Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Yoga Quotes Aren't Always Cheesy

I pointed out to you the stars (the moon) 
and all you saw was the tip of my finger.
Sukuma ( Tanzania )

(The post below could be residual effects of the Facebook Positivity Challenge).

The above quote was recited at the beginning of my yoga class this morning during meditation. Before you think I am getting all yogi or really weird, please think about it.

Did you?

It is so meaty it stuck to my ribs.

To me, this doesn’t mean look far away into the future, but look past my nose-tip. Open my eyes, silly. See something, anything!

So many time I move robotically through my day handling routine tasks with less than moderate enthusiasm failing to recognize anything meaningful or beautiful or sweet. By then, the day has slipped away. 

[Conversation with myself]

"It is icy cold here today." 


"Though, guess what?" 


"The sky is the most amazing shade of blue. Almost summer blue. It’s as simple as a warmer coat, scarf, and maybe some ear warmers. You could stay inside all warm and cozy, read a little, and do your work. But, nah! What’s a little cold weather between friends anyway?"

I have a friend coming in town today that expects the chipper, fun, and enthusiastic version of me. And that's who she's going to get!!!

Let’s see the stars today.


Jack said...

Time to do the ALS challenge again. That should wake you two up.

Jane said...

I've heard that quote in yoga too and agree, it's kind of an eye-opener. :)
New to your site and love it!

Gina said...

Yes, indeed!

Gina said...

It's still with me, Jane! Thank you so much for visiting!!!! I will come to see you, too.

Jack said...

If you can't do it in the cold it is proof you are not a real Chicagoan. I am a West coast boy, but my Chicago roots are thick. I could do it in the snow with my eyes closed.

Of course when you are 86 your blood does run a bit thinner. ;)

Jamie Miles said...

I agree. Gratitude or a shift in attitude is the path to joy in life. It's something I need to actively do but when I stop and "open my eyes" as you said, the day becomes much brighter.

Gina said...

A few flurries just blew past my windows!!! Wonder what it will look like up here when its snows? I am soon to find out!!!

You think you're funny, don't you? I am 87, not 86!

Gina said...

I think it's a conscious thing we need to do. It seems to come more naturally at different times in my life. It is very bright for me here recently, and I am grateful for it!

Jack said...

If we are going to be honest than the answer is I know I am funny. :)