Wednesday, May 11, 2016

100 Word Challenge: Who Can Trust A Person Like That?

For seven years running, Eleanor proudly received the award for “Most Nonjudgmental” at the Miller’s Merry Manor annual banquet. “Honey, do you!”, had been her motto since she secretly eloped at twenty-one.

In 85 years, Eleanor’s gut had never failed her. So when it rumbled the day Sadie moved in, she was on high alert though it wouldn’t be until the day in the grocery store parking lot that she figured it out. Sadie didn’t return her cart, and who can trust someone with manners like that? Never mind she cheats at BINGO and makes eyes at her Henry.

The prompt this week at Thin Spiral Notebook is "manners". Use it to inspire a 100-word something. This piece is un-fiction. The circumstances and names have been changed to protect the innocent! I'm watching you.


TL Roberts said...

Bless her heart... Sadie is clearly untrustworthy.

Gina said...

I saw someone not return there cart on a windy day here recently. Raised my eyebrows and filed the information away. I've heard crazy stories about retirement communities!