Monday, May 27, 2013

Trifecta: The Moments When Time Stops

The minute hand tick-tocked at a snail’s pace. She was early. And nervous.

To resist checking the car clock for the third time since 11:57am, she paced the sidewalk, twirled her keys, practiced yoga breathing, and struck up a conversation with a store proprietor then a stranger.

“How long do I wait?” she thought. The slightest bit of panic creeping in as she checked her lipstick in the side mirror. Again.

He was hardly late, just five minutes, but minutes feel like hours when you’re anticipating someone. And nervous.

When he finally turned the corner and she recognized his smile, the air rushed completely out of her lungs. An involuntary response. As each step brought him into sharper focus, she realized she was holding her breath. And more nervous.

He looked handsome though not exactly as her mind’s picture. And sweet. And nervous too.

“Can we hug?” she blurted out surprising even herself.

“Of course,” he said, his deep voice registering with her ears for the first time.

She draped her long arms loosely, at first, around his muscled shoulders. His strong hands crisscrossed firmly around her waist. They remained motionless (on the outside) for a very long time.

Collar to hip bones. Body heat co-mingling through their clothes.

Chests rising and falling in rhythm. Breathing in the essence of each other.

It was the kind of hug that made her forget, for a split second, they were “just friends” and in a public place and she needed to “appear” calm. 

And they stayed like that a little too long.

But there was no awkwardness.

And the touching seemed natural.

She felt his warm breath next to her ear whisper, “Let’s go do something fun.”

And she thought to herself, “As if there is something more fun than this.” 


This week, Trifecta’s one-word prompt (third definition) is:

1a : to be or come in sight <the sun appears on the horizon>
  b : to show up <appears promptly at eight each day>
2: to come formally before an authoritative body <must appear in court today>


Ann Bennett said...

Caught in the moment. I wish I were her. Great description.

steph said...

Sweet. It's that human connection that brightens our days. Nice description of the lingering heat, and all around good feeling, both physical and emotional.

Ivy said...

Just as she wants more from her friend, I want more of this story! :) Will she ever make it out of the "friend zone?" Great job!

Gina said...

Swept up! I wish I were her too!

Gina said...

There are ONLY human connections. They make the moments. Well, I love hugs both the physical part, of course, but I lve how they make me feel inside (sometimes comfort, other times warm feelings, and then there's the ones that cause butterflies). A really great hug connects two people without words.

Gina said...

Oh, she doesn't want more but I'm glad you do! Great hugs make you lose your head for a moment. That's the fun part. Thanks so much!

Tammy Theriault said...

you have such a powerful voice. it "appears" well all over! :)

Trifecta said...

GET A ROOM. :-) Thanks for linking up with this sweetness, Gina.

Pirate said...

Very well done - intimately described...makes me want to get weight lifting again to provide better hugs!

Gina said...

Tammy, that is so nice of you to say. I enjoyed writing about "appear" if that wasn't apparent.

Gina said...

No room needed!!! JUST FRIENDS; never more!!! Glad you felt it's sweetness. It was written that way and seemed like a sweet moment in my mind too.

Gina said...

Thank you, Pirate! It felt like an intimate moment between friends in my mind too. Great hugs don't need any muscle. Well actually they do...the heart!!!

MOV said...

Oh, we have all been there! You captured it perfectly.


brudberg said...

That was sweet indeed, I could feel how I was an observer.. Actually a little embarrassing :-)

Gina said...

Thanks, MOV! If we're lucky we have been.

Gina said...

Nooooo! I love to see it, wherever. Not like sloppy or uncomfortable PDA but when you can tell two people care about each other. I like that. Saw it recently and it inspired the story. Don't be embarrassed ;-)

Anonymous said...

I was caught up in the excitement of their reunion. I know they are just friends, but I wondered with their connection, if they had met in a different time and place, if things might have been different.

Gina said...

I guess you never know but some people can only be friends and that's enough. The beautiful part of friendship is what people have in common and enjoying each other's company. When it comes to friendships with members of the opposite gender, sometimes there's chemistry. Most often, it has to stay in the friend zone.

Draug said...

Hugs are just the best :D

Thomas Charles MacInnes said...

You definitely have a way with this sort of mature, romantic, sensual encounter. Very natural emotions on display. Beautifully written, as usual, Gina.

Gina said...

Almost nothing better!!!

Gina said...

Thank you so much, Tom. They come from a place that is familiar to me.

Jack said...

A good hug can be life changing. I firmly believe that.

Gina said...

All I can do is firmly agree!

kymm said...

There is far too little hugging going on. Thanks for getting a great one out there!

Anonymous said...

That is such a great experience to have! You've given wonderful life to it. :)

Suzanne said...

Lovely! Makes me want to go hug someone! Nothing beats that physical connection with another person. Beautiful job with the prompt Gina!

TMWHickman said...

Hugging is a great way to build connections without saying a word. Beautiful job, lady!

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Vanessa Victoria Kilmer said...

Nice. Sounds like a beautiful friendship with a possibility of more.

Flash 55 - The Accidental Gardener

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