Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Night- Weekend in Review

What should I do on this Sunday evening when I don't really feel like writing? Have a glass of wine, of course! It's the holidays.

My husband is back from a very bad football game (Da Bears AKA Can anything else go wrong with this season?).  He is currently snoring on the couch, smells like beer and his mouth was in a perpetual state of smirk when he got home. I think they were drowning out the brutal second half. Thank God for the metra trains who deliver us all home safely to our little villages outside the city! I certainly know what I should do about our season tickets....list them on Ebay. Someone from our opponents side will certainly want to see their team win against us! Hey Green Bay fans, I've got four tickets! To the Bears, go ahead and apply my monies for the playoff tickets to next season.

Since I am committed to writing everyday I must admit, as no one reading this can see, I missed yesterday due to travel. It's unfortunate that I couldn't write because I did have a dilemma that I was pondering. My decision was to cocktail it up at an out-of-town party I knew would be boring (except hanging with my best friend) or lay low sparing the hangover? It is difficult to get things going when the party is at the home of two recovering people (I'm happy they are!) and most importantly, there was no music! How can anyone have a party and not think about music? It makes the party! Decision was made early...have a few cocktails, challenge some people in ping pong and then drink water for the remainder of the evening. Best part is I felt great today and was ready for a peaceful glass of wine tonight.

The evening's checklist:

Fire in the fireplace,
Christmas tree glowing,
Lou Malnati's deep dish, butter crust pizza ordered,
Pour glass number two!

It's going to be a great evening!

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