Friday, January 27, 2012

I Realized Today...I Might Be a Bit Superficial?

It occurred to me today as Vilma and I were talking about what color I wanted my nails this time. Let's see, I've had them all shades of dark since September so maybe I should go back to sheer. WHAT??? My nails have been a color for the last four and a half months? It's not a huge deal but when did I care so much about painted nails?

I can claim I'm treating myself like a pat on the back for successfully ushering my kids off to college. Apparently, I'm not concerned with two out-of-state tuitions or other such expenses. Wonder how my husband would feel about that?

I suppose I can justify it as follows:

I'm not a Starbuck's freak (not meant as an insult) so I save $4.50 a day on beverages. If I multiply that by 7 days, that's a total of $31.50 a week. Actually, I don't even know how much an average Starbuck's latte costs but I know my friend Sue pays a lot for her drinks. My nails are only $25 plus I tip Vilma $5. I'm ahead of Sue by $1.50 on the week!

So, what is it about the shiny, glossiness that I'm currently crazy about? I haven't a clue! I don't even want to get started with my toes which haven't seen a naked day in God knows how long! Years?

It's a very weird feeling for me to realize this; someone who never cared about it in the past unless it was for some fancy shmancy occasion. When WAS the last shmancy thing?

Okay. I have to get back to Juliet (by Anne Fortier) while my nails dry. It looks like I'm taking the whole afternoon off!


  1. Hi, thanks for popping by today, nice to meet you. I love dark colours too but let it ride in the winter when they're covered with very ugly UGGS.

    1. Thanks for reading about my current weakness. It's a thing for me even in the cold Chicago winter as I'm a bare footed girl. Would bypass the fingernails waaay before the toes. Glad I'm notbchoosing at the moment!

  2. My toes are always polished, my fingers- not so much! I can't seem to keep my hands out of water or the polish on.