Friday, May 18, 2012

Pet Peeve Rant: Only Wasting Five Minutes On This!

I don’t consider myself to be one who is easily annoyed. But I do get that way when I experience one of three things.

My pet peeves.

Sure I have little ones that I can usually just flick off without much trouble but it’s these three that get under my skin big time and cause me to pause or scream. I hate it.

Today, I’m experiencing one that is causing me to pause, be uncomfortable, slightly nervous and a little bit anxious.

Have you ever sensed that a friend is mad at you or upset with something and you have absolutely no idea why? Your attempts to communicate, reach out to them, are met with silence.

It’s happening to me this week. One of my girlfriends that I haven’t spoken with in a while is completely ignoring me. With most of my friends, I wouldn’t give this one second of thought knowing everyone is busy with their own “stuff” and their lack of communication is not in the least bit personal.

So here is where I tell you one of my BIGGEST pet peeves that irks the heck out of me, passive/aggressive people. I cannot read your mind. I don’t know why you would be upset with me because I haven’t really spoken to you in a while.

Or is that it? I haven’t given you much attention over the last few months. If you needed something, my time or attention, would you please just tell me so? Don’t ignore me. Don’t refuse to respond. I find that, in and of itself, rude and unfriendly-like behavior.

I got your point, I think. You’re bent out of shape with me for some reason.  I can read into it enough to assume this is the case. That is exactly what I don’t like doing. I don’t like to assume one single thing. I want to know.

Do I call you again tomorrow and make you tell me what the problem is or do I let it ride until I see you over Memorial Day weekend?

God, I hate thinking about this kind of stuff. Total waste of time I could be wasting doing something I really like to do. Instead, I’m bitching about it on my blog!

Some people just have to get over themselves.

Rant over. Damn that took me 10 minutes! 10 minutes I can’t get back now!!!


Winnie said...

I found your blog from A.Eye's shout out. I enjoyed your post. Had the same thing happen to me last Mon with a co-worker I consider a friend. After weird looks and no talking I asked if her there was a "problem".. She just looked at me and said nothing. I was upset all weekend over this stupid thing..Guess what? This Monday, it was like nothing went on. I am still upset by it as I always thought if you ask as question, or if you have a problem with someone, just be straight. I think I know the issue (It is work related and she isn't happy with something I need to do...but it isn't school and I was instructed to act by my boss..) Oh well. Try not to let it ruin your mood this weekend.. Love your writing style.

Unknown said...

Don't you just want to kick her ass? But I bet writing about it made you feel better even if you wasted 10 whole minutes of this beautiful day!!!

I hate that behavior too- it's SO middle school! She'll get over whatever is up her butt, just ignore her.

Arnebya said...

It's hard. You want to be thoughtful about the person's feelings and whatever it is you may have done (or whatever she has perceived you've done), but then you get to the point where I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS SHIT. I love you, you are my friend, but it hurts my mind to come up with so many different scenarios as to why you are ignoring me. Just tell me, let's talk, then have some damn tequila. How hard is that?

Gina said...

Hi Winnie,

I am so happy you came to visit me. I usually write about much lighter things but I was very unhappy this morning...not like me at all!

You are right. It's ridiculous. Just be straight. That's all I ask.

My weekend will go without a hitch. It takes a bit more than that to ruin my beloved weekends.

Hope to see you back soon and I will come over to visit you, for sure!


Gina said...

I couldn't kick her ass (well I could physically), but she is a needy gal. I have been there for her for years. She's one of those types that's high maintenance. You just have to listen without nary an inquiry as to what's going on in your life. You know what? Thank goodness I have really good listening skills because she is a true test.

I know, ten minutes out of my day is not a big deal but any time spent on such nonsense just chaps my rear end! It is juvenile and I'm sure it will all come out next weekend when I see her...UNLESS she pretends like it's been nothing. Then I'll go along with that because I KNOW when I've done something and when I haven't. I have a really trusty conscience!!!

Gina said...


You have the same approach to problem solving as me. Come on! Let's just talk this through, move on and sip some tequila (she loves it btw), or wine. "How hard is that?" Some people make relationships difficult. The good/right ones are EASY, People!!!!!

TMWHickman said...

I have to deal with this all the freakin' time, and I finally just decided that if the other person won't tell me why they are mad, then that is not MY problem, it is THEIR problem. We can't do anything about what we don't know anything about. That took a huge load off of my shoulders. Hang in there, and I hope that everything works out!

Gina said...

Well, I'm sure it's in her head because I know for a fact I didn't do anything because I know FULLY well when I misbehaved. Then it's my responsibility to suck it up and accept the consequences.

Couldn't take the stewing any long so I called...Nothing the matter. Really? Well, okay then! Sheds some light (which I already knew) on the friendship. If you can't shoot straight, we can't be close.