Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Long Overdue Stream of Consciousness of Things Being Worth the Moment

I sat down in the middle of this day because I have been longing to write. For a very long time. I have been restless for a while. Opportunities have not existed for writing in particular, and neither has a means. Until now, that is.

I need to change some things. I am not completely sure exactly what that means, or I mean, or who, or what, will get changed. Just things. I have minimized my material life for now. That's been a big eye opener. It's other things, though, that are causing this lack of clarity. The only thing I am sure of is things need changing.

These thoughts didn't just spring into my head today. They didn't start the day before yesterday either. Maybe I merely acknowledged them then as a far too early, obnoxious light peeked through the slats of my not completely closed shutters. The red numbers on the digital clock read 6:38. That number is typically obscene to me unless it has a p.m. after it. I muttered, “Dammit! Who didn’t shut these completely?” Wow! Was I quick to blame “someone else” for this rude disturbance, or what? That is until I remembered. It was me. I didn't. I went to bed alone, and the sheets were still cold on the other side. (Maybe that had something to do with it, too.) 

But I do know what rises about that time on the westernmost edge of the Eastern Standard Time Zone. I hadn’t seen it in far too long, and I knew instantly I missed it. So I walked across the room, opened up the shutters, and let its orange glow bath me through my bedroom window. It was sweeping, and magical, and strong. Vibrantly casting itself like a huge fishing net across the lake from north to south. It was warm and friendly. It had been far too long.

And I started thinking.

I see more summer sunsets than most anyone I know. And while they are beautiful, and peaceful, and the perfect way to bid a day, good or bad or mediocre, goodbye, I don’t say hello to it hardly ever. I used to. I remember loving it.

So I thought further. 

Just standing there.

Maybe it is time to start changing some patterns. Maybe see a few more of those moments that begin days. Feel the newness. Maybe change a few other things, cycles, habits while I am at it.

I had ten minutes of time to myself just now and the impulse to get some words out of my head and onto the page was far too strong to ignore. It may not seem like I have written much here. It is a start, though. It is important to me.

I miss writing. I miss stream of consciousness writing. I miss my words on paper. I miss writing purely for me.

P.S. I wrote a very emotional, difficult, and probably hurtful (sort of) poem a few days back. It's not really about anyone. I know I've said that before. That my writing wasn't about someone or something in particular. But writing is always motivated by something or someone, is it not? It is about friendship. It is general. These are some of the most potentially hurtful (I've just used that word twice in a few sentences) words I have ever strung together in my life. I have certainly never said these words before, or written regarding (a) friendship. Why did I write them or it? I think, for now, they or it will remain like those letters you write when you are trying to get something off your chest, but then you never send them. It's probably one of those. Maybe.


Jack said...

Sometimes it can be very telling to just write and not edit any of our thoughts.

TMWHickman said...

Things swim to the surface on occasion that maybe should never see the light of day, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Or that you don't feel them.

Kenya G. Johnson said...

Hi Gina, I stopped by because I was searching for some writing communities. Looks like Write On Edge and Trifectra are both gone? I am totally feeling you on this post. The day after you wrote this one I wrote a SOC post. Then that led to another one and another one. I'm trying to get my writing mojo back because it's the one thing I own and need like the air I breathe. I've currently got myself on a "prescription" to write 400 words a day. I don't do it on my blog url but it's still under my website. It'll be a place that I am writing where it can be read but I'm not sharing it like the other one. I started of by Dear "day" of the week. Most of them are rambling crap but one was pretty good where I said to myself, "There you are." ;-) I see Jack B commented above. If you want to look for it, there's a post "I used to be a better writer" inspired by him. I link to a great post of his too. You might find them helpful, we are not alone ;-)

Gina said...

Thanks Jack, Tina and Kenya for commenting on this and leaving encouraging words. It means a lot. I need to get my writing mojo back too. I am usually very productive with it in the fall, but since my move, I don't have a desk top so I am blaming that for the reason I haven't written. Of course, I can use an "old fashioned" notebook, but I have not done that either. I am getting there. Slowly. I want the "There you are" feeling again too, Kenya. Off in search of the post you referenced above! I need it today!!!