Thursday, May 31, 2012

Earth to Clothing Designers

I spent part of my afternoon today searching for the perfect dress to wear to a wedding in California in a few weekends. Very exciting in theory….

I tried on at least twenty dresses. No really, 20!!! If you’re going to strip down in a dressing room under God awful fluorescent lights, you might as well keep them coming. Something’s going to stick, right?

I have a few observations about the “trying on” experience:

-       Rachel Zoe- Make your stuff bigger.
-       Designers in general- When your tag says size 6 (or 8, or 10, or 12, or 14, or 2), why doesn’t it fit someone of that size?
-       Regular women, normally shaped women, any woman needs to fit TWO of everything in your apparel item. That means two arms, two legs, two shoulders, and two boobs (1.5 doesn't really work...well...). We won’t/can’t buy it if you accommodate only ONE of any of these things. Period!
-       More than 50% of the dresses are as short as Britney Spears might have worn five years ago and I’m sure you can figure out what I’m talking about.
-       Stuff always looks better on the hanger especially when the first one you see is a Size 2.

Even with the odds stacked against me, and after trying on just about everything in my size and taste, I did find a really fun, elegant and “on sale” dress.

The very best part…

I found gorgeous shoes that go perfectly (why can’t clothes be more like shoes?). I’m not one to be matchy, matchy (and they don’t) but these stilettos are tied in just enough to call attention all on their own.

How can someone ADORE shoes so much? I don’t have an answer and answers aren’t always important, are they?

Just wish the whole clothes trying on experience was a tiny bit easier!

AND, I don’t care for getting locked out of my fitting room every time I go to show someone what I have on? Pain in the rear, really!


TMWHickman said...

I know what you mean about the sizes. The average size of women is 14, but they keep making dresses tinier and tinier! Shorter, too!

Gina said...

It's ridiculous, really! I couldn't BELIEVE the length of some. I met a friend at the store and we came out of the dressing room at the same time with incredibly short dresses on as a joke and said, "Who do you want to be Lindsay or Britney?" What an experience, for sure! Glad it's done!

But SHOES!!!!!!!!

a.eye said...

I have to go to a reception for my sister's completed residency in a few weeks. Yesterday, I realized that I need a new dress. I am dreading trying to find one for the reasons you mention here.

Gina said...

My theory...suck it up, strip down and try on absolutely everything. Something always works. Congrats to your sister!

a.eye said...

That is what I will have to do, even though I don't like the tightness of the dressing rooms... oh well. Must. Find. Dress.

Gina said...

For me...It's...

Must. Wire. Jaws.

If this continues, the dress I bought will NOT fit and if it does, not the way I'd like!