Saturday, November 14, 2015

I Need to Stop Traveling AKA This World is a Scary Place

This year, I had the good fortune to visit two beautiful countries. Their cultures, religions, topography, everything couldn't be any more polar opposite. Though both stunning.

I bounced down the pothole laden runway of Kathmandu, Nepal on March 25th, leaving those gorgeous people behind. And April 25th left them in rubble with thousands upon thousands covered by it.

On October 26th, my husband literally had to drag me out of Paris because I had fallen in love. With Paris. Today, I'm happy I was not there.

Sometimes you can wrap your head around the occurrence of a natural disaster. It makes more sense. What happened in Paris? This does not make one bit of sense. To me. Not at all.

My friends called and asked me to stop traveling. My track record is currently two for two. Just this year.

Please join me in praying for the people and families who have lost so much, especially in Paris. Today.


Stacie said...

I know these feelings. I traveled to Europe twice in October of 2001. No one wanted me too but you can't stop living. That's what they want. Plus, it's happened BIG time in the US too. So, carry on. It's the best we can do.

Gina said...

Absolutely! I was in Italy when September 11th happened, and I vowed then never to let "them" stop me. I/we kept traveling. It is a weird coincidence that I go to Nepal this year. An earthquake crushes them right when I get back. I return from Paris three weeks ago, and another disaster strikes. Friends think maybe I'm bad luck this year. No where planned before the end of 2015, but look out 2016! I'm coming for ya!!!!!