Thursday, November 7, 2013

There's Things I Do Do and Then There's Things I Don't Do

Feel free to chime in (guys) regarding this list. It’s okay because, if it’s negative, what you say isn’t going to change this list. It’s taken years to cultivate the person I am today.

Things I don’t do around the house*:

-       I don’t change light bulbs.** I don’t even know where we keep the light bulbs although I could make a pretty good guess.
-       I don’t mow the lawn (but I do mow the lawn at the lake).
-       I don’t make my (our) bed even though every other bed in the house is always made (unless the kids are home). On the weekend, a bed fairy (not me) swoops in and makes it.
-       I don’t buy the wine even though I drink the wine. It just appears in the refrigerator.
-       I don’t (usually) take out the trash but I would if I felt it needed to be. There’s really no use emptying it until it is completely full. Am I right?
-       I don’t iron. I understand that not ironing and nothing needing to be ironed are two different things.
-       I don’t turn on the television. Probably in principal because there are three remotes for this one TV and I don’t care enough about TV to sync them in order to actually get the TV to turn on. I don't change dead batteries in remotes (computer mice, yes).
-       I don’t respond (well) to reminder notes on the kitchen island if someone has asked me to do something (i.e. postmark the taxes, deposit a check, take the car to the dealership, etc.). If I’ve acknowledged hearing the request and committed to performing the task, it will be handled efficiently. If you ask if I did it, the answer will probably be, “Oops, I forgot.”
-       I don’t turn socks or underwear right side out before I wash them. Uh, gross!
-       I don’t clean the garage or the basement.

Someday, maybe, I’ll write about what I do do because, of course, it’s a much longer list than this one. I’m actually very, very good at the things I actually do do.

* This is not a complete list. List is subject to change on whim. 

** This all started when I walked in the house on this drabby afternoon and the lamp in the family room refused to illuminate.

Bloggers Note: I walked into my house just now prepared to write about something entirely different. The title would have been, “Why I Failed Today”. Things change.


Stacie said...

Ok, I take out the garbage but I don't iron. I change the light bulbs but don't mow the lawn. We are alike yet different!

Gina said...

I will take out the trash when it's full. My husband takes out the trash every afternoon full or not. I always say I'll happily do it when it's full. He still does it. I can't stop him.

I never even THINK about ironing.

I just turn on a different light with the knowledge that he'll change it when he figures it out (bad me).

I knew that about us!!!

Kristin said...

I love this! I'm going to start a list of things that I don't do as well.

Jack said...

I don't know if I have a list like this because I look at the daily stuff as doing what has to be done.

I change light bulbs all the time.

Gina said...

The other list is soooo long, the things I do do, that I don't have time to get to everything.

Gina said...

This is mostly tongue in cheek. I spend most of my time doing all the other daily stuff that needs to get done, I just don't think about this stuff or it's started before I think of it. Except for the lawn. He likes doing that so I wouldn't dare take that away although I enjoy mowing and do all summer.

What I really, really don't do is turn the socks right side out. I just can't stick my hand in them. If they can't come off your sweaty feet the right way, I can't wash them the right way.

DEZMOND said...

Not responding to reminder notes is a cunning thing from you :)
The only thing I don't do in my palace is do the laundry... I don't even know how to turn on the iron.... but I do everything else clean, dust, cook, bake, earn, pay, feed.....

Arnebya said...

I love when things change and a blog post turns into something you hadn't even been considering. I don't change light bulbs either except for the lamp beside the bed (on my side). And as for the trash, I tend to not take it out even if it's full -- at that point I just seethe and throw death glares at my husband because everyone knows he knows what I'm thinking. TRASH. OUT. NOW. Because can't you see this damn bag is full, I can't even put another napkin in there. I don't mow because he won't let me (I'd like to). I iron because I'm addicted to straightness except on Saturdays. I don't turn on the tv and I only make the bed now because I bought a nice comforter set and it loooks really pretty when it's put together. Please don't touch my pillows, they're decorative, not for your head.

Unknown said...

Great list Gina. I don't do ice cube trays and I wish I didn't do toilets :)