Tuesday, November 11, 2014

This Is Not A Real Post

This does not count as a post. It is 8:19pm. I am wiped out to the point where I can hardly keep my eyes open. Toothpicks needed, stat!

I kept saying at the aquarium all day today, “I’m having so much FUN!!!” And the Dive Safety Officer kept saying, “No! This is a job! We don’t have fun. Don’t tell anyone we are having fun.”

I babysat an extremely large green sea turtle named Nickel by using diversion tactics like dangling delectable Romaine lettuce in front of her nose, and scratching her back with a brush, and rubbing her fins (WITH MY HANDS!!!). Nickel is approximately18 years old and considered an older teen. She weighs about 180 pounds, and acts like a Lab puppy! Naughty!

My Young Charge!
I fed a moray eel. I basically shoved a large sardine directly down his (I think he’s a he) throat, and held it there until his second jaw/set of teeth popped out, and grabbed it. Freaky!

I prepared food for an entire days feedings for the Caribbean Reef exhibit. My initiation was filleting pounds of raw squid. Doesn’t scare me!

Finally, I suited up, and swam in the museum’s center tank to get my proverbial feet wet. Figured out buoyancy, and how to breathe and talk simultaneously.  Pushed away a bunch of mauling cow nose stingray who thought I had food, which I didn’t. Survived a head smack by Nickel's front fin as she tried to sit on my head. And swam up to the windows to wave at the young children. They were so excited and so was I!

I had my first tank picture taken when two high school girls wanted me in their #Selfie. They weren’t perfectly happy with how they looked in the first one so they held up a finger to say, "One more?" YES, please!!!

Yep! It was a really cool day. And now I am heading to bed. Really.

Night, night!!!


Jack said...

And now we know where you get your fresh sushi.

Gina said...

I actually did make sushi yesterday in the husbandry portion (food prep) of my job! Nickel eats, besides everything any other fish does, nori rolls. I took seaweed sheets, wet them so that they were pliable, and rolled them around a stick of green frozen gel. Yummers!!!!! I would eat the seaweed paper, but not the frozen green gel. Can't be squeamish around there!