Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stream of Consciousness Sunday: I Want the View!

I had no idea until five minutes ago that I would be participating in Jana’s Sunday Stream of Consciousness (five minutes of writing, unedited, published wherever the heck you want). And this is her optional prompt:

What have you fallen out of the habit of doing (or not doing)?

This is an easy one. Unfortunately.

I have fallen off the “writing” wagon.

It happened somewhere around February, I think. I have reasons. Several of them. Some will say one of them is lame. It probably is and I’m sorry about that but I can’t help it. 

I’m lacking motivation, maybe inspiration, possibly desire. Not sure yet.

I understand that writing takes practice and I’m out of practice and each day this continues my desire wanes. Almost to the point that I’m no longer caring.

Who am I kidding? Words have been elusive.

I am also trying to wean myself too. From the computer. From a chair in a study that faces in the complete opposite direction as a window with a lovely view.

I want the view!

I want to say “yes” every time someone I like asks me to spend time with them. I want to pick up every time my cell phone rings (okay, I will continue to screen my calls but I will be more available because only friends have that number) and talk to the person on the other end that was thinking of me enough to call. I want to call the person that I was just about to text (I’ve actually been doing this much more in the last few months.) I want to be present in moments without thinking first that those moments might make great stories to write about the following day.

Maybe I just don’t manage my time well enough but…

I want the view!


Jamie Miles said...

I love that thought Gina. Not only taking in the view -- but being fully present. Enjoy.

Unknown said...

My computer's been acting really crappy so I had to put it in the shop for almost two weeks.

I have to say, just stepping out of my box and doing "other things" turned out to be a positive thing.

Changing my view was a good for me. I'm up and running again even if my computers function still sucks.

Kinley Dane said...

It's ebb and flow. I feel sure you'll be back at it, but now just isn't the time, and that's fine! Sometimes I think we need the time to recharge. And it's going to be harder and harder to write during the summer. I have stopped feeling guilty, though, for whose blog I'm not visiting and for not writing tons of great quality posts. We have to live life, too!

Samantha Brinn Merel said...

I totally understand this. I'm having a lull myself. The words aren't coming as easily as they once were. I'm trying to power through it, but maybe a break to enjoy my view is in order too.

Kenya G. Johnson said...

Falling off the writing wagon sucks. Thank goodness for prompts. Take your computer to the view ;-)

Kir said...

I agree, every once in a while (ahem, a lot lately) I choose to spend the time with the boys, napping, catching up on "Nashville" on DVR. I know the words will come back, I know that they will be there...and I know that sometimes the view makes them return.

enjoy every moment my friend.