Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Are You the Jealous Type?

I am not; nor is my husband. I’m not sure why that is. We just aren’t.

Early in our marriage (probably 3 years in), my husband lost his wedding ring. Actually, we were together skiing, just the two of us in Colorado. Taking his gloves on and off on a cold morning, his ring must have come off too and dropped in the snow. We never did find it and never got another one for several years. I’m not sure why that was either. Probably money.

However, when his ring went missing, it became an invitation of sorts for women to approach him at bars when he was out with the guys watching a ballgame and even sometimes when I wasn’t standing next to him. If I didn’t happen to be there, someone would mention it later. 

He would be all “Huh? What are you talking about?” 

He didn’t get it. He wasn’t paying attention. He, apparently and thankfully, wasn’t interested.

And laughing, I'd say, "Well honey, you are quite the catch."

Last night, my daughter and her daddy shared some bonding time at the mall. It is not his favorite place by a stretch but he acquiesced since it’s where all 22-year-old girls enjoy going. Hence, the conversation upon their return:

Daughter: “Dad. Show Mom what you got at Nordstrom.”

Me: “You shopped…for clothes?”

Daughter: “Yeah. He got a cool shirt and jeans.”

And they were cool. And they’ll look fantastic on him.

Hubby: “There was this hip saleswoman there. She helped me.”

Daughter: “Yea. She was all over dad. Complimenting the jeans he had on, his shoes. She wouldn’t stop talking to him.”

Hubby: “She was just trying to sell me clothes.”

Me: “Sounds like she was flirting with dad. He said she was hot. How old was she?”

Hubby: "I said 'hip' not 'hot' and she wasn't flirting."

Daughter: “He said 'hip'. She was cute but old. And she was totally flirting with him.”

Dad: “Now why would you say she was flirting?”

Daughter: “Because she was, Dad.”

Me: “How old?”

Daughter: “Like 27 or 30.”

Me: “That’s not old. Interesting.”

Dad: “Do you like what we picked out?”

Me: “Absolutely. Go see her anytime you want.”

Dad: “She was just trying to sell me clothes.”


Your Doctor's Wife said...

Ha! Cute! I don't think I would be jealous either. ;)
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Gina said...

I never am but maybe should be? Funny part was my daughter called him out on it. He never thinks anyone is flirting with him so that's what made the ribbing fun. Have wonderful day, too!

Just Keepin It Real, Folks! said...

I would have gone back to that store and opened up a can of whoop ass on that chick. Of course I would have had another ring on my hubby's finger as soon as he was off the ski slope. Me, jealous, NAH, whatever gave you that idea????? Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Gina said...

Hahahaha! You are hysterical! You dont sound one bit jealos. He definitely lacks opportunity because we are hardly ever not together and my daughter was right there. Hey wait! Unless he's not going to work everyday. Hmmmmm...

Have a beautiful day yourself!

Arnebya said...

I am not jealous. I find it hilarious when other women check my husband out; it's a compliment. He's even been approached when we were together (not side by side, but near enough that had she looked hard enough she would have at least wondered if we were together). I whispered to him as she talked his ear off and inched closer and closer, "See if you can get her number."

Gina said...

Same! I have watched with amusement from a very short distance.

Unknown said...

We're the same way Bill and I never jealous. I think when you're comfortable with yourself and each other that shows with things like that.

The only time I ever saw my husband get pissed about me getting "attention" from another man was once a guy followed me home. He made the mistake of coming back and passing the house multiple times (very creepy) Hubs was a cop as you know and took great satisfaction pulling him over right in front of our house and while he handcuffed he suggested STRONGLY to him that he might want to direct his attentions at someone else.

Jack said...

It is unusual for women to flirt with men when they are trying to sell us something. I never take it seriously because I figure they are more interested in making a buck.

Most of the guys are like that too. It is a big part of why I dislike strip clubs. They aren't interested in me, it is my wallet they want.

Mind Of Mine said...

I want to say no but at the same time, I have never been properly in love before, so who knows if some other dude tried to flirt with my boyfriend, I might not care, I might be pleased that other people are attracted to my boyfriend as much as I am, or I might scratch their eyes out and wear them as earrings. You just never know.

Gina said...

I agree. It doesn't even cross my mind and I really don't think it should.

BILL! Love him! But I think it's really creepy what that guy did. I'd be freaked. I guess he taught that guy a lesson, huh?

Gina said...

That's probably why it went over his head. My daughter is pretty astute and her impression was flirting. Who cares? Too young for him ;-)

Plus, half the contents of that wallet is mine...KIDDING!!!

Gina said...

You really don't know. I'm not jealous by nature but I have been jealous before probably only once or twice and a long time ago. Maybe it's the security you feel in a relationship, which then is a testament to that relationship. It kind of is a compliment to you if others are attracted to your lover so long as you can handle that.

Love you being here, Mind of Mine!

lumdog2012 said...

This is so perfect. I was in the room with you. I have so many reactions to this that I'd like to share, but I can't even see what I'm typing on my i phone. I love this!!!!!

Sarah Bucu said...

It has been a long time that I have been jealous of another woman. Though my husband was never a saint, I have never been an angel also. There maybe women, lots of them who really are attracted to married men perhaps because of the mystery and thrill but just like what you said, security and confidence goes a long way. Besides who would want to mess up with such hot mommas who could write , keep house , go bananas while growing gracefully day by day ?

Me jealous ? I think it is the other way around don 't you think ?

Gina said...

Thanks, lumdog. We were all laughing as we discussed the whole flirting thing. It was very funny. He still claims she wasn't but I did see the telltale smirk of his. If he keeps coming home with awesome clothes that he wears with me, I'm totally happy with the hip, hot thing helping him ;-)

Gina said...

That's exactly it. They stand to lose all of our awesomeness and, for us, after 23.5 years of marriage, it's too much effort for him, I'm sure, to begin all over again. I'm not trading in for a new model and he wouldn't either. He would never get jealous or maybe I've never given him a reason. Could be both.

Stacie @ Snaps and Bits said...

So so funny! I'm not the jealous type either. Neither is the hubs.

Gina said...

It was hilarious to be talking about this with our daughter. She was there!

Kenya G. Johnson said...

LOL!!!!!! I tease my husband about situations but I'm not the jealous type either. He only wears his wedding ring to church. :-O

Gina said...

It never bothered me that he didn't wear/have his ring for about 7 years. Believe me, we both knew he was married! I definitely teased him, almost mercilessly, about this one especially. Since he chose to wear the jeans yesterday, it continued. So funny!!!