Saturday, November 8, 2014

Velvet Verbosity- Spilled Milk

“My eyes are just doing their dewy thing since I wouldn’t spill true tears for you anyway. You mean nothing to me. Zilch. Nada. I thought you did. Maybe you did once, but you don’t. Not anymore. This is both the hardest and most hurtful thing I can ever remember saying. You’re a complete fake. A pretend person. A shell. You’re a down dragger who’s not worthy of my friendship. I tried to convince myself you were, but only “real” people are. You aren’t authentic.

Here’s the rub since there’s always one. How will I be able to forget you?”


There is something intriguing to me about the word dewy, which Velvet Verbosity chose for their challenge this week. I'm a little late to the party, but I had something to say about dewy, I guess.


Joshua said...

Every time someone says they are going to forget someone I know they'll remember them long after they deserve to be described as having dewy skin.

Gina said...

I'm afraid to say you are right, Josh! But, guess what? You are.

Joshua said...

Sound the trumpets and alert the authorities, I am right again! ;)