Thursday, November 8, 2012

Scratch That One Off The Bucket List

I'd say I'm just short of exceptional when it comes to follow through.

If I say I’m going to do something, I do it, more oftentimes than not.

If I’ve given my word, or committed to doing something, I will definitely do it. There's absolutely no doubt about it. If I don't commit, well then....

I’m reliable. I consider it one of my better traits.

Then there are the gobs of things I’d like to do, wish I could/would do. You know; bucket list stuff that sound fantastic if you could only find the time and opportunity.

I’ve been talking, for the last 10 years, about doing something with my closest girlfriend because we are both freaks for reality TV (not the Teen Mom, RH of Anywhere, Jersey Shore types).  The Amazing Race and Survivor are our gig!

Friends tell me all the time that I’d be perfect on AR because they know my love for travel. I’m always seeking out the more obscure places to visit. I prefer places where no one I know has gone before. Hey, I’m a trailblazer in my dreams. And I don’t mind discomfort, feeling lost or out-of-sorts when traveling. I’m spontaneous; handling the unknown and pressure rather well, if I may say so.

Well… WE. DID. IT!

We got our S$%T together, filled out the application, made our audition video (which I doubt I will share here) and sent in our pictures!

I was to write the 70 word “BIO”, of course, even though I warned my BFF that it was dangerous to put me in charge of such without prior viewing.

Here is what I wrote about the two of us which may or may not be true:

“Sue (highly trained nurse (prostate)) saved Gina’s (semi-retired Personal Trainer) life when she severely broke her neck in June in a lake.

Positives: Competitive, Charming, Freakishly Strong, Street-smart, Problem Solvers looking for Nonsense always. Neither minds the other naked appreciating their intelligence, humor and antics more.

Negatives: Naturally passive-aggressive making decision-making tricky, impatient, intolerant of stupidity, bad sleepers.

Sue’s morning chipper; Gina’s so-so! Sue’s nice; Gina lies by omission.


Although, we will never get called on to compete, I’m proud that we finally put the money where our mouths are and actually sent in the goods. 

It's fun to dream sometimes.

And I'm tired of "what if"s.


And it’s confirmed that our application was received yesterday:

“Dear Gina,
Thank you for your application for The Amazing Race Casting! Your pre-application form has been recorded into our database and will be read by our casting team in the order it was received.
Due to the large volume of applications we receive it is not possible to reply to all applicants individually.”


christina said...

ooooh this is SO awesome! i love the AR. good luck! :) :)

Jack said...

When you disappear from the blogosphere for 3 months we'll know why.

Unknown said...

I could never do that - but I absolutely applaud anyone who enters.

Hope you make it on.

Gina said...

Kudos to us for even completing the application requirements. We were thrilled we did THAT as we'd talked about it for years! It's just fun got us to think snout. The whole app process made us laugh!

Gina said...

Exactly! But I'm going to be gone during the same time period even when we don't make AR. I will be in Spain if not eating gross stuff in Bangladesh! If you see him at synagogue...

Gina said...

We won't get on but I'm proud of our follow through. If we did, I know we'd win. Everyone would under estimate us!

Kenya G. Johnson said...

How do KNOW you won't get on? That was just a stinkin' auto reply. I actually KNOW a real Survivor ;-) It's possible.

Jamie Miles said...

Woo. I'm going to know someone famous. That is a great show. Kenya is right. You are a survivor -- cue Gloria Gaynor. And no matter what happens, you can check that off the list. Yays all around.

Gina said...

Of course I know nothing and wish I had a crystal ball (only sometimes). We did decde to play the "neck" card so we shall see.

Gina said...

Hahaha cue Gloris Gaynor!! We are happy with ourselves that we did it because of all the yapping we've done about it! Fingers crossed! Thanks for the support, Jamie!

Ginny Marie said...

I love the Amazing Race! It's the ONLY reality TV show I watch! (Plus, it's on right before The Good Wife.) How cool that you and your BFF applied!

Gina said...

Okay! We have that in common! I love The Good Wife too!

Yes, it's pretty fun to giggle about. I guess you never know but to have followed through on our empty threats felt good.

Kirsten Oliphant said...

How fun! Hope you get the callback! Would love to watch you on there!

Gina said...

Who knows? Stranger things have happened.

Azara said...

That is so awesome. You rock! It would be crazy if you actually got to do it!