Wednesday, May 9, 2012

An “Hour Shower”

A quick nod to Maurice Sendak:

 “And now somewhere beautiful where fantasy and reality are one, I think the wild rumpus has begun…” Where the Wild Things Are…One of my favorite books.

We are invited to a young couple’s “Hour Shower” which means each couple attending is given an hour that their gift should reflect.

WE were given 1:00am.

Imagine a conversation between a husband and wife, who have been married a pretty long time (23 years), about the kind of gift appropriate for that hour of day.

Husband: Well, it’ll definitely have something to do with sex, don’t you think?

Wife: Now, why would that be?

H: Because they’re newlyweds. Everything is about that. And what else would they be doing at 1:00am?

W:  Welllllll… They’d probably still be out with their friends. Maybe they’re watching a movie or TV. OR how about, they’re asleep!!!!

H: Doubt it.

W: Oh. Come. On! Why is it always about that?

H: Because it’s true!

W: We aren’t getting them his and her lingerie. We can’t get them anything having to do with S#X either. That’s totally inappropriate.

H: Well, how about a bottle of tequila and some glasses. (Smirk)

W: Absolutely not! That’s way too tacky and also not appropriate. Who are you? 

H: That’s what I’d want or something fun like that.  You know about tequila? It makes clothes fall off.  I know that for a fact.

I rolled my eyes and ran my fingers through my hair giving a good hard tug. Sometimes you’re an enigma to me. (Or quite possibly just a healthy, red-blooded man?)

W: To be newlyweds again….

H: I know.

Gift suggestions are encouraged and appreciated!

enig·ma noun \i-ˈnig-mə, e-\

1: an obscure speech or writing
2: something hard to understand or explain
3: an inscrutable or mysterious person


Annabelle said...

That's hilarious. Is this a shower that goes all the way around the clock? What on earth do you get people that represents, say, 3 am? At least at 1 am you could conceivably be awake and not engaged in anything nefarious.

Gina said...

It does go all the way around the clock so it should be VERY interesting to see what they get. Yes, you could be and probably are awake at 1am but I'm calling 2-7 definitely real sleep time. I'm thinking a collection of my favorite, some old/some new romantic movies. I would love it. Who wouldn't?

The Gal Herself said...

I've never heard of the "hour shower" idea but it's inspired. And I love the comfortable banter between a pair of "old timers" considering the hot lives of newlyweds. It sounded familiar and comfortable, and I mean that in a good way!

Gina said...

Thanks, Gal! After that long, you're more than comfortable and all too familiar but can still remember the newlywed stage (with some envy).

Kenya G. Johnson said...

I never EVER heard of an hour shower. Your husband is SO typical. Just so happen I'm having a bottle Margarita. I don't know how much Tequila is in it but MY husband was excited that I was have a "drink" tonight. I don't him don't get to excited, "I'm sleepy not the H word." Anyway newlyweds at 1am. Hmmmmm. Okay I gave it 60 seconds. I have no idea. If I have an appropriate thought I'll come back and share it ;-)

According to Mags... said...

OK, Gina. Don't shoot me. I agree with the "fun sex" thing. How about some lotions for back rubs or bubble bath with champagne? 1:00AM before times indeed. :P

Gina said...

You are too funny! "not the H word" is a hysterical!

Gina said...

I totally agree but agreeing at that moment would have takes things in a different direction and I wanted to give this some real thought. There is a huge age disparity of the guests at this thing so I didn't want to get too raunchy.

I LOVE the idea of massage lotions because who wouldn't love those?!!! Bubble baths with champagne...awesome (I think that's it)! Before kids...exactly! Thanks for the reminders and much more elegant than tequila shots no matter the outcome of those!!!

Jester Queen said...

Yeah, you'd have to know them in the right context for the sex gift to be appropriate. Are they students? You could give them a combination of "get some sleep" "stay awake and study" gifts. An amazon gift certificate is almost certainly not what you want, but maybe SOME kind of gift certificate "for when you're wide awake browsing the net at 1AM". Hmmm ... Are they registered? Something from their registry relating to bed or sleep? AH! Got it. Get them something with a really awesome Chinese theme. Why? Because when it's 1AM here, it's 1PM somewhere in China. So, this is what they would be doing at 1AM US time if they were in China.

Anonymous said...

"Tequila makes clothes fall off" - I heard that in a song, so it musst be true :) I had to laugh out loud because my hubby would be a lot like yours on this one. Everything after dark, or in the morning....or anytime during the day makes him think of it.

I like Mags' idea - it's a classy choice.

Unknown said...

I have never heard of an hour shower! Love the conversation between you and your husband. Sweet and sassy and sentimental. You have to let us know how this goes!

Jennifer Worrell said...

Hour Shower? How COOL! I agree with the whole sexual thing Mel/Mags said--I'm all about the bubble bath. However, I'm more of a rum girl. Always been more effective for me in that department:) Happy shopping! Great story, too:)

Gina said...

They're both graduated and out in the working world. There are three generations of people attending. I'm sure some of us sassy ones got the hours during the night. They're probably registered but this is a couple from the hubby's "side of life" that I don't know all that well which makes it harder. (here's a secret...I'm not looking forward to going)

Love the Chinese idea. We could go a lot of ways with that one.

Gina said...

I would say that at times it must be true and if they sing a song about it then it must be "fact" ;-)

EVERYTHING! Night, day, morning, afternoon, all around the clock. And just about every topic. Nothing's safe. Sheesh!!!

Thanks for chiming in on this one.

Gina said...

Oh, sassy always. Usually sweet. Often sentimental.

I will have to give an update on this because I'm just fascinated what the hours between 12-7 will entail.

Gina said...

Hahaha. Too funny, Jennifer. Rum, for me... not so much.

Bubble bath and champagne and some really cool music. Now I'm totally liking this idea. Could be the right thing (I'd like it). Thanks.

Libby said...

I've never heard of an hour shower - cool concept.

Your dialog is really natural-sounding and well done.

Hmmm...what I would like is really nice pillows...possibly that is because I am kinda, sorta old ;/ On the other hand, everybody sleeps!

StephanieC said...

Maybe some cab vouchers and a glow in the dark house key for when they are making their way home after the bar?

Just kidding, those are terrible ideas. lol.

Very cute. I would have to think anything between 12 and 4 would involve alcohol...

Gina said...

Thanks, Libby. It comes rather naturally when it actually happens that way.

I have a pillow obsession which I'm okay with, BTW. Pretty picky in that regard! I should see if they might be registered for some.

Gina said...

Pure brilliance and I'll tell you why!!! When we were newlyweds and for several years thereafter, we lived in the city (Chicago). You either hoofed it or cabbed it late at night (which depended on funds available). We've spent many nights in the wee hours giggling hysterically while taking turns trying to see the, very small at the time, key hole.

I guess that was my husband's point too but we've grown out of that stage :-(.

Trifecta said...

An hour shower? That's interesting. I have zero suggestions for you. 1 am around here is reserved for sleeping. Or for dealing with monsters and nightmares. Thanks for linking up and teaching us something new this week. Love the tequila idea. I kind of want to say to go with it. :-)

Gina said...

Yep, 1am around here is different too. I'm usually reading and wishing to be sleeping. Thanks for agreeing with the funny guy. He would be happy he got a vote or two.

Arnebya said...

I am laughing so very hard b/c for some reason, as I read this I thought, "Gina doesn't wanna go for real." I don't know why, so that makes it even funnier. Also, I have zero ideas and I'm w/the majority of never having heard of an hour shower but damn it's a cool concept.

I asked my husband what an appropriate newlywed gift for the 1 a.m. hour would be. He said liquor (insert eye roll). To his defense, though, he said we're 10 years in and most nights 1 a.m. does find us still sipping the tequila/vodka, so it does make sense (it just seems tacky to be so outright w/it). I love the massage oils and cab voucher ideas though.

Gina said...

You hit the nail on the head and it's so funny that you read it that way's true. There are several, if not more than that, reasons "Gina doesn't wanna go for real". It's in a few weekends (beg. of June) so there is still time for me to be creative and come up with an awesome reason why I can't attend.

1am doesn't find us doing anything of the sort. It finds me reading and someone else, most probably, snoring but definitely sleeping. It's the difference between a night owl and an early bird, for sure!!!!