Monday, May 21, 2012

My Technique for Improving A Melancholy Monday

I’m not a fan of "Mundane" Mondays.

I love my weekends. Doesn’t everyone?

Monday mornings, we all go back to our daily routines and grind out another week until…YIPPEE…it’s Friday again.

There are three things capable of providing me with an attitude adjustment for days like "Monday". One actually has science behind it and the others…I’m calling some sort of science behind them, too.

Exercise, Treats, and A Lovely Chat.

Exercise and Chat. Check and Check!

Now for the treat. My usual “go to” for these days is a cupcake. But today, I felt like a major shift was needed so I headed to The Standard Market, my local place. I knew exactly the case I would beeline for, the frozen one.

Here it is! It makes me happy just looking at it!


These are some of the flavors I’ve tried:

Askinoisie Dark Milk Chocolate
Roxbury Road
Queen City Cayenne
Pistachio and Honey
Backyard Mint
Hummingbird Cake
Brown Butter Almond Brittle
Blueberry Crisp
Salty Caramel
Dark Chocolate
The Milkiest Chocolate In The World
Ugandan Vanilla Bean

I chose two and served up a BIG bowl for lunch.

Guilty pleasure.

Hit the spot.

Changed the direction of my day!

Simple things.

Which flavor(s) would you pick?

*This ice cream is made by Jeni Britton Bauer of Jeni’s Ice Cream. If you ever come across it at your market, get after it!!!


TMWHickman said...

Salty caramel and vanilla bean, please.

What a yummy way to change your attitude on a Monday!

Gina said...

My "most" favorites are The Milkiest Chocolate In The World and Salty Caramel. Side by side!

I think I will have a double scoop again tonight!

a.eye said...

I love any Heath ice cream!!

There have been days when I ate ice cream for dinner because that was what I craved!

Gina said...

It has replaced all three, for me, at one time or another. Mixing my two today may be Heath-like for you! YUM!

Arnebya said...

I might try the blueberry crisp, but for the most part, I'm a plain old Neopolitan girl. I know, I know.

Gina said...

Girl! You gotta spice it up ;-)

But who doesn't like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla all together. I get it!

Ed Pilolla said...

are you kidding me? fresh from chicago, i got my accent going:)
pistachio and honey, backyard mint and hummingbird cake. i have to stop there or i won't stop at all. they sound so good...

Gina said...

You're funny! Have you retained your accent? I don't believe I have one AT ALL, but we Chicagoans never do, do we?

Tell me about it. They're all DA BOMB! Backyard Mint is right up there and pistachio and honey is an acquired taste but still yummy. I can't start either or I'll be right into my freezer!!!