Friday, November 28, 2014

Didn't Fry the Turkey, But I Did Fry My Computer

I didn't post yesterday because, like many of you, I spent my morning wrestling (AKA stuffing) Tom, then hosting the family at our new place. The day was a smashing success even though my parents got lost navigating the big city streets (we live in a tricky spot to get to). The food turned out yummy, as always, we played lots of Rummikub, no one got too drunk, and my kids behaved, for the most part. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because expectations are manageably low and casual. It's the perfect recipe to exceed them.

The only casualty of the day was my computer. I left it sitting on the island while cooking. I inadvertently splashed a very small amount (small amount, I reiterate!) of  yellow liquid on it from a tall stemmed glass. It went blink, blink, bli....  Fried!!!!!!!!!! And not in a good way like a turkey!

I almost died when my nicer/kinder/better half asked me to use it so he could show my dad something.

"Out of juice," I croaked.

I determined this answer, although a white lie, was better than the alternative yet more truthful response. The timing wasn't right, and I'm not sure the timing is good today either.

My computer is new (September purchase). I don't want to brave the Apple store on Michigan Avenue, or any location, on Black Friday. I don't leave the house on Black Friday if I can help it! I think I will wait until Monday to sneak it into the Genius Bar.

That's the long version of why I didn't post yesterday, and I am blogging from my phone today.

(I've actually exceeded my NaBloPoMo expectations! I pretty well knew I wouldn't post every day, but I wanted to write a majority of them. I feel successful (enough)!)


Vanessa D. said...

If it makes you feel any better my oldest (23) who almost never drinks was celebrating his birthday last Friday. He decided to demonstrate how good he was at doing a handstand while drunk. Before I could say "watch out for my laptop" he lost his balance and smashed the screen. So the next morning he had to build one laptop out of two for me.

About Last Weekend said...

Go you on the writing ! excellent! and cooking and everything. We have low key expectations and it usually works best I feel.

Jack said...


Gina said...

I wish I did it while doing a handstand! It makes a much better story than my reality! You're lucky your dude knows how to fix it. I haven't fessed up yet.

Gina said...

I have missed some days. Not a lot, but some, with good reason as my house has been full and loud and lovely for over a week. It was quiet and fun and relaxing for the most part. I know everyone enjoyed themselves then took home the left overs so I wouldn't eat them all especially the stuffing!

Gina said...

Not me. Never.

Jack said...

There are stories, I may not know them but I know they exist.

Kenya G. Johnson said...

Oh noooooo. September purchase! Did you make it to have it looked at yet. I made it until yesterday without having to go in a store. I like the "traffic" to die down.