, not to creep you out, I'm just reading, I promise! Plus, I'm temporarily retired so I have some time.

When my kids were young, we watched Beauty and the Beast about a gazillion times, over and over and over again. (Mulan was the second most watched Disney video) I mention this because I've always been a little bit like Belle, nose always in a book. A book goes with me everywhere, tucked on my person at all times. I've run into things because I'm walking and reading. Most people run into things texting; drives me nuts! Maybe I piss them off too? 

About me and books...It's sort of how my love life always was...feast or famine. Either I have one and I won't do anything else unless I absolutely have to, I'm in search of one or I'm not interested in anything at all. I have a book fairy that I contact for my times of total desperation (this time for titles) and she's never failed me. She is the one who turned me on to Juliet by Anne Fortier *.

Today I'm infatuated with Romeo, and Juliet too, for that matter and next week I'll dump him and have someone or something new to consume my mind. It's like a revolving door for me, the people that come in and out of my life of a purely fictional nature. In reality, everyone else sticks around...friends, family, lover, etc. This is how I get my variety, I suppose.

I'm not one who's easily distracted but I do willingly dive head first into something if it's worthy. So far, some 250 pages into this book, it's definitely worthy.

* Guys, this is a historical fiction of sorts, and somewhat of a chick lit book. Read at your own risk because it's not a super manly version in my opinion! You will learn a lot about the premise of the story, the times, the city of Siena (one of my favorites)......


  1. Well if it is not super manly I'll make a point of holding onto a drill or hammer while reading it. Can't have the boys pull my man card. ;)

    1. You are very funny...Just wanted to make sure that a guy knew what he was getting into before he spent the cash on the goods.