Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sleep and Me: The Relationship

Relationships come easily to me; always have. At least the really good ones do and the less complicated the better. (Actually, I'll do complicated if there's something really good to work with.)
My relationship with sleep does not fall into the easy category at all and it’s not because I don’t love it. I do.

I need it. I want it. We just disagree.

It takes an awful lot for me to fall asleep then stay that way for any length of time. I stay up way too late reading; thinking that will lull me into slumber. Maybe I should change this…maybe it’s what’s keeping me up.  I couldn’t bear the thought.

Success usually strikes around midnight.

Somewhere between 2:16 am and 2:46 am, two times I regularly see, BING! Power up! I’m so wide awake I could just about start my day. You do the math; I haven’t been sleeping very long.

Then there’s the issue of what to do at that point. Toss. Turn. Don’t want to wake up my sleeping buddy, so I can’t turn on the lights and don’t want to stir the dogs so downstairs isn’t an option either. I literally have about 2 ½ hours of time to fill! 

What’s a girl to do? Seriously!

**As a side note...from 5am to 7am have my best, most vivid and incredible dreams. Maybe it's my payment for their awesomeness?**

Then I have my quirks. Doesn’t everyone have quirks?

I have three pillows. They’re mine. You may use them; rest your head on them while you watch TV; sleep with them…That is until I get in bed. If your head is on one, it will be removed as gently as possible, and replaced by another. Sorry if it wakes you.   

Is anyone else out there annoyed with a TV in their bedroom? I don’t care for it at all. Don’t like the noise. I think bedrooms should be a quiet place. Maybe it just me. Whatever.

I’m a very light sleeper. Anything you do next to me is likely to wake me up. I'm mostly speaking to snoring. If you snore, you will be nudged or turned without hesitation. Again, sorry.

I sleepwalk. It’s very cyclical and I don’t know what triggers it. Yet from time to time, I'm on the go. Unless said sleeping buddy catches me at the bedroom door and asks “Where are you going?”. I’ve sprung! Usually waking up as I’m approaching the kitchen or front foyer but absolutely on a mission for something and not quite knowing how I got there. I ask me, “What in the world are you doing? It’s the middle of the night.” My sleepwalking self admits, “I can’t remember. Darn it! Let’s go back to bed.” (Happened last night for the first time in a long time and I hope it’s not starting again!)

I have an idea. Maybe I should sneak down and start writing posts. I could call them “From The Dark Side” and write about saucy things that might happen in the middle of the night. Who knows?

No wonder I walk around all day in a state of delirium and chaos. Don't I sound like bunches of fun???

Anyone else up all night?

Anyone out there have suggestions for improving this relationship?


Unknown said...

I'm with ya girlfriend. I might sleep thru the night maybe one night if I'm lucky two in a month. I have three pillows also. Two for under my head and one that I lean on if I lay on my side. We can NEVER sleep together Gina! Bill says I snore!

Gina said...

I had two good nights in a row this week, Wednesday/Thursday. Now I'm right back to square one! Nights like those are elusive. Pillow usage...identical!

Oh No! You SNORE!!! That ruins everything. Deal breaker, I'm afraid ;-)

a.eye said...

I'm a light sleeper, too. And if I wake up at a certain time during the night, it will then continue for months. So I am up at 2:15, 3:20, and 4:35 each morning.

Gina said...

This pattern of mine has certainly turned into a habit and I just hate it. I view the clock just like you. Torture!

Ed Pilolla said...

sometimes i have a problem sleeping soundly, but a little exercise usually relieves that cycle. i'm sorry you don't sleep better. but i also have found a lot of creative energy after much of the world goes to sleep, or before everyone wakes up. i love the feeling of being awake while most people are dreaming. i also used to sleepwalk, but thankfully left that tendency behind many years ago.

Gina said...

Let me say that exercise is not my problem unless it's from over doing it! I have actually gotten up and written a few things in the wee hours and it's helped put my mind to rest then I sleep.

I love to dream so I won't give that 5-7 am up for the world!!!

Re: the sleep walking...apparently I have since I was young and it continues although somewhat less frequently. It does go in spurts. I've never walked out the front door so that's good, right?