Monday, November 3, 2014

Finding a Good Writing Spot is a Little Like the Three Bears Story

Since my move, I have been trying to find the “right” spot to write. Okay, so I haven’t tried really hard otherwise there would be more words published on this blog. But I haven’t given up, and I have been searching all right!

The couches in the family room are firm enough, but the southern exposure of floor-to-ceiling windows renders those couple of spots too hot. 


I can’t write propped up in bed because it is too soft.


Sitting on any chair at the kitchen table feels too erect and stiff, which is in-conducive to the process. 


And all the above mentioned seats offer a city view. 


I thought about taking my laptop over to Dollops (my current favorite coffee shop) because lots of people are there absorbed in whatever they are seeing on their computer screens. I know me, though. And I would most likely people watch, which is all right except I probably wouldn’t write much. It would be very much...


BUT, I think I’ve got it!!!

My back is to the windows as I type this post. I am sitting on a barstool at the kitchen island. It is the perfect height. The coffee pot and snacks are close. The balcony door is open. I can hear the streets of the city bustling if I concentrate. Otherwise the traffic and the jackhammers provide the perfect background of “white noise”.

The room temperature is not too hot, or too cold. The seat is not too hard, or too soft. The city is not too loud, or too deafeningly quiet.

It all seems to be just about right!

Am I the only one who squirms around looking for the “right spot” in which to write?


Vanessa D. said...

I never underestimate the importance of having just the "right" spot to write. Sometimes I wish I could flop on my belly in bed, but like you say - too soft.

Jonathan Beckett said...

I've never really considered where I write - sometimes it's the desk at work during lunch break (I'm a software developer, so that means staying at my desk - not always the best idea!), the dining table at home late on an evening, or more usually the junk room / study. Now you've got me thinking though :)

Joshua said...

Sometimes I struggle with who to write as but that is happening less and less lately. Been spending more time writing as me and not the doppleganger, which is sort of funny because he is still me.

The difference being that I have kept certain content away because of complications. Don't know if that makes any sense at all.

Long story longer, I can write in any place and any situation but I have specific preferences for how, when and where.

Gina said...

I had my spot in our previous home, and have struggled to settle on one here. I've got it now, at least for now! The bed is great for reading and commenting, just not creative writing, for me.

Gina said...

My son is studying informatics and software development in college! I am bad, bad, bad about routine. I try to avoid it as much as possible. However, it wasn't working for this writing business! Let me know when you figure it out!

Gina said...

You juggle a lot of personas! Both are you though they feel different to the reader, I can tell you that!

You explained the "I have kept certain content away because..." once before. It does make sense.

I think once I build a better habit, I will be able to hit up Dollop! We all have preferences. You have better habits.

Samantha Brinn Merel said...

You are so right! After 2 years of searching for a place in my house to write I finally gave up and made myself a home office to my exact specifications. I think it may now be the only place at home I can write.

Gina said...

Yes, it's perfect! I love your new space! I don't have room in the apartment to devote a permanent place for writing, but I have found a comfortable spot, and sometimes that is all for which you can ask!

Unknown said...

I wouldn't be able to use a stool, I'd find the lack of back support DISTRACTING.

Jamie Miles said...

Simply love this. So happy to read you again.

Kenya G. Johnson said...

Very interesting. I haven't found the perfect spot and I have an "office" off of the kitchen. But the thing is, it's off the kitchen. I look out of a window, I get something to eat I don't need, I think about what to cook for dinner etc. All distractions. I have tried all spots in the house. I even tried using my laptop on the vanity in the bathroom. I've itched to get out of here to go sit somewhere and have people watched and scrolled through facebook instead of writing. Ideally, the back porch would be perfect but because of the sunlight I can't see the screen. :-/