Sunday, April 5, 2015

Kid-less Easter Mornings

Five minutes, unedited on Easter Evening all thanks to time and Fadra.


Last night we "Rock, Paper, Scissor"-ed for early morning as soon as the sun rises dog duty. Two out of three. Can someone be horrible at "Rock, Paper, Scissors"?

I left the comfort of my warm and cozy feathertop bed, clad in jammies, and a coat to cover them up, to take the dog out bright and early this Easter morning (I hate "Rock, Paper, Scissors").

The temperature was mild. It was quiet. I felt happy.

The brief bit of unanticipated solitude, walking by the river, and with the skyscrapers reflecting the rising sun, got me to thinking. I miss crazy Easter mornings with the kids. I miss waking up early to  hide eggs, setting out the baskets with plastic green grass filled with candy, Legos, and Beanie Babies, and half eating carrots left for the Easter Bunny. I miss frilly outfits, boy shorts and dress shoes. I miss them at home.

When I got back inside (before 6:50 am), I hung my coat on its hook, peeled off my pajama pants, and got back into the same warm and cozy bed I so recently left. Snuggling up to my husband since we had plenty of time before church, I remembered that even though I miss my little kids, I really like Easter morning just the two of us too!

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all.things.fadra said...

Everything has a season I guess but I'm sure I'll miss the days when the holidays are no longer kid focused. I guess then I'll just go on extravagant trips on those holidays to forget my woes (and to escape dog duty).