Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm A "Loser": My Worst Habit?

(Not me or my daughter despite the fact we have blue eyes and freckles, too)

There’s nothing like having eight hours alone in a car. I love it. I can play “my” music as loud as I want or it can be perfectly quiet so I can think. Yesterday was the thinking kind of drive and what popped into my head were things that have been pointed out to me recently. Let’s call them my lesser strengths? That’s how I choose to view them.

1. I’m a big loser.

Not the kind of loser with a “L” on my forehead, at least I don't think, but a loser of things or how about a "misplacer" because things usually do resurface eventually. This does not bother me at all; it’s just a bit inconvenient at times.

I recently misplaced a few really important things. I’m not one to panic. Ever. My usual approach to this is to look around a bit, then sit tight and wait for things turn up. Two things have been located; one has not but I'm confident it will.

This morning my cell phone went missing (not at all important to me) and I keep it on vibrate so its location is often problematic. As a result, I missed some calls and a bunch of texts. Oh well, it’s Monday morning. What’s so important? I love when no one is looking for me or at least the feeling.

I don’t have an answer as to why I misplace things. If you ask my parents, they would say I was born that way. It’s why I never carry a purse when I go out at night (cash, credit card and lip gloss into my pocket and I’m ready to go).

Quite possibly my seemingly careless behavior and lack of urgency when things go missing bothers people. I understand but I’m not sure there is anything I can do to change. Besides, things always turn up eventually!

2. I trend towards impulsivity and it seems to catch people off guard. (IMO, not to be considered a bad thing. For anyone who’s listening, I won’t be changing this anytime soon if ever!) 

I can be talked into just about anything so long as it’s accompanied by a sound argument. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of encouragement. Safely sandwiched between my friends who are silly as well (we’ve hand picked each other), I usually don’t stand out as the lone culprit of undesirable behavior.

I frequently hear, “I did not know you were like this.” Like what? I actually heard it several times this weekend. “Mrs. F., I didn’t know you were so fun!” So, I don’t look like I’d be fun? I’ve been told a number of times that I come off as reserved and quiet. I am not shy, AT ALL. Once I meet someone and, more importantly, like them, all bets are off. Time for shenanigans!

So you know, I’m quite proud of the fact that I’ve never been given “the hook” (maybe someone isn’t watching very closely) or been arrested. Inserting my foot in my mouth is quite rare. Therefore, no need for damage control with me. I come with very good references!

3. As I’m writing, I’m partaking in another habit that some might consider inappropriate. I adore peanut butter and it doesn’t have to be on anything other than a spoon. Just to be clear, I don’t double dip but I do eat it right out of the jar.

See I’m not so bad. However, this is only a partial list.

This is the only life we get. Why shouldn’t it be as fun and exciting as possible? I truly believe it's my sole responsibility to make it that way. However, I'm very fortunate to have friends that make it too darn easy.


Unknown said...

I smiled all the way thru this post!

Gina said...

Thanks, Jen! Sometimes you just can't take yourself too seriously. I'm the least perfect person I know!

Anonymous said...

Please. You're a freakin Saint.
I'll show you bad :o.

And, there is another way to eat peanut butter..I mean besides yours?~Mary

Gina said...

You are hysterical!

I should qualify this post by saying, those are habits I'm willing to divulge on the world wide web. I have FAR worse but few know them and it shall remain that way.

I've experimented with several alternatives to a spoon as well!

dunce two said...

Fun list! I also love peanut butter. And being talked into things.

Gina said...

Pizza and peanut butter...two favs!

We would get along just fine.