Monday, April 9, 2012

What I Want For You: Daughters and Love

It's virtually impossible for me to contain my bubbling excitement when my kids come home. The anticipation is almost as thrilling as them being here (well, not really but I DO love anticipation!)

Then, of course, there’s the aftermath. Like yesterday…they leave. :-(

I am NOT good with goodbyes. I never have been. I don’t believe I ever will be. Actually, I hate them.

The most awesome news though...They looked extremely happy and healthy...BOTH at the same time! These two have never done or felt the same "anything" ever in their lives.

Chatting on my daughter’s bed this weekend, I glanced up at something I hung on her wall during high school when she first began the whole whirlwind of dating.

(You may need glasses to read! The last line makes my eyes tear!)

I’m fortunate that my daughter shares a lot with me (eventually) about the guys in her life. We’ve talked about:

- Strength of character, first impressions and reputations,

- How people should treat each other in a relationship,

- The importance of having common interests and values,

- How to break up with someone and how to handle yourself when someone has broken your heart,

- Being choosey and that hanging around with the girls is often equally/more important than having a guy,

 - The BIG things…. AND the consequences.

In her short span of dating, she’s dated a jerk, broken the same boy’s heart twice (he returned the favor this past Thanksgiving), dealt with a devastating summer romance that shattered her, and found someone really, really cool.

Nothing puts a parent more at ease than seeing their child extremely happy and treated like a princess by someone who clearly cares for them. This weekend I saw it first hand and my heart was very warm.

 (A college party last week. Not How They Usually Dress)

She went to school 4 hours away and met someone who only lives 7 blocks from her home. What are the odds of that? 

Do I want this to be “the” guy for her? Probably not because she’s very young and has the world by the tail. She says he's the nicest boy she's ever met.

What I do want is for her to recognize and search out healthy relationships. Now THAT is quite a skill to master!

P.S. I know his parents and he comes from a lovely family!


Jack said...

I am rather fond of a boy who enjoys wearing a robe or smoking jacket. ;)

Gina said...

Thankfully, he's very "un-Hef" like.

She's in a bath towel. What's with that? Kids!!!

Tiffany said...

She looks terribly smitten. And I mean that in the greatest way possible! I love the print you have in her room, it is true about us Mama's and our wants for our daughters.

Arnebya said...

Ha. I thought she was just in a tube dress.

Isn't it amazing? That print is so straight forward, so remarkably mother to daughter-y. We just want "little" things, good things, better things. And when we see them happy, oh, what it does to our hearts. I do love that he lives only 7 blocks away but this is where/how they met (creates a nice story to share).

Gina said...

She is totally smitten and I have really only seen her one other time quite like this. She's not one to rush into ANYTHING quickly. Very guarded and careful with her feelings. BUT I can tell there's a difference here.

What it call comes down to, for me, is that she knows how to respectfully give and receive love. AND choose wisely!!!

Gina said...

I don't believe I've ever been to a party in a bath towel.

It was a heartwarming weekend with her (and spending time with him playing cards). The funny thing is she knew his older brother and younger sister but didn't know there was one in the middle, him!

Then there's "knucklehead" on the other hand...Can't get any details out of him even with a crowbar.