Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bloggers, Do You Do This Too?

On more than a few occasions especially when I have been writing and posting, I check the blog stats for the newly written post. What I find most interesting is where the trail leads after that. To which older posts.

I love this part of blogging because I am forever curious and intensely interested in people’s behavior and topics they read most often and trying to understand why. What elements of or about certain posts makes them more highly and routinely visited?

For instance, I write quite often about the books I am reading. Those interested in that kind of thing, books, check out several of the “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?” entries. Others follow a chronological path. They may read everything from the entire month of November, 2013. I get "rabbit holes".

The next most fun thing to do is go back and read some of the older posts that are generating activity for some reason. I have written almost 600 posts. I don’t remember them all. Some don’t even ring a bell. Some I know like the back of my hand. Fun stuff.

I did this right now. Read some of the old posts visitors visited today. Can’t believe I wrote some of the things I did.

But the very, very tippy top thing that keeps me coming back for more is reading the comments left on old posts. On any post, really. Thank you to all who have visited and commented. Ever. I love what you've said to me. I love that you have taken the time. You make this blogging thing the bomb!


Unknown said...

I've gone back a few times, but I tend not to do it often because I want to edit everything, add stuff, etc. I don't look at stats at all, though. It helps me write more openly if I don't know how many people read something (especially if there are few or no comments).

Gina said...

Hey! I am writing for me, but I would not be honest if I claimed it didn't sometimes hurt when people don't comment. I love feedback. The thing that keeps me from writing openly is not the number of people reading, but imagining who those people actually are.

I used to look at stats almost obsessively in the beginning. Not as often anymore. Did yesterday! I don't change anything if I go back and re-read with the exception of a glaring typo!

Jack said...

People don't comment with the same frequency they used to but even in the "glory years" there were always more lurkers than commenters.

Every so often I'll get a comment from someone I haven't heard from before and a remark that shows me they have been around for a long time.

But if you really want to write, if you really want to let go you have to just put it out there and not worry about who is or isn't reading.

Besides you never know what people will like. Some of the posts I am most proud of never receive any attention and the worst get everything so...

Gina said...

Sorry I didn't respond sooner! I was already on my way to Matt's graduation!

I have always held close some wise words you've said many times before. "I write first for me."

I can't predict anything about what I write!

Jack said...

Mazel Tov on the graduation. I think he was a freshman when I first stumbled across your blog.

I still believe if you write for yourself good things will come from it. You might not build a readership as fast as you would if you tried a different approach but you are more likely to have fun and want to continue writing.

Gina said...

Thanks! It was quite the accomplishment. If it's like his July birthdays, celebrating may go on the entire month of May!

You are probably right. I think I first found your writing at Write On Edge very early in 2012.

My readership has ebbed and flowed so much that I don't know who reads anymore. In some ways I'm relieved by that. Feels like the early days when I wrote like I was talking to myself. Don't get me wrong though! I will take any comment or interaction from any of you any time you grace this space! Even if you don't comment, I love that you stopped by.