Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Can Always Count On Friends For Compliments

(Did I mention I'd be writing a lot this week?)

I received some fabulous flattery today…

It was perfect, to me, not only because of what was said but who delivered it. She knows me like the back of her hand and her opinion of me is one of only a handful that truly matters. Everyone else…you know how it is. I am who I am and I don’t plan to changed much at this point in my life. Probably couldn’t even if I tried but there’s really no desire. I’m not terribly offensive anyway, at least a majority of the time.

So when Susie, “my sister from another mister”, paid me this compliment today, on the golf course, no less, I burst into a smile so wide my cheeks hurt. Or maybe it was because of the side splitting laughing fit we just had over something ridiculous, VERY stupid and not at all repeatable. Not everyone appreciates my humor the way she does and likewise.

Susie said, “You’ve raised your level of sassiness lately. I absolutely love it!”

“Thank you! I'm so proud.”

“I mean, you really were before but I don’t know what’s your deal. And I’m not being sassy either. You're kinda crazier."

Ok, I’ll keep it up anything as long as someone is amused.

Attitude, in large doses, has never been an issue for either one of us so I was very appreciative of this acknowledgement and my recent efforts of late. She claims it’s been  since my birthday. Go figure.

I wonder. Who would win a “Sass-Off” between the two of us?

I know she can beat me in arm wrestling but I think I’ve got her here.

Am I the only one who would take this as a compliment?

Right back atcha, Sister!!!


Arnebya said...

Total compliment. I may not strive to be the sassiest, but it's natural and not in an always in-your-face, won't she shut up, ugh here she comes again with that mouth kind of way. I take you as the same, which is probably why we have so much in common and I feel like we wouldn't experience uncomfortable silences were we to meet outside of the computer. Silence maybe, but not uncomfortable.

Gina said...

I'm actually rather quiet unless you know me. I save my sassiness, which comes naturally for me as well, for people I feel close to and comfortable with, so no one outside of them would think I was in the least (maybe even a bit standoffish). My behavior and things I say are different when I'm around them.

I love just "being" with someone. Even though I love to talk I like comfortable quiet too. I take that as a sign you really get along with someone...the silence is as comfortable as the conversation. I think the silence would be okay for us as well.

TMWHickman said...

Sassy? That is a compliment, for sure! And so true! ;-)

Gina said...

I feel like I've won an award! If only everyone found me as fun and sassy as my friends. No...I really don't care about that! I'd rather it be a secret ;-)