Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Yeah Write Micro-stories: Weekend Warriors

Tipping his Stetson to a final sunset, Doc turned Betty towards Lost Valley to pack.

He slapped a tip envelope on the desk.
“Gotta fix some teeth so I can return.” [Wink]

Shouldering his duffel, he walked out to the waiting taxi.


LaissezFaire said...

At first I was..."Whaaaat?" And then light dawned. I got it! "Gotta fix some teeth.." was a great line. I thought it had a double meaning either "beat someone to death or within an inch of their their life for pay" as well as a dentist. :) Was that intentional?

Gina said...

Initially, I wrote it as a dentist's escape from the reality of his daily drilling drudgery using "Doc" as the first clue also realizing it as a common cowboy moniker. At least in my mind it is. Then reading it over after, I thought it could definitely seem more sinister. So your question was totally legit!

Thanks for stopping by!

TMWHickman said...

That would actually be a good escape for a dentist. Unless his horse had bad teeth. Then maybe not!

Joe Ormerod said...

Great case of misdirection! Totally had me thinking "Old West" until he walked out to the taxi.

LIV said...

LOL. Good one!