Monday, May 21, 2012

YIPPEE and 10 Things About Me!

A friend of mine, a.eye, from the blog Shouldn't Life Be More Than This?, gave me a really, really cool award. I am honored that she feels this way and always enjoy her visits to my crazy world.

We share a love for writing and both are trying to write daily (she’s doing much better than me). Writing, for me, takes practice to be better, more creative and, hopefully, make the process more free flowing (that means easier to me).
I am challenged to come up with 10 things you may not know about me (somebody, somewhere out there will surely find some of these repetitive but, oh well, 10’s a lot). Also list blogs to pay this award forward so that they can do the same (if they so choose and I may not have six, sorry!)
ALSO, no judging me, okay???
1.    If I was on a deserted island and could only have one thing to eat for the rest of my life (while sunbathing and swimming for the rest of my life, too)…hands down, in the whole wideness of this great big world it would be PIZZA. I would prefer to enjoy it in Italia (more later) but I will have it anywhere, anytime. Even for breakfast if I am fortunate enough to have some in the frig. Cold is fine too.
2.    My second great food love is PEANUT BUTTER. It actually sits next to me at the computer. I probably go through a 28 oz. jar a week. I will and have put it on just about everything because everything tastes better with peanut butter. The tippy top best way is to dip Hersey Kisses. Love it!!!
3.    If I could sell my house and live anywhere in the entire world, I would live in ROME, ITALY. I’d love a little apartment there that would be all mine and really cozy. Friends and family could come and visit whenever they wanted. I would summer in Positano on the Amalfi Coast and take the ferry to Capri once a week.
4.    I got out of a SPEEDING TICKET today. My odds are about 2 in 10 when stopped by the “Heat” (love fast cars or maybe just driving that way). Apparently, I was moving a bit fast in the parking lot of “The Stairs”. I actually forgot I had ear buds in and thought that was the reason the police car just about “T” boned me to stop. He was scary so I smiled. He said slow down and I said absolutely, so sorry.
5. I am OFTEN mistaken for SOMEONE ELSE. Who do I look like? I have no idea but apparently like many other people. Women only, however, and thank God for that. I really do get stopped, a lot, and asked, "Are you...?" Nope, I'm not! This phenomenon started when I was in my early 20's on the streets of Chicago. It has moved forward with me to this day. I wish I knew who everyone thinks I am and I hope who they think is someone at least nice.
6.    I don’t make MY BED. Bad habit, I know. I get out of it and never look back until its time to get back in. Actually, I get it all nice and tidy right before I hop in. I wish someone would make it for me because it would look nice and pretty and inviting. I don't live at a hotel. Rats.
7.    I took a “Could You Be A Serial Killer?” quiz today. My results: Not to worry -- you're not a threat to society. Although a few quirks in your personality may present some challenges in life, those same idiosyncrasies may very well explain the reason your name continues to appear on "A" party lists. Somebody, invite me to a party. I’m really fun, I promise!!!
8.    Shoot, three more!!! Ummmm…I can't SING, really. But I think I can and I will! I will belt it out in the car like nobody's business and even with the windows down. Don't care. Stare if you want. It's not going to change what I do. Love my music too much. Sorry if it bothers your ears because I know it.
9.    My obsession with TRAVEL leads to what my dream job would be. I want to be Samantha Brown from the Travel Channel (but she’s too goodie two shoes) with the almost as sassy and slightly off color nature of Anthony Bourdain. I think I’d be good at it. Would you watch me?
10.  I don’t consider myself terribly vain but I hate having to wear glasses to see anything within 18” of my face so I got contacts recently. Lasik corrected my distance vision many moons ago but I can’t see “shinola” up close. My kids both have had contacts since 6th grade (bad vision is hereditary). How do they get these things in their eyes? Takes me forever and I never know if they are inside out or not!
There you have it.
Blogs I really love and will award The Kreative Blogger to are:
They are all fun and funny, one is a great design blog and Jen's pictures are fantastic. Check them out!!!


Unknown said...

Thank you my friend, I'm honored! I don't know if there are ten things that people don't already know about me....LOL! Now I'm actually gonna have to think and I really didn't want to have to do that on a Monday...Wait until I write the blog post about this award you just might think you have a vision's gonna be funny !!

Gina said...

CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!! Take your time. I'm not going anywhere for a while!

TMWHickman said...

Awwww...thank you so much! I shall use my powers for good, unless someone cuts me off in traffic.

Also, I never make my bed, either!

Gina said...

You are so welcome! I hardly miss a post.

Don't flip them off 'cause people are unstable these days. I chased down a guy in my town once because he rear ended me and took off. He drove straight to the police station 6 blocks away and I pulled right in behind him. I've rear ended people but not fair to hit and run!

I knew I liked you!

Arnebya said...

I hate this about myself, but I never make my bed either. I'm determined to buy some really nice sheets and a comforter set just so I can make it up all pretty. Kinda backwards, but still. I took the quiz and I'm right at 10. I guess I don't need to worry but I'm only one answer away from getting the "watch that one" side eye.

Arnebya said...

Hit publish too soon, sorry. Thank you for the award, Gina, so very much. I appreciate it and love that you leave such thoughtful comments to my brain inhabitants and me.

Gina said...

I DON"T hate myself because of this. I have really nice sheets and bedding and it still doesn't happen.

And truth be told, I scored borderline as well so I suppose people should watch out for me too. We are just "this" side of scary. Love and wouldn't trade it!

I hope you know how much I like your brain inhabitants and you and I'm happy you understand my comments. Crazy people think alike!