Monday, November 30, 2015

Last Day of NaBloPoMo and Other Stuff

I am pretty relieved today is the last day of NaBloPoMo. Did you know I have participated for three years in a row?

The first year I was a grand success writing every day, and sometimes more than that! Writing came so easily. Back then.

The second year, I failed fairly miserably by blogging almost well the first two weeks then a major fallout happened. I got lazy. My writing suffered. It was hard to get the words back.

This year, I was a little better than halfway between the two. Glancing back over this month, I posted twenty-two entries in thirty days. Not bad, right? I do know that the more often I practiced writing, the easier the words flowed.

NaBloPoMo is a great exercise in writing. For me.

I'm sure most of us can admit that much of the time there a “hanging over my head” feeling. Some of us kind of felt like [UGH!!!!!]. Am I alone here? I am comfortable in discomfort and tried not to get  too stressed about missing a few days.

And we got here. To the last day.

Last days of one thing are often the first days of something else. When a door closes, a window opens.

What’s up next for me? 

It is time to get ready for Christmas. 

"Christmas is coming; the goose is getting fat. 
Please put a penny in the old man's hat. 
If you haven't got a penny, a ha' penny will do. 
If you haven't got a ha' penny, then God bless you." 

Do you know this song? My daughter used to sing it when she was in early elementary school.

Florida, we are (hopefully) coming for ya in a few weeks!!!

And not one morsel or rivulet of unhealthy food or beverage will pass these lips for one entire week (possibly two). 

Regarding the last thing, you may be thinking, “All work (or entirely healthy things) and no play makes Gina a dull girl.” You’d probably be correct. I am hoping daily yoga smooths over the rough edges of what will probably lead to an exceedingly grumpy demeanor. Doesn’t this make you want to come live with me?!?!?

Time to wrap this baby up!

Congratulations to all who wrote every day in the month of November. I am so happy to have read your words! You inspired and motivated me to push on!

Clear eyes, 
Full hearts, 
Can’t lose.
“Friday Night Lights”


Jasbir Kaur Dalip (Beeray) said...

Three years, that's an achievement. This is my first time. I sort of liked the stress I was under to "have to write" but am glad it is over. I decides not to look at anything related to blogging for past two days but could not stay away for too long.

Gina said...

I felt like it was truly an achievement the first year when I actually blogged everyday. I like committing to it though. Keeps writing at the forefront of my mind. Sounds like it worked that way for you too! It's hard to stay away. Visiting fun blogs can be addicting!!!!

Thanks so much for visiting me this month, Beeray. I really appreciate it.

Unknown said...

I've never really tried before. I've said I was doing it, but not really. This was the first year I committed to it, but still didn't pressure myself, and actually did it. Yay. Florida sounds like a dream, especially by the end of the month.

Gina said...

You more than nailed it!!!

Florida wasn't meant to be. Was cancelled today with good reason. We have a very sick friend who was spearheading the trip. He won't be making it, and neither will we. More important things to do here, I'm afraid.