Monday, December 19, 2011

Woo Hoo! Freedom to Write Anything!

There is a certain freedom to writing when you believe no one is reading what you have put down on paper, or screen, as I am here. I get to write about what I feel like and right now I feel like writing about things that get easier over time and things that don't. I will leave food and wine out of this since those are no brainers and never difficult!

In my life, the easy stuff is usually a cyclical thing.

For instance, marriage is generally easy but at certain times in my life has become now...during the holidays! Or when you both have a different idea about a decision you're making. Or when the in-laws overstay their welcome. This list could go on forever but marriage is pretty easy if you are married to the right one or you can get your way on a regular basis.

It's the same with kids. They are physically challenging to raise, then mentally challenging, then easy, then mentally challenging again. I am currently at the "mentally challenging again" stage with my college freshman. Work hard, play hard is the mantra we are trying to instill in him. He has mastered part two (play hard). If he doesn't balance this he will intrude on my empty nest and that's not acceptable right now!

Exercise even gets easier when you commit to doing it regularly. You get over the hump with weight training so you can walk the next day as opposed to not being able to sit on the toilet for days because your ass or thighs are too sore. Cycling gets easier as does running, walking and boxing.

Two things aren't getting any easier for me so far.

The first thing that never gets easier are the Palos toboggan stairs. They are 125 steps of pure hell every single time! What the hell! My legs are so fatigued and shaking right now that I had to sit down. Tomorrow, I won't be able to walk very well.

The second thing that isn't getting easier for me is writing. Just writing is easy but the challenge is finding something interesting to write about every day. No one really cares what I write or is reading this but today I'm boring myself. I feel sorry for me because it's making me want to take a nap...the Palos toboggan stairs and my writing!!! If anyone needs to nap, read this first and you will go right to sleep!

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