Friday, February 3, 2017

Tell Me How to Feel and I Will: 100 Word Challenge

I’m lost, biding
the switch flip telling 
me to feel

Recognizable like my 
lips brushing yours 
breathing down my
neck hair raising, like 
salty rivulets as
your sweat dripping
between my breast

Or tempered glass 
withholding desiring
to see more
clearly more you more

Pulled hair
bitten lips filthy
dirt under our nails

And secrets buried
deep dark eyes
for whose or
those who were keen
or know

tricks or truths
map me
a forest for my
teeth to chew
echoing rushes, you
feel my pulse.

What are the contents 
of another’s words?


In cleaning out the content's of my phone's notepad, I found a few poems I wrote many moons ago. This one seemed an all right fit, despite the need to edit out fifty words, for Thin Spiral Notebook's 100-word prompt. The word is "telling" to be used or implied.

Give it a whirl. It is a blast!

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TL Roberts said...

This was very intense. Well done.