Thursday, July 31, 2014

Please Vote for Shedd Aquarium as Best in North America!!!

Hi Everyone,

If you have read some of my posts in the last 5 months, you know that I am a diver in the Amazon Rising Exhibit at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, which opened on May 30. 1930. Okay, I will admit it is not a glamorous job by any means because I scrub the tanks. Sometimes, I even get to catch turtles. The cool part, though, is I am up close and personal to so many amazing (and large) animals including a tank full of piranhas! I remind myself every time I dive to spend a moment looking around, watching the animals move peacefully, trying to be thankful for where I am, and what I am seeing. I don’t touch them, but they touch me. Some are all up in my business, particularly the turtles.

So the reason for this post is USA Today is conducting a “Reader’s Choice” poll for all sorts of things with one being BEST AQUARIUM IN NORTH AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!

Please consider voting for Shedd Aquarium! It is an incredible museum! Check out the website. Explore. And when you come to Chicago, hit me up! I would be happy to walk you through my favorite exhibits (Amazon Rising (of course), The Caribbean Reef, The Wild Reef, Seahorses, and the Beluga Whale tank).

To vote, just follow this link:

Tanks (as we divers say) bunches!!!!!!!!!

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