Thursday, November 6, 2014

When You Have No Idea What Will Actually Come Out of Your Mouth Until You're Finished

Hey! Did you notice I posted twice yesterday? I didn’t think so, but I know I did, and it almost feels like I have immunity today from post writing. In the spirit of NaBloPoMo, that wouldn’t be the right thing to do.

So here I am with a handful of spaghetti to throw against the proverbial wall because I have no idea where this post is headed, and they can’t all be masterpieces, at least not for me, which segues me into the creative piece I wrote yesterday. 

I really liked it. It felt good. I felt something. 

I was a teensy bit proud of it, too, so thank you from the bottom of my heart to the fifty-eight of you who have read it so far, and those who commented. Comments, while not completely necessary, help me feel excited about my efforts. Of course, stats tell you one thing, but comments, well, they’re the bomb!

Unfortunately for me, this creative piece was in violation of a rule at Yeah Write so it was disqualified from the competition grid. Here I thought I was headed for a blue ribbon (of course, I did not think this!). For you curious sorts, like me, I added a thirteen word shout out to Yeah Write in order to encourage those unfamiliar with this creative writing group to take a peek. The editors added my enthusiastic directions to their website to my piece (55 words instead of the 42 allowed). Technicalities, schmechnicalities!!! I was slightly disgruntled and intensely disappointed, and, frankly, I actually cried a few tears. I am not a dumbass (I can’t tell you how many times autocorrect would not let me use this swear word!). I understand the rules. I just didn’t think the way I used them was in violation. Well, it was, and the rules are the rules.

I paused for like an hour (okay, ten minutes) to think about how I felt, and why. Then I threw some perspective at my pity party’s wall. 

You know what I decided (it’s not rock science)? This shit doesn’t matter in my life! 

Sure, I wanted this piece to get to the voting round of the competition, BUT  whether it does or doesn’t, (which it didn’t)……

My husband is still going to walk through our front door after work, and kiss me (probably proposition me, too). 

My kids are still safe and sound.
Parents still love me.

Everyone I love and care about, still loves and cares about me.

I am still reading a good book, with many more from where it came.

I was still going to Trivia Night with some good girlfriends.

I was hurt. BFD (short for Big Fucking Deal, but you knew that already). I spilled some tears over it. BFD. I vowed to never participate again. Yeah, right. But, BFD.

It just doesn’t matter. 

Did I mention I am doing the Positivity Challenge on Facebook this week?

So much good stuff happens in my life that I can’t/won’t let things that don’t really, really matter get under my skin, bring me down, or turn me into a negative Nellie. I am a glass half full person, first and foremost. I am constantly searching for every good little thing in my minuscule corner of the world. Not only so I can post events this week on Facebook, but for the way these beautifully positive things make me feel inside. How they help me interact with those around me in a more serene, and happy way.
So go on over to Yeah Write. Read some of the awesome creative endeavors the brave writers (minus me) are serving up for you. I did first thing this morning because life goes on, and I move with it.

One more thing...


Right now.


Jack said...

You are a better person than I am. I got tired of getting nailed by ticky tack stuff which is why I haven't done much there for quite some time.

It was a good post and try posting twice a day for a week. You retired folk have lots of time. :)

Gina said...

I used to love it. I still like it. It felt mean-spirited, but it's their house. I am rethinking the whole thing.

I have less time than you think, mister! Lots of time under the water these days! I couldn't post as much as you. EVER!!!

Jack said...

Mean spirited is the word. At the time I felt like someone just didn't like my writing and that because of that they were going to ticky tack me.

Maybe it was true, maybe it wasn't. I don't expect everyone to like or love my writing. Many don't. It is part of being a writer and anyone who publishes for the public should expect it.

As for my production. I have slowed down, but I am an anomaly and very few can keep up. But there is always that quality question.

And to be clear, underwater is not an excuse. :)

Gina said...

I'm not saying anyone meant it that way, it is purely the way I felt it. It's different even than it used to be. It's a good fit for so many writers and that is fantastic. It just doesn't work for me right now.

I am trying to write for me this entire month and see where I get.

I can't even read everything you post. Hard to keep up but probably just me!

I am not making any excuses. Telling it like it is. I am posting everyday!

Jack said...

I am saying it felt mean spirited to me, might not have been but that is how it felt. I liked it better when it had a bit less structure than now.

I have worked with a lot of editors. Some of the toughest have been where I learned the most and others have proven to me they didn't know the difference between editing for style and content.

It is not just you. I lose readers because I update too frequently, more than a few have written to tell me so.

But I don't hold a gun against anyone's head, people can read as much or as little as they like. I write the way I used to work out, I am all in.

The thing is this is what I love to do and part of what I get paid to do so it is fun for me.

Post as often or as little as feels comfortable you know I'll have a comment either way. :)

Ginny Marie said...

Oh, crap! Too many words? I haven't been over to Yeah Write for a long time because I just couldn't take the time to read and vote every week. It was too much. I'm doing Nablopomo again this year because sometimes my best writing comes out when I'm forced to write every day...although it hasn't happened yet!

Gina said...

I am sort of scared to say that I look forward to your comments (sometimes ;-))!

Gina said...

Hahaha! I'm laughing with you regarding your last line! I'm waiting for it too!

It's their gig and they obviously can run it any way they see fit. I was purely disappointed. But I am trying to prevent negativity from creeping into my day as best as possible. It is working. Though, my feelings still get hurt sometimes then it takes a while to "right" my ship! Thanks for stopping by, Ginny!!!