Friday, May 11, 2012

Buying Presents, My Way: One For You and One For Me!

On days like today, I have to make a choice. Will I write about something “happy” or will I succumb to the sadness and write about that?

It is a tough decision today because it’s really weighing on my mind as I’m sitting at the computer with someone agitated and in discomfort constantly by my side.

Decision made, at least for today….

I wouldn’t consider myself a shopper. Shopping is not a hobby for me. I do not browse; I don’t enjoy browsing. I consider myself a buyer. Plus, I'm one of the fastest internet shoppers on this planet (I have my VISA number memorized for such clutch times)

I usually have a pretty good idea in my mind of what I want so I just go out and get it. Purchasing is really that simple for me. (The only thing I may give more time to is contemplating a pair of kick ass shoes.) Otherwise, it’s “wrap it up.” Done and dusted in ten minutes flat.

In my opinion, I’m a very good gift giver. I put a lot of thought into what someone might want. But putting that much thought into something makes me want it too. Therefore, I regularly come home with two of something. You know, a “one for you, one for me” sort of thing.

This philosophy of shopping/buying gets me in some hot water at certain times of the year. For instance, at Christmas, it’s not unusual at all for a gift(s) to be wrapped under the tree labeled “TO: Mom, FROM: Santa”. Oh, and you got one too. How interesting! I’m out shopping for others and I can’t help seeing things that I might like to have as well. It’s almost irresistible.

So this morning, I was out purchasing gifts for my mom for her big day on Sunday. I know what she likes so I run into town and get her a gift certificate for a 90 minute massage with Agnes. I saw Agnes recently while getting a massage myself. She reminded me that she hadn’t seen my mother in a while. Bingo! Perfect gift idea.

My mom also loves the flower shop by my house. So, I popped in there and got her a gorgeous orchid (coincidentally my favorite flower). She will just love it!

Hence the problem I may have to explain at a later date (or when the VISA bill arrives). Why are there two charges for massages and two for expensive flowers?

I’m creative. I have a month to figure out my story but it’s a known fact in my family that Mom can’t help but buy one for her too.


loverofwords said...

I think good gift giving is genetic. You tune into the other person and get inspired. Getting the perfect gift for someone is a pleasure. American men are generally not good at gift giving. Happy Mother's Day to you and your Mom.

About Last Weekend said...

Oh I love your shopping philosophy and your efficiency - always better to buy of the goodness that is out there!

Gina said...

I definitely inherited it from my mom. She's really good!

I much prefer giving over receiving. Giving the perfect gift (accompanied by a letter, hand written, for close people) really excites me. I may be a bit of an awkward receiver. I love anything that anyone c
Has taken the time to choose for me.

Have a happy Mother's Day as well!,,

Gina said...

I do a fairly decent job stimulating the economy at certain times of the year and with my shoe addiction. Other than that, I don't cost all that much (IMO, of course).

Unknown said...

Hey I totally get this! Mom needs the company of her beloved daughter when she gets her massage right??

Gina said...

I will even throw in a nice lunch to sweeten the deal!