Friday, April 6, 2012

Ahhhhhh! The Simple Things

This is my favorite tree and as it looks at this very moment. I have loved this tree since it was first planted more than twelve years ago and I’ve watched it grow more stunning (to me) every single year. It causes me to pause and gaze; it really does!

This tree usually blooms at a different time…one month from now, almost to the day …but somehow it knows just the right moment to show its beauty AND it smells really, really fantastic too.

This tree has it’s timing down perfectly. Something always seems to happen just then giving me a completely joyous feeling and then I remember, it’s blooming. In the past, there have been two communions, several proms, a graduation, Mother's Days, the arrival of a puppy and the anticipation of gorgeous days of warm weather right around the corner.

Today is another such stellar day…


My kids are on their way and I can’t wait to squeeze them really, really tightly!

I can’t wait for them to be in their cozy home playing with their puppies and sleeping in their own beds.

I can’t wait to sit down and just talk all night without outside interruptions.

I can’t wait to do their laundry…NOT…but it’s reality.

I can’t wait to open their bedroom doors and say goodnight (even though I know they’ll be up for hours longer), then wake them tomorrow morning, much too early, just so I can watch their eyes open as I rub their backs.

T-Minus one hour!!!!

Happy things happen when my favorite tree blooms!

(Oooops! As soon as I hit publish and looked at the picture, I noticed I left the car running!)


Jack said...

My folks used to love to turn on the vacuum cleaner at the crack of dawn but that was because I learned to lock the door so they couldn't wake me so damn early.

Nice tree.

About Last Weekend said...

That is one fabulous tree. I was going to plant some of those and someone talked me out of it - dang! Its funny how sometimes I wish the days away and long for time away from the kids. But must appreciate them now as they will soon be gone...

Gina said...

Just love my tree because it is related to many happy memories.

They don't lock their doors but if they did, I have a key so they just figure why try.

Gina said...

It's a crab apple and gets prettier every year.

They grow up quickly. While the pace of life is wonderful, you miss the noise...until they've been home for awhile. I've been excited all week!

Ed Pilolla said...

what a gorgeous tree. and to see it grow is to get to know its cycles. hope you are having a fabulous time with the kiddos:)

Gina said...

I really do love that tree. And YES because I just kicked my daughter's tush in Gin. That was fabulous since it rarely happens. I'm not gloating though!!!!!!!!