Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Very Best Way To Spend A Morning

A sweet friend recently asked me what my three most prized (tangible/material) possessions were. We were stumped, both not really into that kind of stuff. At the time, I answered photos and my grandmother’s wedding ring. I couldn’t come up with the last but TODAY I remembered exactly what that third one would be…

My road bike! Riding it makes me smile and happy and feeling free!

I probably say this way too often. There are few things in my life that I love more than spending time with my close friends. I’m lucky and I know it. So when Cathy called this morning and said, “Come ride with me. It’s the perfect morning.” I simply answered, “Pick me up.”

Cathy and I have been dying to get on our bikes and really ride…actually since we put them up in our respective garage attics last November. And today proved to be all anyone could ask for in an ideal morning. It was truly gorgeous and I couldn’t have imagined a better way to spend it…with her and on my bike.

Also, I’ll never hesitate to do anything that gives Cathy some peace and enjoyment (A Post About Hope).

Throwing our bikes on her rack, we drove to the I & M Canal (the old shipping and barge route) just 15 minutes away to do the 24.6 mile loop. Living in the suburbs of Chicago, it’s pretty challenging to find streets less traveled (scary for fear of vehicular/bike collisions).

There’s only one place better to bike in the Chicagoland area and that’s the lakefront.

What’s great about the bike trail here is that it’s meant for this purpose…strictly biking. You get serious racers, people looking to get in a good workout yet be able to converse, as well as leisurely afternoon pedalers. We all coexist in the most harmonious way. You just have to remember to say “On your left” loudly AND unclip when you stop!

It was beautiful and quiet. We probably saw only 10 people in close to 25 miles.

Did you know when butterflies hit you in the face as you're going 18 mph it actually hurts?

This awesome morning transported both of us to another place. Of course, my troubles don’t hold a candle to hers. 

For me, I enjoyed two hours away from my increasingly sad way of life. I’m entirely consumed with getting Eleanor to her favorite place in the world, the lake, so she can just "be" for as long as she has left to do so.

Soon, old gal! Soon!

Sometimes, escaping reality in a simple way, if only for moments, makes all the difference in your day. 

Have You Ever Seen The Rain
By Creedence Clearwater Revival

Someone told me long ago
There's a calm before the storm
I know it's been comin’ for some time

When it's over so they say
It'll rain a sunny day
I know shining down like water

I want to know
Have you ever seen the rain
I want to know
Have you ever seen the rain
Comin’ down on a sunny day


Unknown said...

This post just made me take a deep breath and sigh... and then remember...

When I was growing up I had a bike stuck to my butt, we lived at the beach and the boardwalk had a bike lane, oh! it was heaven riding up and down it's length with the beach breeze 3 miles each way back and forth back and forth, sometimes slowly sometimes racing with my friends. Just heavenly!

Gina said...

I'm so happy it gave you a memory, Jen!

It is just heavenly. Cathy and I both acknowledged how freeing it was to ride, slow, fast, mindlessly, blissfully! I truly love my bike however materially possessed that sounds. Not for the bike itself but what it does and means to me. Plus, riding with Cathy....

AND you get to spend your vacation at the beach, Missy! I'm very excited by what you described to me. I hope you will report back after!!!

TMWHickman said...

You make exercise sound wonderful! So refreshing that I want to come with you on your bike ride.

Of course, then I have to go get my inhaler... :)

Gina said...

It's always wonderful. Sometimes refreshing and sometimes a sweaty mess. Love both ways. You are always welcome on any bike ride and don't forget your inhaler. It's important to breath!